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Don't know if is a known bug and I just didn't find the topic:
Had a game today in CCL X where I threw a goblin who was carrying the ball. Though he "landed" right in the face of a wight which did not end well for both as usual, this didn't cause a turnover though it should.

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Ok, thank you 😊👍
Going off-topic: When you and your opponent got drawn for the playoffs, how long do you have time to setup the match?
Before I ask further: Are the rules for the playoffs mentioned somewhere, as in the general CCL IX threat pinned here?

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Great! Many thanks for all your help! I will try and reset after every match then!
Sorry to those 5 coaches then for missing out the rest of those games.
Hope that I don't have one more, to be in the situation not daring to play anymore. 😢
One more question: Assuming I make it to the playoffs: Having a bluescreen there is then just bad luck, or how are the rules there?

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Re: PS4 Champion Ladder Rules - Season 9

Dear all,

it´s my first CCL season, since I waited to purchase BB2 until the LE. Before I only played BB1 on the PC (TT since the 90s)
Now I have the bluescreen-concession at least once a week. Had several of those and only one "real" concession (due to a work phone call, otherwise I don´t concede). To avoid being banned before the playoffs -since I like to play lesser played races, there may be a chance 🙂 - I´m now afraid to play further matches. Is there anywhere where I can see how many concessions I had? I lost track due to the effing bluescreens...

Thanks for your help.