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Still a problem, although it now also gives me a cool circle that completely blocks what I'm shooting at.

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Or just have a mutator like the License to Kill mode from Goldeneye, where any hit is instantly lethal.

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Well, at the end of the day, it's a video game, and it's nowhere near realistic in many cases, so choosing to be pedantic about certain things like terminal ballistics is not really helpful to the overall experience.

All other factors aside, the FAL is head and shoulders above most other guns, and that means that players choose to either take the good gun, or take a less good gun because it looks cool.

This is not a good situation for a tactical shooter, having 20 guns is meaningless if one is dominating the others as far as utility.

I miss the tension and immersion of Ins 2014, where even an M16 direct hit on an unarmored target can kill in one hit, it made everything feel important and made mistakes something that had an immediate penalty for me.

Now, I basically run around quick scoping everyone, on burst or just dumping rounds on semi, to get the effect necessary.

It's watered down what made Insurgency good, without really improving the accessibility or reducing the skill barrier to new players getting used to the game.

Can't wait to mod the damage back up to lethal levels and see how it plays.

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I just had a situation on... Well, I forget what map because they all look identical.

But I was in a room, covered down during an assault, and stepped out. I'm on a roof, crouched down, and start moving forwards.

As soon as I get about 2 meters from the door, still well back from the edges, a molotov comes from behind me, around a corner, and lands directly on me.

I'm all for bots throwing explosives as a zoning or searching fire, but stop making it a goddamn artillery computer that hits me every time from impossible angles.

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Or, for example, when "Cannot reach NWI Servers" rears its head and I can't even get to the main menu 😃

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On my Very Not Fun servers, I stripped the game down to 4 classes, and 6 players. It made things way more streamlined, we could move as a death ball or split into 2x 3-man fire teams. 8 would be good if there was any sort of teamplay mechanics in this game, but given how the best way to play is to rush around and solo cap, having fewer players can reduce the annoyance of that.

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OK, well, good luck I guess.

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Yeah, I got those, and I've made a little tool to spit out a YAML schema of the config files and sections.

I'd just like to have a better source for the info, especially since there are a huge number of variables that Circleus found by hex-dumping strings from the EXE.

Having the variables in some sort of machine-readable format would greatly simplify server admin tools, mod making, and building custom servers to the level we did in the Source version.

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maybe in certain modes, but we really shouldn't be penalize players for taking a good position and covering the enemy approaches.

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Any idea why I can't message you on DIscord or see the channel any more?

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