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While I know realism isn't the focus here, I think that tactical decision making comes into play.

Any time you drop your primary weapon, to get a sidearm or grenade, you need to have a good contingency plan in place.

Usually this means having a teammate with a rifle cover while you deploy your explosives.

So, I can see the benefit of making a bind to pull out and prime an explosive, it should still have a time-action cost where the primary weapon goes down and up.

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It would be nice to abstract out the communication with the server into a simple library, although it'd be a lot of work to make it work in PHP and .NET I assume.

But just having this code available will mean more people adding to it, and less time spent re-learning the lessons that were needed to get this app working, so I'm really hoping @Pointy will hook us up 😃

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Would love to start making content for this game.

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So, any chance we could get a look at the source code? Like I said, I'd be glad to help get it into GitHub so that it'd be an easy lift for you. If you want to just email me the code in a ZIP, I can get it set up and give your GitHub account owner permissions.

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What frustrates me is that the same problems in the last game (aimbot, inability of bots to respond to dead bodies or fire, binary between laser vision or just walking around like idiots) have been ported over to the new system.

We knew they were problems in the last game, now they're in this game, and the "elite mode" or whatever simply turns up the knobs on the gimmicky behaviors to the point that I can't really enjoy it.

In the last game, console variables were exposed and I was able to make the widely-used "better bots" config to make the bots more mobile, suppress more, have slightly slower reaction times, and increase pressure on players in line with how fast and aggressive the human team was being.

These problems being brought into a new engine tells me that this is either the intentional design, or that fixing these problems wasn't important enough to warrant the work.

Neither option is good, especially since myself and a huge number of the players only want coop and can't be bothered with competitive or pvp.

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once the mod kit comes out, this is on my list.

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I debated doing something like this in Insurgency Source, using some enemy bots with no loadouts and a custom model. It didn't really add much to the gameplay, and made the already minimal margin for target discrimination even harder to sort out. I think in a much bigger scenario that was slower paced, it would be a fun addition, but the speed and deadliness of the bots means I'd basically kill every civilian to avoid the chance of being killed.

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in coop, there should be a 24 slot grenadier.

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bots could be fixed pretty easily.

  • make them spawn far from players, in small fire teams, and have them move in from there
  • drop their accuracy, but increase their firing to increase suppression
  • make their grenade/explosive accuracy reduced to reasonable levels
  • have bots take longer term debuffs from suppression and having teammates killed
  • keep the bots in smaller groups that work together, with a mechanic to split and run if players are routing them

this would solve most of the problems, and make the game more challenging as a tactical shooter, and reduce the random punishment difficulty that makes coop so frustrating.

this game is 75% of the way to being awesome as a coop shooter, if we just had bots that made the game fun and challenging instead of glitchy and making me rage quit for days at a time.

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To take a page from real life, the easiest way to fix this is to add a ladder sight to the top of the foregrip.

This lets one use the front sight and ladder together to judge distance.

The sextant sight on the side of the foregrip is an elevation-adjustable precision aiming device for grenades, if it's not able to be "sighted in" and adjusted for distance, then it's literally worse than no sight at all, since it blocks vision of the target.

It would honestly be better to simply aim down the weapon sights and guess, rather than holding the gun at port arms and blocking any chance to actually see what I'm shooting at.

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