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Hey @Apostolos
For complaints like this, we can't offer refunds, so you would have to go through Steam.

On the other hand, I can address your main concern with the game: You can turn off capture points entirely in the options. 🙂

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Hey @Hadral
Thanks for letting us know about this, we will take a look!

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Hey @Nikof135
Thanks for your feedback, I've passed this along to the dev team. 🙂

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Hey @Tact0pz
This issue should be fixed in our next update which will come out very soon! 🙂

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Hey everyone,

We hope this list of the most frequently asked questions helps!

Q: When is the release date?
A: WWZ releases 16 April 2019.

Q: What platforms will the game be on?
A: At launch, the game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

Q: Will the game release on Steam?
A: At launch, the game will only be available on the Epic Games store.

Q: How can I preorder the game?
A: You can preorder right now with this link: (PS4 preorders will be available February 21st in Europe and 26th in the U.S.)

Q: Will there be physical editions?
A: Yes, there will be physical editions for consoles. PC physical editions will be available in select territories only.

Q: How much does the game cost?
A: The game costs $39,99 / €39,99 on PS4 and XboxOne, and $34,99 / €34,99 on PC.

Q: Will there be an offline mode?
A: The entire campaign will be playable offline with bots.

Q: Can I customize my character’s appearance?
A: No, you have a choice between a cast of four unique characters per location.

Q: Does the character I choose impact gameplay?
A: No, you will be able to choose any weapon loadout and specialization class for any character.

Q: Will there be any DLC in the future?
A: Paid DLC is yet to be determined, but we do plan to support the game post-launch with free content updates.

Q: Is this game localized in other languages?
A: Audio will only be available in English, but text will be available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Q: Will this game support couch co-op?
A: No, couch co-op will not be available.

Q: Does this game support cross-platform play?
A: There are no plans for cross-play at this time.

Q: Does this game support ray tracing?
A: Our graphics partner for WWZ is AMD, and we’re focused on supporting the technology for their graphics cards. The game will also be optimized for Nvidia GPUs.

Q: Will World War Z be an open world game?
A: No. World War Z is a 4 player co-op shooter with hand-crafted levels and missions in locations set all over the world.

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Hey @heysambo,

Thanks for posting about this. We are aware of these issue, and are working hard to sort them out. The co-operative mode is currently in a beta state, so if you want to play the co-op Campaign without bugs I would advise you to to wait for future updates. If you continue, we would greatly appreciate if you can detail any bugs you come across as a new thread in the technical feedback section of our forums. Thanks!

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for the feedback, I've passed it on to the dev team!

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Hey @rezin8r,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we will investigate the issue! Sorry for the inconvenience. Have any of the other cutscenes worked for you?

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Hey @chraso , that's not quite true.
For the real numbers, you can consult websites like
You're right that Source Insurgency is still popular, and that's great too 🙂

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