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I also started getting this after the new patch. Never had trouble with this before.

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@fbnaia Thank you for this information.

Just tried a push map with bots, 32v32. It was a little too much :DD

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Enemy Territory had fire support (artillery&airstrike) and worked very well in competitive in that game. Teams used it as a tactical tool both defensively and offensively and it's use as part of team tactics evolved really far in ET top teams, with coordinated team moves involving precise syncronization with fire support etc. it was art.

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I used to play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which had objective based gameplay, where other team was defending and the other was attacking. Map usually had multiple phases like push game mode has. It was played 6v6 in competive matches. Teamplay and tactics had so much depth in that game, it was so much to play it in comp team 🙂

There are some similarities in Insurgency push game mode.

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@the_law_x check my post about the shooting range:

They should add access to the shooting range in the main menu though.

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@sgt-kanyo said in Armor and damage model desperately needs a rework:

Let's not forget the PKM for the Insurgents versus the M249. The M249 does not just use the same pathetic 5.56 damage model as the M4 and M16, but it also has insane amount of recoil. A recoil of a .50 cal sniper rifle, since players reported higher kick than the SVD.

PKM has much higher recoil than M249 whether fired with or without bipod. When fired with bipod, M249 is more accurate than PKM with 2x scope or higher (tested).

M249, when a single shot is fired standing without bipod, indeed has higher kick than SVD, just tested it. So that is not in line with the caliber and the weight of an MG. PKM has even higher kick when fired without bipod. Most likely the reason is balancing of the gunner role, so they have harder time when they have not set up the MG.

By outgunned I wanted to emphasize that a sidearm, a fucking 9mm won over a modern AR. Now I don't know about you, but I haven't seen armies using 9mm pistols in real battles. If it was so powerful, and so easy to control they'd most definitely take a sidearm instead of ARs, since it weighs a lot less.

You were outaimed not outgunned. M4 kills in less shots than pistols and has higher fire rate, so there cannot be such thing as outgunned, only outaimed or something else (positioning etc.). It's okay, this happens to me as well, I get outaimed some times.

I haven't played 2 rounds. I've played 2 rounds today, I've played a shitton of COOP and a few PvP matches, noticing the same thing. 5.56 guns and the SCAR-H are NEVER and I mean NEVER 1 shot kills, not counting the headshots. Doesn't matter if you're going with a heavy armor or butt naked.

I agree that SCAR-H damage should be tweaked.

Like I mentioned before and others explained and proved this already a lot of times. 5.56 takes 2 shots, even with no armor, while a POS AK from 70 years ago kills instantly with dead accuracy. How is this realistic or here's a word gamers here love: --> balanced <--

AKM has higher recoil than M4, both unmodded. M4 with foregrip has almost half the recoil of an unmodded AKM. Just tested. M4 has higher fire rate.

I can't see the problem here, I find it to be believable and in balance. Some weapons might need minor tweaks. You had a bad day with M4. Don't blame the game.

And how is it possible that a lot more modern weapon with a foregrip is less controllable than a larger caliber absolutely bone stock cold war era POS?

It isn't, it's more controllable. Just tested.

I don't feel like writing down the damage model statistics when others have already did. That's your proof.

I've seen that stat already when it was originally posted, so I'm aware of that. Those stats proved to me that some guns need some tweaking, like SCAR-H. But I don't see the "overpowered insurgents" from those stats at all. Especially when you consider recoil and firerate of the weapons as well.

I've explained the bot aim in a different thread.

Yeah man this topic is what I agree with you, I also wrote a response in that thread. I wanted to make that clear.

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@sangon said in Suggestion: Pulling over walls / fences:


There's nothing realistic in this game. It's a game. Games can't be realistic because one simple rule - you don't risk your life. And games are to be fun. Or else they are training sims.

There is still a certain limit for believability for each individual playing the game.

What if I find dragons funny and want dragons in the game? 🐲

My argument is the same as yours. It doesn't matter because games can't be realistic anyways. Why can't dragons be added to the game?

Don't get me wrong, it's really good that you have ideas and you're suggesting things.

I'm thinking how often would this be of actual use in situations in the game? Could this mechanic just be a frustration (some people are already frustrated by vaulting)?

Sure this could be an added mobility option for choosing no armor and smaller weapon! 🙂 But I can't see every player character doing this.

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@pakislav said in Why don´t we get any Developers feedback on reported bugs or suggestions that are made in this Forum ?:

1.) Not one NWI employee is able to make such off-hand statements as soon as you throw some words at them via your anonymous account on the forums. It takes meetings, testing, more meetings etc. to decide on even simple things.

I agree with you that people shouldn't of course expect instant response.

I didn't get the feeling that OP was about getting an instant response. I thought it was more about just getting some sort of "reaction" at some point. I have written long feedback posts like the AI one I did. Spent around 10+ hours testing, writing notes and putting that together. I still have no idea if the devs have read it or not.

So I spent have a lots of time to give feedback, but I have no certainty that it has even been noticed at all. Maybe someone has read it, maybe not. Currently there's no way to know.

2.) You are entitled if you think that NWI or any developer/public figure has a duty to answer to your anonymous internet ravings, regardless if reading them in detail and silence is useful to them or not.

They don't have a duty to answer anyone unless the person was hired by the company to do so. So you're right that people are not at all entitled to any response.

But I'm sure NWI could greatly benefit from acknowledging high quality feedback. How do you think acknowledging feedback could help the devs in the long run?

3.) If you weren't entitled already, NWI or any public figure constantly addressing anonymous internet ravings, and thus setting such precedence, would make everyone entitled to their attention and thus a wave of whining and complaining would start as soon as NWI would start running out of public relations resources to address everything or when they start making innocent errors in their statements because they didn't go through a series of meetings and testing before making decisions and making their statements about them.

Again, your're right that no one is entitled to any kind of response.

And the devs shouldn't answer to every bit of feedback. Because every feedback does not have value. We have seen that already. There are good thorough posts and then there are "this sux change it"-type of posts and everything in between.

Acknowledging high quality feedback could be a way to reinforce and encourage that type of behaviour.

Making as few statements and appearances as possible is PR 101 type of thing when dealing with a large group of people. That's the case for many reasons, not the smallest one being that eventually that group of people might grow too large to address at all outside of official media statements.

The companies that are able to handle this challenge will stand out in the age of customer service while others fall into mediocrity.

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@sgt-kanyo said in Armor and damage model desperately needs a rework:

I've just realised that the Insurgent team is overpowered as hell due to unrealistic weapon behaviour.

Overpowered as hell? Well, then they should have much higher win percentage for most of the players. I don't believe this claim the slightest bit.

Was in a PvP match as Team Security. Couldn't get a single effin kill with the M4 + aimpoint + foregrip. One of the insurgents was vaulting, so I opened fire, this time in full auto to see wether more bullets would give me a better chance. I ended up getting outgunned by a fucking 9mm.

What do you think was the real reason you lost that fight? I bet it's not because you were outgunned

Next round same map, I'm on team haji with the AKM with ironsight NO foregrip. Easiest first 3 kills in a row I had while I wasn't even looking at the enemy.

You played two rounds and now you conclude that you have enough data to state that it's over powered.

I've had plenty of easy kills with m16 today, yesterday and the day before. M16 must be even more overpowered.

AKM seemed to be a 1 shot 1 kill weapon and more controllable than an XM8 irl. I got shot at 2 times from either an M16 or an M4 (definitely 5.56 by the sound of it) and it only damaged me. I was wearing light armor on both sides. Now what the actual fuck is this seriously. Are the 5.56 Security weapons firing blanks?

5.56 kill in two shots to the upper body even against heavy armor, unless shooting very far. You were most likely hit on limbs.

And how is it possible that a lot more modern weapon with a foregrip is less controllable than a larger caliber absolutely bone stock cold war era POS?

I have not played with m4 lately, but m16 at least is much easier to control without foregrip, compared to AKM, which has been my main weapon as insurgent lately. I'm gonna test the m4 tomorrow.

This and the bot aim just kills this game, make this a priority please NWI, because this as of now is unplayable.

There's nothing here yet, just frustrated rant. Need more proof for a real case.