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Please allow us to Edit Loadouts from main menu.

Nuf sed

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@rhino No shit. Felt like this was a no brainer but here we are......

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Duplicate Weapon Model floating around on screen.


Insurgent (Attacker) Spawn


  • The round just started and I sprinted to the left to flank up the road.
  • Tried to Vault over the Resupply Crate at our spawn but it was buggy.
  • My character was performing the animation but not actually moving across the crate.
  • I repeated the action (out of stubbornness) a few times and then even tried jumping backwards over the crate.
  • At this point I noticed the gun on my screen floating around.
  • Uploading Video of Bug to YouTube.


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The clothing options available for the Insurgents team are just far too High-Vis.

Solution: Add a Sand/Tan/Drab/Olive colour option to each of the current clothing options.


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