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0_1531469417515_20180713010741_1.jpg it literally wont connect to either server

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latency seems really high on bolth servers i literally let the game run for hours and couldnt find a match i know its not my net...also the loot rate seems very low for 100 player royal i was running around looking for loot and nothing the bam dead.. id deffinatly like to see way more wolves. and id sugest the gfur plug in for that cause the scary but they look flat and fur less. i wonder what the recomended specs were cause im having a frame rate issue on a crossfire 570 8 gb set up. ive ran unreal for hours with no dropps in frames.. last but not least the control over the sky dive feels slow and un responsive.

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where do i report issues ???

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the windows thing is a must
seems like the aiming system could use some work too

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