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I think the red zones just need a rework to not be so close to AO.

I agree 100% about the impenetrable bushes. You should be able to pass through them but nope. Has got me killed in the river a few times. If the idea is to stop bush wookies sitting in them, make the foliage disperse when someone is on it. Can't be that hard to swap the 3D model when player is in the area and remove the collision full stop?

Another one, similar to the rocks issue but more annoying is the gentle slopes that cannot be walked up despite being <10 degrees. Even the techies can't get up some of these.

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Cheers @Kraeyq . I've since seen that there have been server issues so the name change was not the cause of my issue. Seems it was working fine for a bit earlier but has returned to / data again in the past hour.

Oh well. At least the ranks/points do eventually populate.

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So I was playing away enjoying the game and got to Level 32. Then I altered my Steam username, with the game already running. This name change was reflected in the next game, and all was running as expected.

However; after exiting the game and launching again a couple of days later, my rank states '--' and I am no longer earning any points/stats/credits. It seems the steam username change has interfered with my stats and reset me to zero. In-game it still reads as rank 32 on the scoreboard, but when viewing profile there are no statistics, and I am not rewarded any points at the end of a game.

I guess I will never get my black bump helmet now 😢

Anyone had this issue before and know of a fix. I've verified my files and all the usual things.