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Excellent, thankyou 🙂

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@netheos said in Blood Bowl 2 World Cup 2018 Announcement:

Meaning 1 ticket every 29-ish coaches. Meaning the following rule:

  • 1 ticket from 15 to 43 coaches
  • 2 tickets from 44 to 71 coaches
  • 3 tickets from 72. That's the maximum amount of tickets for a league.
  • 1 ticket for the biggest community league of the World Cup.

Hi Netheos. I am in the DBBC qualifier which states 3 tickets in the OP. Will that hold true despite there only being 52 people actually participating or will this rule override it?

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If you want to be part of team positive you need to stop whining like a little baby and try to play better!

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I like this idea.
I want to be able to have a team called Glorious Domination!

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I don't like this idea.

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Fantastic. Hopefully Cyanide can program this in for everyone.
And hopefully the entire BB community can lobby GW to include this in BB2016 too!

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Very good. Better than most of the various inducement ideas.
Pretty much Galak's Bank without a Bank limit. Equivalent to Jervis Johnson Petty Cash phase in a scheduled league, though lacks the flexibility in blind MM(whether or not ppl view this as a + or - is subjective I guess).
Big problem is ofc the existing BB2 UI and (to a lesser extent but important to me for the future of the game)BB2016 rules, and for that reason my vote is for FFP.

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@Plasmoid said in Tweaking Brets 2.5 (Pre-LE Special Edition):

And if Cyanide are considering any further tweaks of the team, I certainly hope they do so based an data rather than hunches.

LMAO. Of all the people to say this Plasmoid has to be the funniest!

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