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In this update you added a new map, which is great, but you removed not one, but two maps. Now the total maps is less than before the update, good job Focus

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Hello, this beta, in general, is great. It's clearly not a full game but still good for a beta.

As the you (the development team) may know, the game doesn't run well on a lot of systems. I imagine this is because the maps have a ton of lighting that puts a lot of stress on the engine. Simple light bulbs are okay for lighting as they run simply, but the majority of the lighting found in game is fire, this is not good for optimization as the light source flickers around based on the fire and is not ideal for weaker systems. Tracers are also another problem. I've seen matches where people forbid each other from using tracers because of the lighting they cause. Tracers (while not being a realistic depiction of actual tracers) should have none or little lighting value as they make firefights really hard as the processing of the game is much faster than the output.

Thanks in advance