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Well colour me tickled! We get to keep our pistol now I see!!! My pistol choice matters and I actually use it - AWESOME! Very pleased with this ๐Ÿ™‚

The M14 for security is also more appropriate. I haven't tried insurgents yet but presume it's still the Mosin which is fine.

Really hooked on hardcore checkpoint now. It's all I play.

The movement speed also feels perfect to me. When I switch back to normal checkpoint, it feels almost silly running around that fast.

Great job NWI! Happy camper here ๐Ÿ™‚

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Even though I'm replying to my own post, I thought this topic warranted a new thread. Would love to hear other peoples suggestions too about how to improve on the idea of limited supply for hardcore checkpoint.

@JLX said in Hardcore Checkpoint Impressions:

  • The idea of limited supply is good. BUT... It's a bit TOO limited IMHO. I like the idea of taking what you need for the mission and making it last. But, if you die, it's a bit of a bummer to get stuck with a kit you don't like for the balance of the match. I'm not sure what a good solution is yet but I'll give it some thought.

MY SUGGESTION: Spawn the player with their original pistol choice (with 3 clips) instead of the Makarov and NO primary weapon at all.

Why do I think this suggestion is worth considering?

  • It would make your pistol choice more meaningful. The pistol is your BACKUP weapon. Well, let it be your backup. This would also mean that putting points into your pistol selection is more important as you may actually need to rely on it! More meaningful choices is a good thing.

  • Surviving with your chosen pistol until you can scavenge a better primary could be fun! Surviving with a Makarov on a single clip? Less fun...

  • Achieves the idea of limited supply without completely invalidating the players weapon preferences. We each have our favourites. Having your entire kit ditched when you die and being forced to play with random weapons isn't always fun. Keeping your chosen pistol but having to "make do" with the rest seems like a good compromise.

Anybody else have thoughts on how this aspect of the game might be improved?

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@MarksmanMax said in Where is the supply crate on H (New Map)?:

However, they apparently decided to overlook the fact that Outskirts not only spawns zero small ammo crates, but also doesn't spawn a Resupply Box at the last objective.

Well... shit. I've only tried hardcore checkpoint on the new Outskirts map and wondered where these supposed "ammo boxes" were. Tnx for the heads up.

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After switching back to INS2, I wanted to check out the new hardcore checkpoint mode and am happy to see the direction it's going! Thought I'd pass along some of my initial impressions:

  • Movement speed is MUCH better. I realize this is personal preference depending on whether you lean towards arcade or milsim but for me I prefer a methodical/stalking type of gameplay.

  • The new map (Outskirts) is very nice. Once again a preference issue. I but I like having to survey the terrain and clear the nooks and crannies. Having a few "lanes" that can easily be memorized and blocked off isn't as much fun for me. The collapsed building is a nice touch.

  • The idea of limited supply is good. BUT... It's a bit TOO limited IMHO. I like the idea of taking what you need for the mission and making it last. But, if you die, it's a bit of a bummer to get stuck with a kit you don't like for the balance of the match. I'm not sure what a good solution is yet but I'll give it some thought.

  • Friendly fire is an issue I don't want HUD markers in hardcore mode but this is where I like the original cosmetics much better than all these new accessories that players have asked for (and NWI have delivered). It used to be much easier to tell Security from Insurgents. But with both sides getting similar cosmetics, you can't use head scarves/helmets/face covering to quickly tell each side apart as you used to be able to. That was the obvious good solution which I felt WAS done well and has been spoiled which is a shame. I'd love to see a modding option that forces the cosmetics for each side to more unique and easily identifiable outfits.

All in all, it's a great step to coax me back but I'm still holding out for:

  • Varying objectives (co-op) so that each time you play a map it isn't Groundhog Day. DOI started to innovate with this. Why not SS?
  • Modding - While SS is getting there, I'm eager to tweak it to my groups exact preferences.

But overall, well done! I love Insurgency and am eager for SS to mature to the point where we're all happy to move on from INS2/DOI. I want the snazzy graphics, awesome sound and better bots... But gameplay comes first! ๐Ÿ™‚


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I have a similar issue. Unfortunately, stability and frame rates are both worse for me.

I already reported the CTD with the auto feedback form.

As for frame rates, have noticed something odd. I messed with the settings during a local coop game to see if I could make it any better and noticed that it seemed to be a COMBINATION of MEDIUM SHADOWS and ANTI-ALIASING (tried FXAA, SMAA x1 & TAA).

Obviously, these can be expensive, but what is notable is that when combined, the drop was extreme (I had down to 13 FPS when I'm usually around 60). The other notable thing is that it only happened with MEDIUM shadows. When I shifted to HIGH shadows, the extreme frame drop went away.

So, yes. For me anyway, running with HIGH shadows rather than MEDIUM actually gives me better and more stable performance.

DxDiag attached.


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Not technically a bug, but unusual behaviour.

When you run and do a knee-slide into a car or barrier, if you have any excess momentum, you will ricochet and your excess momentum can carry you beyond cover.

I think that when you slide into a barrier, you should stop - no matter what the angle of the barrier is to you.

The slide should be terminated when you hit the barrier (green slide) and you should NOT continue to slide out of cover at an angle (red slide) like you are on a ice rink.

0_1551046140993_Knee Slide.png

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As described in title: Q & E Keys are hard-coded on resupply page.

I use Q/W for lean and E for use.

As the resupply page seems to re-purpose the LEAN keys to switch tabs/pages and the USE key to resupply, for me it should be Q/W to change tabs (incorrect) and E to resupply (correct).

0_1550953178952_QE Hardcoded Bug.jpg

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Being able to throw/launch quickly is the advantage of the under-barrel grenade launcher. It's there if you want it, but you have to spend the points to get it.

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I think a couple of tweaks to the existing system could address some of these problems:


ONLY count the initial explosion as friendly-fire. Burn/Gas/whatever damage-over-time should NOT be considered friendly-fire.

The shooter does have control over where he triggers the explosives and thus can take responsibility to avoid friendly fire. However, he can NOT prevent people from entering (or failing to exit) the affected area and should not be punished for such.


Friendly fire is often only a fraction of full damage. In a short TTK game like Insurgency, this is presumably to give time for the shooter to register "blue on blue" warnings and have time to stop before killing the friendly.

I'd suggest lowering the friendly fire bullet damage even further and make it asymmetrical. Perhaps something like:

  • Friendly target recieves 10% of bullet damage.
  • Friendly shooter receives 15% of bullet damage.

Ideally, this would achieve a few things:

  1. It would give more time for the shooter to realize his mistake and stop shooting before anyone dies. Helpful for genuine accidents like when someone walks into your line of fire. This would also help prevent griefers from causing you to teamkill by intentionally walking into your line of fire as you'd have more time to avoid the unintentional TK.

  2. If he (either intentionally or unintentionally) doesn't stop in time, the HIGHER reflected damage would kill (and thus stop) the shooter BEFORE the friendly dies. So the target (while still getting wounded) wouldn't pay the "ultimate" price for the shooters mistake. Griefers who want to TK for the LOLZ would only kill themselves and be more obvious about it to teammates.

As this potentially would "only" require tweaking values to the existing system, I'd like to think that it also would have the advantage of being relatively easy to implement.

Once again, just my 2ยข

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Only one of my two friends can see my community server in their server browser and connect to it. The other friend and myself can connect with no issues.

This led me to believe that the first friend (who can't connect) has a network issue specific to him. However, he can join our party and play together with us on NWI public servers.

His inability to see my server persists even when trying to connect via IP, after a reboot and trying again on different days.

What's odd is that he can see SOME community servers, but not as many as my other friend and myself which is strange!

Also, he's only using standard windows Defender/Firewall. He also tried connecting via a mobile hotspot to bypass his home network and had the same results.

I'm forwarding "-port=27102 -queryport=27131" as per my startup .bat.

Anyone got a solution or any advice?