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so back to mudrunner 🙂
meanwhile I'm playing by night (adjusted brightness and contrast), and loading the wood "by hand".
by daylight it's all a little bit overlighted, but ok.
so the nightview is just cool and exciting 😉
next stage it will be I'm switching to simulation...
replaying the levels is not as boring as I thought.

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ten years??
same CPU?
than maybe the graphics-cards are as good as never bevore or the games are extremly good programmed 🙂
maybe there's much changed in the last 6 years...

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you mean you can play 4 years on a PC of 400€ without costs?
And grapics are the same as on XBOX or PS? And same framerates (over 35 fps?).
Whats with games like Assassins Creed? They are hungry for hardware I think...?
In my PC times (until about 5 years ago), I had to update every 2-3 years graphics-card for 200-300€ and somtimes mainboard/cpu. so there was much costs every year in the average... much more than with console.

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@unster said in 6 Maps and the challanges... and now?:

You definitely don't need to upgrade your PC every year, certainly not for Mud Runner. And consoles have the same issue in that the hardware gets obsolete eventually. But with PC's individual components are easy to replace.

Hmm, thats in parts correct.
My Console XBOX is 2 and a half year. and at this time I bought it, it was an older one and a special offer 🙂
And its running well until now. No need to update.
An a new one is at 400€.
PC is much more expensive 🙂
But: on PC you do have much more benefits... with enough money it has better graphics an is running faster, and you can better control it by keyboard and joystic... and such things.

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Yes thats the benefit on PC that you dont have on console...
I changed to it because I have a big surround experience and a big screen 🙂
And every year updating my PC was not my thing anymore...
But i miss my joystick, is much more precise than controllers...

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Yes, I've tried in hardcore mode, but I really hate the night, you dont see anything 😞

I've hurried a little much, because I wanted to play with the URAL NEXT, I saw in this video............
But I've not known that this was a fake (mod)... 😞
When I've known this, I'd spent much more time for each level.
I've tried to load the wood "by hand" on the truck, so I spent half an our for one station 🙂
I started this game from the completely wrong side, the most tutorials when I had finished 4 out of the 6 maps...

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OK, I did the challanges and maps complete, but not with all the bonus.
If you do that, inclusive NIGHT, than I think you might do double of the time or more.
I've thought that there is more to do after this 6 Maps, otherwise I'd spent more time for each map...

But the two DLC maps are pretty long to play, much to do and not so easy.

I like the C255, C375, especially the D-53x, that are Monsters !
E-7310 also.
In DLC "The Valley" there is the E-7429. A monster 8x, too.
This and the D53x in column, both with pendant is sooo much funny 🙂

It's a little pitty, that there is not more to do, I can play this for much weeks, but I dont very much enjoy to repeat all the maps/challanges.
Maybe I'm repeating one or other map and loading the tree trunks "by hand".

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Thanx for the fast answer.

I'm on XBOX.
No, I dont have the A.W. add-on.
The 2 DLC-Maps I've downloaded.

But, is ths all?? Surely?
24 Hours and finished?

I've seen videos with the URAL NEW, and a big yellow CRANE.
Where are they?
And can you recommend the AmericanWilds addon?

Oh, so many questions... 😉


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Hi there,

I've bought this game 3 days ago.
Now I've finished all the challanges and the 6 Main-Maps in single player.
What's now? Wat's next?
I cant find anything more...(?)