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One life game modes need to be in the game on first day release. I cannot and will not play a game without it. Please add Ambush. It's too important. If you worried about splitting the community, get rid of one of your respawn game modes, they're mostly all the same anyways. I hope you guys reconsider.

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I agree! If they don't bring back Ambush or a modified and improved version of strike, I cannot play. Since 2002, I've only played one- life game modes. Hopefully, there are more maps for Ambush in this new game. They left out of a lot of maps that were in other game-modes. If they announced they were going to have Ambush mode, I would pre-order three copies. I have never pre-ordered a game before, but I have confidence in these developers. They're really talented.

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I just hope this game is as good as the last game. I heard it might be 6v6 matches, I hope Im wrong, and I hope Ambush makes it return. If there was one improvement, bst out of 7 in Ambush, switch sides after 3 rounds. I hated playing on one side for the entire match.

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Strike or Ambush? Few comments on Strike. Destroying the objective was hard and never gave the opposing side a chance to defuse. If strike is a gamemode you will be creating, than it needs to be similar to tradational games. Copy search and destroy on Cod, or objective base match on mohaa, or AAPG. Seriously, that gamemode was broken, and there was a reason why nobody played it. If you're not going to take my advice just copy your Ambush mode even though it was extremely annoying if the vip rushed.

These gamemodes will be 12v12, right?

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