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Sorry for the delay. The quick info I saw that was incorrect was the gears in each vehicle. I figured since those were incorrect, some other info may be as well, at least in game.


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Thanks for the input guys!

I had found that spreadsheet, but found some of the info to be incorrect, so didn’t want to base my info from it. Also, since I was looking at it from my phone, I was unsure if I was seeing it wrong. Thank you for the link though!

Since this post, I’ve now beaten all the maps on Hardcore. I was expecting a much harder challenge (remembering back to SpinTires on the PC, when I played, when it came out). That’s why I originally wanted the information.

Thanks again for the info! I’m having a lot of fun playing around in MP Hardcore maps now. I really hope they add more vehicles, maps, challenges, rock crawling, attachments, and even goals.

It would be awesome to be able to be able to grade the roads, maybe even do some of the logging itself!

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I’m having the hardest time trying to find SIMPLE comparisons of the trucks in Mudrunner. I’ve beaten all the maps on Casual, in Single Player mode, but now I’m looking to go back through on Hardcore. That will mean having to up my knowledge a little. I don’t want to have to crunch numbers and learn physics to do so though.
What I’d like is simple things like: The C255 is great at hauling small logs and small log trailers through mud, but cannot handle water or medium sized logs at all. The C375 is great at both of these things, but is horrible at moving small logs and deep mud. Things like this, would be awesome.
I played a little SpinTires on the PC, back when it first came out, for a couple weeks, but haven’t touched the title until this week, when I installed Mudrunner on XBoxOne. So, I don’t have a lot of knowledge on the vehicles, and don’t want a huge history lesson or weight lesson. Just simple notes to go by. Even a simple thing like A>G>C>Z type thing would be great.
I don’t even know which of the two scout type trucks are better. The original A-469 or the other one (forget number). Is one better for mud and the other rocks? Seems like that is the case.
Thanks for any help!!

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