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<_templates Include="plants" />
			<Constraint BreakOffThreshold="100" Type="Fixed" />
	<Occlusion Intensity="0.6" Size="(0.8; 0.8)" />

what the mud_chunk_a looks here .(in
I dont have the mod installed (except for the dds in, and still get stretched bushes.

  <ChunksBreak Brands="mud_chunk_c" Handler="Mud" Threshold="40" />

From the mod's mud_chunk_a (and _b)

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@mudhappy bush/fallen logs-stretching happens in "old"mud (ver_18_01_29b)as well, without "weather" mod installed.
Now, it could be some files left from the "current"mudT left over when reverting back, or some stray files from the mod left in 'media'. ( mayhaps))

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Another update.

  • Replaced some overlays with custom
  • Added a couple more roads
  • some terrains and minor tweaks here and there.

Add the two overlays to the (Doesn't replace anything)

Same link..

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@sl0wm0vingtrain Adding it manually. in "gamefolder\media"
and adding this to config.xml )in appdata\roaming\Spintires Mudrunner:
<MediaPath Path="Media" />
just above:
<MediaPath Path="" />

"gamefolder\media" should look like this'ish:
0_1524564520119_Screenshot (1231).png
Your map should go in levels. The rest of the folders is only there if the map have any custom content.

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@leodefander add the pathsto game in editor and add the plugin to N++ ( do it manually if 'install' doesnt work. )Copy the files 'shortcut.xml' and 'plugin' folder to the root folder of N++
Like so: 0_1524564214329_Screenshot (1229).png

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A couple snaps..
Engine is still running!alt text
Made it.. alt text
alt textmight be slightly moist alt text

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some update done to map.
Link should be the same..

@joridiculous said in my map(s):

Here's the map.. Very much WIP đŸČ

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@architectwilliam If you stick to below 75 it should be ok. Between 60 and 70 is quite ok.
smalrocks and mudchunks really bogs things down. Trees hardly at all.
Easy to see when you get a lot of "diamonds" for rocks/chunks.

btw: I have a lot of 70 / 75 tree distros on my latest map. But the areas of trees are quite small (mostly 1-2 Squares in width). I mostly used trees to cut line of sight and make the trails "packed in".
bushes are 99% used to "outline" the roads.

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@a-slice-of-pizza has to poll the workshop for any updates. Also reads your disk for the same. And also the stupid <2GB memory limit of the game.

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@draconus said in Draconus Battle Camp/Mods---Tank Stuff/Dynamic Weather/Winter/Mudrunner OverHaul:

@OG_Grinskin91 wow that is something...i didnt nor did Templar GFX on any of the maps... worked fine every build we did...there were 35 builds done in just over a month from day 1 when i first got the weather code working for mudrunner and sent it over to Templar GFX to get the dynamic stuff working again

Everyone else isnt having issues except when ts used with mudrunner mod exe...that causes all sorts of issues with it mainly particle velocitys being way off and stuff flying every were

Cant see any issues..
alt text
(Dont worry. i DO use STM and i DO know about the bugs... I like it sometimes, like in this shot)

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