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There is a major issues about this latest patch update. Even tho I like the fixes that where fixed, amazing jobs by the devs.

0_1555268798064_Sandstrorm exibit1.jpg There seems to be a glitch for the Security when you are playing verse mode, the glitch is that you are unable to select
Helicopter fire support and for some reason it also effects smoke artillery option. There was a screen shot taken explaining this better.

Hopefully this will be fixed very soon cause it is why commanders are picked rarely or not at all in every verse mode i am in.
However it is available with no problem in CO-OP mode.

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Hello everyone, I'm from Namibia locate in the southern part of Africa were there is also an up and comming gaming community, and now we are stepping into the realm of the online competitive scene, even tho we don't have that much of a health ping service, but we are managing anyway we can until we are able to gain proper dedicated data servers here. In any case I am pleased to be a part of the Insurgency community and I am hoping to help bring some helpful ideas to this game and to help continue its quest of becoming the graetest Competetive Online Team-based tactical shooter since Rainbow Six and Counter Strike.

On another note, I am happy to meet you all, community and developers and hoping to see you all in the battlefield either as Friend or Foe, but in sense to have fun and enjoy this game together and what it has to offer now and in the future.

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Hi Canadian, Please to meet you, I am from Africa, Namibian so greetings over here I also subscribed to this channel to give honst oppinons and Ideas as well on how to continue making this game the greatest competetive Team-Based Online Tactical - FPS game to ever come out since Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield 2, Hoping to see you in game real soon, cause I'm hoping to meet more international tactical gamers out there and play as a team.

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