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OK but obviously you did dodge the other questions.

Even if some player play them, and have fun doing it, where is the problem for the organizer ?

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As an organizeer what does really changes so dramatically if these two races are allowed ?

Chances are no player play them ==> All this noise for Nothing

But if some player enjoys them and play them : what is hurting You ? For A Successfull even isn't an event where player have fun and wants to go back the next year ?

I really do not understand your position, seems very dogmatic and i can't see a valid argument other than "I don't like that roster". Means you love all the other rosters ?

Pretty dogmatic, pointless and very hard to understand.

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Have you tried to go on the team screen and manually accept the ticket it has received ?

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Troll Regeneration; Why does it not appear to roll the result before it asks if you want to use an Apothecary? I've burnt them before and failed, only to see the Troll then use the Regeneration and end up saved; great, except it was wasting me an Apoth I could have otherwise have kept for later. There's no option under Skills to make this voluntary, so it's a forced decision?

I believe the game is applying the Rule correctly. But I also believe it was excatly the same in BB1 so I am surprise by your remark.

Regarding you other feedback, I couldn't agree more and you can be sure most people do agree with you. The ambition cyanide and focus had on touching the console player Market as primary targets certainly explain these downgrad.

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@Javelin said in Feedback From a BB1 vet playing BB2 for the first time.:

Unless they changed it for BB2 you can't spin for multiple teams successfully.

If you spin multiple teams in a single league, only the most recent team you spin with is considered.

Are you 100% sure of That ? I felt that Multiple spin was working OK for me. Will have to check then.

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Played a Vampire game yesterday and choosed Helmut as Starplayer.

Don't know if already identified :

When I blocked using him the game didn't let me choose between a casual blocwith dices and use of the chainsaw. It was automatically a chainsaw use.

I believe this is a bug as my understanding is that we should be able to choose.

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Got your point but does that mean you will stop playing if there is no Prize money ?

Aren't you currently playing this season despite there ain't any money on the line ?

If Money is the main motivation, Maybe this is not the game for you cause it won'tmake you rich and maybe at some point it will make no business sense for Cyanide or Focus to put money on that competition. 500 bucs may not be that much, they still need to sell between 10 to 20 copies of the game to amortize that cost.

I believe the business model will not support the prize money indefinitely. And when Money will not be part of the equation anymore, I hope this admin competition with play offs will still be offered and I believe most players will keep on playing it.

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@SHunterUSA said in What would you like to see after BB2 LE is out?:

I would like to see an expansion to the league scheduling system, by at least allowing a team to play the same opponent 2 or more times in a season.

For example, an 8-team league where you play each opponent twice, for a total of 14 games in the season... or, a 5-team league where you play each opponent 3 times for a total of 12 games in a season... etc.


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@Stringer Bell

What are actually the odds for a player to earn a single penny ? Organised competition with post season play offs is enough motivation... Money is a cherry on the cake that most of us (and by most I mean 99% of us) will never receive.

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Great initiative !!!

Thank you !

PS : Money doesn't really matter (Most of us will never win a single penny anyway)......the competition with a race for a play offs berth +actual play offs is sufficient to keep player motivation pumped !!

PPS : only news that could be sweeter to read would be the anouncement of a world cup !

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