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I think a low TKK insurgency with more features and better graphics is what everyone wants here. I play a shit ton of rainbow six siege, squad and Arma and the game shouldn't bother with realism or high TTK. At the current moment, the game visually reminds me somewhat of a battlefield 3 with insurgencys feeling and gameplay. I enjoy the current TTK, it makes sense for the most part and in engagements I barely notice. Sometimes weird things can happen like 2 shots on unarmoured opponents chest not killing. As someone in this thread said, this game should be what insurgency was
trying to do, but better looking and with its new unique added content.
Regardless if the community agrees with the baseline of the game they should allow thorough modding of the game like the original, let people make servers with their own settings and values for damage, they could do it like Chivalry did it and have the regular game and modded servers like comp mod 2.0