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yay! 🙂 Too bad it's a Ford, but I would drive it no matter what it was with Spun on it 🙂

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I vote yes! We should have some community polls for stuff like this 🙂

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NP 🙂 Yes, scriptblockers are very nice, but sometimes it's hard to tell what you need to unblock to get the page you are on to work right, so it can be annoying in itself. But it does stop pretty much everything 🙂

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It's actually NoScript on Firefox, but I do not like using it all the time, so I mostly use Chrome and just open certain webpages in Firefox.

Also I have an older version of Firefox, as the new one is completely different and it has NoScript, but doesn't work like the old one.

Edit: Yeah I use adblock plus on both and all kinds of stuff gets through ABP...

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I use a script blocker and don't get the popups... not sure if that keeps them from getting click revenue tho

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Yeah, I use mouse/kb. I really suck at clicking the X to disconnect the winch lol. I like using mouse/kb though, not sure I would like using a controller.

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Yeah, I always set mine as 3 to go into cab view while using cruise, I don't really like having to click to get in cab view, and you can't click while in cruise anyways.

I'm hoping there is a winch disconnect coming with the patch too, or maybe one hidden in the controls somewhere... if not we might have to wait until it's added with spintiresmod

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Awesome 🙂 I saw it was announced for the upcoming patch, just was not sure how soon it was coming. Thanks for the info!

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I now have a hotkey for my cabin camera. You can hex edit the userprofile.stu file (in mudrunner appdata) to get one too 🙂 The hotkeys are at the bottom of the file paired together "Q/0", "X/8" for primary/secondary keys and are spaced 10 apart from primary to primary. Cabin camera is 10 spaces after the 2 for trailer camera where mine is now set to 3 (HEX 33)

Or you can just wait for the next patch lol.... It's really not that hard to hex edit though with HxD free hex editor. Anyways, just something to do while we wait on the next patch 🙂

Just make sure you back up your profile, so you don't lose all your progress in case you mess something up. I think HxD auto backs the file up though, so it shouldn't be a problem.

hello cab camera hotkey

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everything works... (except the battery powered winch)

out of all of the options I tried, the only ones that actually work are dev menu and file check.

options that do not work:

  • battery winch
  • winch range
  • force loading logs
  • unlimited fuel
  • disable suspension damage
  • diff lock fix
  • shift release fix
  • unlimited zoom
  • zoom range
  • no auto zoom x3
  • freeze time of day

There are a few options that I did not try, but I'm guessing they do not work either.

It is still worth a download since you can disable the file check, use the dev menu and have map selection scrolling; but don't expect any of the other options to work. Maybe they will be fixed soon.

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**See next post for hotkey method

REQUIRES SpintiresMod to work in MP

I edited the camera xml to give it a bit more zoom, at least by moving the mouse, not scrolling (not sure how to adjust the scroll zoom). Also took most of the horizontal "play" out and adjusted the vertical a bit.

Not sure how the camera works with controller, but this seems to work well with a mouse anyways. The autozoom at the garage only changes the scrollable zoom, so if you have the camera out further but zoomed in, it will not auto zoom at the garage/fuel station.

Install like Tatoo's gearbox. Let me know what you guys think. I can tweak it more if needed.

Download from Google Drive

Download from DropBox

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I kept getting it on one of my posts (with no links) that I tried to edit twice. The first edit worked fine, but every single time I tried to edit it after that it would give me the spam message.

That was several days ago though and this is my first post since.

Seems to work fine now.

Just trying more edits 😛

My other post was big though, could have been that...

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@spun can you give it a paint job like this

we have a customer that comes into the shop with a jeep just like this one 🙂

alt text

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It works? Have you tried many of the options? Just curious what all works for you.

scroll in map menu
allows multiplayer with modded files (no file check)
not sure any of the other options work for me anyways; but those two are huge 🙂


If you goto the mudrunnermods website, someone posted a link in the comments to the new version.

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The physics; water, mud suspension etc..

The random truck spawns

The k700 loader ❤ (I like parking my trucks on the paved road on seashore and then grabbing the logs at the kiosk with the k700 and loading the trucks on the road; Coast was always my favorite map due to the loose log/kiosk locations, and seashore is the same way)

The little details (exhaust causing the water to bubble; stuff like that)


I smashed my finger earlier and now it has turned blue and is throbbing with pain as I type this

Running over a tree/bush and it attaches to your axle, basically winching you to the ground and it pulls you backwards (not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but it's very annoying) Was inches away from the objective last night when this happened in a b-131 and it took me like 5+mins to break free since that truck is rather weak and I didn't have any winch points to pull me forward

Camera auto zoom at garages and when entering advanced mode... so very very annoying

Not being able to see the mod before you download it in a lobby. It's not as bad now since there aren't as many mods out, but once you get 50+ pages of mods that take up 10+gigs of space, it's not really feasible to have them all, especially when you are limited on HDD space and download speed. Also too many kids like to use crappy made overpowered trucks that I do not want to use. It would be nice to see the mod before I decide to download

Lack of information in the server list. When all you see is the map name and number of players, it is too easy to keep joining the same lobby over and over... would be nice to see more information such as the lobby leader and hardcore/casual

No hotkey for the cab camera or winch disconnect

The tutorial messages that Tattoo likes. There should be an option to disable these. Cruise and crane control alike. Maybe the cruise ones could disappear after a few seconds like the cab camera ones do. The main thing that bothers me about the crane control ones is how they block the chat

I know I have more dislikes, but it's by far one of my favorite games.

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It mostly just changes the grill. If you notice the green UAZ has the same grill as the blue one. In Mudrunner it has vertical slits, like the URAL. Basically this just restores the old models/grills.

The tail lights and some other minor changes as well. I personally like the new ones. Except for the B-131 grill that they put on the URAL... they basically just swapped them. I think the B-131 original grill is ugly, so mine both have the URAL grill.

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Why are you starting crap in his thread? I understand he replied, but you could also have not replied, or not posted snark comments to begin with.
Just ignore him, it will just keep escalating until the thread gets closed more than likely.

Please stop the bickering. I have no idea what you guys went through before this, but it just looks childish and unprofessional.

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I really enjoy reading all of this and seeing what you are working on, it looks very nice 🙂

Off-subject and just trying to be helpful: 'Know' and 'now' are two completely different words. 'Know' (pronounced same as no) as in knowledge, meaning I understand or have the knowledge/information; and 'now' (pronounced like cow) referring to a moment in time 'now and then'.

Again just trying to be helpful, so it's easier to read/understand your writing 🙂

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This thread is the best way. Spun made this thread to show progress on his modding. So just read through it and watch the thread to get notified when he posts here.

You can also subscribe to his youtube channel, he posted a youtube video up above.

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@araxp said in Just a few things:

The steering was useful pretty much only for tipped vehicles, but since side winch was added, rescuing is much easier.

I dont see useful the gear thing for a towed vehicle. I think that it would be more useful that the truck behind accelerated to match your speed automatically, then press winch button if you want it to ram, to help you in the mud. Currently the towed vehicle accelerates but its very low, I think that you still have to tow it 50% at least, unless you press the winch button.

I agree about the missing mod thing.

Yes, matching the gear would work too. That way when I am in 1+ the towed vehicle is also in 1+ and not in 9th gear trying to ram me off the road terminator style. 🙂

The steering was also useful for making tight turns around trees/poles. Now you are forced to switch trucks as the back truck gets stuck on trees/poles without being able to steer it.