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@Unster said in MudRunner 2 News Recap:

@kingnightshadow Define "stuck". If you mean stuck in place not going anywhere, that actually never happens in this game unless you have a tree, rock or slope blocking you. That's what I had in mind when I said the mud was too easy. But if you mean that shallow mud slows you down too much, that I could agree with and that's one thing I corrected with my mod. Basically I made the difference between the effect of shallow and deep mud greater, where deep mud actually gets you stuck (no moving) while shallow mud is pretty easy to drive through, and you have to be careful where you drive. I hope MR2 will be like that out of the box.

I might completely misread his post. But, to me it sounds like he was saying he doesn't like using the crawler gears, and that you should be able to floor it though muddy areas as he knows from experience that works.

Again, might completely misread and misunderstood. But that's the message I took from his post.

So IF he is always going around in high gear or auto, then yes even with current mud you'll get stuck a lot.

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@Silverhawk71 said in What Online Multiplayer Improvements Do You Want In MR2?:

Not sure about other console versions but the pc versions headlights are client side only, I'd like to see them visible to everyone.

As well as having the terrain if cut up by Player 1's vehicle in multiplayer, effecting another Player 2's passage in his vehicle. I.e. player 1 can make mistakes and be buried to his axle but player two can currently traverse the passage as it is seemingly untouched by another player.

True, those are things I've also mentioned it other threads. They would ge great additions to see.

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@deathcoreboy1 Thanks. I'm happy to see someone got some joy from it.

@kingnightshadow Of course that seems to be how marketing works in general, we get some news from E3 then not a peep from ev's until close to release. Technically it is the safe way to market your game, however clearly fans hate it. Things was better in the 90's and early 2000's when companies actually marketed and hyped up their games. Sure some didn't live up to expectations, but damnit at least we was excited to play them.

Not like these days where these big billion dollar corporations are walking around on eggshell's and keeping things secret because "oh boo hoo somebody might give us a bad review.". Freaking billion dollar pussy babies, that's all they are now.

Doesn't make a difference anyway, if somebody simply doesn't like a game a they'll leave a bad review regardless. So what's the point? You may as well hype the game as much as possible. But that's how it all, all these big game companies and movie studios, and they are all scared of faceless nobodies on Twitter and little small time Youtubers, most of whom outside a very small few can't ever hope to be as big as they are. So nobody's willing to take risks anymore. It's sad really.

I'd go as far as to even say that social media has to much influence these days. Yea it's one thing for people to have their voices be heard, but social media can kill a project before it's even off the ground if it isn't political in the right way, or supports certain groups of people, or is offense to like 1% of the people on Earth. Social media has to much power. Sadly I think things are only going to get worse.

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@zamal said in MudRunner 2 News Recap:

so no E3 announcement, now we have to wait until gamescom i guess 😞 cyberpunk 2077 will keep me hyped until MR happens tho 😃

A shame there was no news.

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@zamal said in Moments in the Mud:

@justinlynch3 idk just dont see myself enjoying driving those quadrocycles, but u never know until u try it i guess

They are everywhere up here in Canada and around the US. I dunno how much places like Russia use them, but they are hella fun to ride around on.

While it's true ATV's aren't used in big time logging operations, like I said Mudrunner has started to expend outside just heavy duty hauling with Rocky Hills where we have little pickup truck trailers. So it's not like anybody can argue anymore that Mudrunning is only meant for heavy duty.

But, even if Mudrunner didn't use them for hauling at all, they'd still make amazing scout vehicles. Unlike a F-150, these quads are actually build for mud and off-roading. And imagine searching out waypoints, these little things can zip around in between tree's and take shortcuts like forests no sweat.

There biggest weakness would likely be water. While you can float a ATV in still water and keep the engine going as long as you keep the throttle in, a lot of the Mudrunner maps like The Crossing has water with fast moving currents. ATV's aren't meant to deal with that.

So I think that's a pretty good balance. They can zip though woods with ease, they kinda float over by all rights, but they struggle on water crossings.

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@zamal said in Moments in the Mud:

Do you guys really would enjoy driving those things in mr?

Why not. We already have one map (Rocky Hills) where we need to use pickup trucks to haul wood, and ATV's are way more more capably off-road then a pickup truck and are commonly used for wood hauling (firewood) in their own right.

So hell yea, I'd love these things in Mudrunner.

I'd even argue that quads are more deserving to be in Mudrunner then 2WD road trucks like the Bison and such. Mudrunner is a off-road game, and these are some of THE off-road utility vehicles to have.

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@8up-local said in Moments in the Mud:

i say if atv's are to added to the game then maybe keep them relevant with the time period the game is set in.... 😉 👍🏽

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

I'd love to have a trike to run around on (technically they are called ATC, All Terrain Cycle, as most of them except Honda's 250CC Big Red models was chain drive like a dirtbike). But don't forget, quads (ATV, All Terrain Vehicles) also existed in that time period.


1986 Honda Fourtracks 350 4X4
alt text


1990 Yamaha Big Bear 400 4X4
alt text

Yamaha does have older Big Bear bikes, but I feel like in terms of bikes that their 1990 is one of their most iconic models. So I went with that one.

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@ncaa380 said in Recover vehicle to garage.:

So if you destroy your vehicle it is done for the rest of the mission unless you restart the mission?

If your just crawling around in 1-Low you should be fine, but if your careless like that Tomcat Youtuber and running over rocks in auto, or if you somehow run off a cliff, then no your vehicle isn't done.

There is no garages in Old Timers, but your vehicles come per-equip with repair points, you start with 2 vehicles, you can unlock a Napco on the map (there is always one near the fuel station) that you can use for recovery, or you can unlock the DW950 which can haul around one of the many semi-utility trailers that is on the map.

When you start the map just pick 2 of your favorite Scout Vehicles, the Hummer and F-150 are good starters. Napco is good to but like I said there is always one on the map you can unlock, so you don't need to choose one at the start. There is no point picking a big-rig as you can't use those to complete this map, the wood carts can only be hauled by Scout Vehicles.

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I'll start with what I feel like is a overlooked problem in MR1 that MUST be fixed in MR2. The lobby menu. Look how many active online games there is on this PS4 lobby menu in MR1.

alt text

It is IMPOSSIBLE to scroll down the list. I'd say about every 20 seconds the lobby auto-refreshes sending you right back to the top of the page. The only way to reach the bottom to to scroll full speed, then you have very little time to choose a lobby before the menu refreshes and sends you back to the top.

Youtube Video

Why is this refreshing so often? What sense does that make? We have the option their to manually refresh the lobby listing, isn't that good enough? Why do we even need a auto-refresh at all?

I really hope they correct this on MR2. There is no reason menu's need to refresh this ridiculously quickly.