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@zamal said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The GMC DW950:

@deathcoreboy1 oh shit exactly, and i thought where i was getting this sweet feeling that i cant explain from watching this screenshot :DDD right, right, right.

@justinlynch3 said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The GMC DW950:

Aw dang, is this thing going to be like the Freightline/Bison/LTL9000 where it gets stuck on the slightest bit of mud?

probably yes, but then again if u have enough experience u could get freightliner and ford through pretty thick mud + having diff lock is pretty helpful and this trucks size is bigger than western star so expect some heavy weight crawling XD

Bigger but is it heavier?

This truck is 50's era, they wasn't using lightweight sheet medal and aluminum back then, this thing was made with steel and iron most likely. This thing should be comparable in weight to like I said the C-256, and I'd expect similar offroad capability. But that "not suitable for offroad" warning has me concerned that despite being big, and being old, it's for some reason still going to be very light and less capable then a freaking a bicycle in mud.

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@manfrede3 said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The GMC DW950:

@unster I'm talking about the two official American maps from AW. You can choose any truck you have unlocked for the garage spawns, but as far as I can tell the maps themselves always spawn a skidder, a Western star, an American scout, and two of the "not for off road use" American trucks.

I haven't played The Ridge or The Valley since they came out; I don't remember if they spawn non-DLC vehicles in those maps but if they don't, that's more trouble for the lonely GMC

Yes in you own AW DLC it will spawn those vehicles. If you don't own AW DLC you can still play AW maps online, and the game will spawn you Russian trucks instead.

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I've been curious, it looks like from American Wilds (AW) and onward that Focus/Sabre are going to be licensing all their vehicles. Do you think this is a good or bad move?

On one hand I see it good from a marketing standpoint. You can tout the game as having actual real life brands like Ford, Caterpillar, and Western Star. But is this good for the player?

Prior to AW the dev's could put any vehicle they wanted into the game, and as many as they wanted. Give them a generic number instead of a name, and make some slight tweaks to like grills to avoid copyright, and you could put anything into the game.

Now though, the dev's are going to be limited by licensing agreement's. So you know, we can ask for Mack or Dodge all we want, but without a legal license the dev's (and as a result us) are flat out of luck. Meanwhile before the dev's could of made a copycat vehicle, make it 98% accurate with some tweaks here or there, give it a generic class-number and we could of had anything in the game.

So what's your guys opinion on them moving away from generic vehicles in favor of licensed vehicles. Is this going to be a good or bad move?

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@blazinit said in Announcing Free DLC - Old-Timers:

I wonder if this update will let us use flatbed trailer on russian trucks? Or even on the new rig I didnt see flatbed on that attachment list.

Weird. So the Russian trucks can carry AW trailers, but only certain ones. If you use a AW truck to spawn in the new medium log cart for example, the Russian trucks can hook to it and tow.

However for some reason trailer hitch trailers (flatbed, fuel tanker) won't hook up to a Russian truck.

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I'm 31. This does seem like a game that generally appeals to older players, which is good for online. You want a fairly mature player base on a game like this.

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@8up-local said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The GMC DW950:

some fuel points for the utility semi trailer would be nice, but also a little OP if it is going to have garage and repair points unless taken off road to use. imo.

@justinlynch3 not quite that bad. it will have diff lock. which can get you pretty far compared to nothing.😉

Yea but the AW trucks had diff-lock I'm pretty sure, it was on full time.

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@thedeestroyer said in New info:

Another article this time from Italy :

" Last week in Paris, on the occasion of the Focus Next Interactive, we had the chance to play with The Surge 2 and A Plague Tale: Innocence and also witness a beautiful and full-bodied demo of Greedfall. But do you know which of these was the game that left us most satisfied? None of the three, and not for their particular demerits, far from it! A small room was dedicated to MudRunner 2, follower of the acclaimed off road experience game released in 2017.
But what exactly does Mudrunner 2 "talk" about? The synopsis is short: in a mountain map (ten times bigger than the first game), which recalls the wildest parts of the United States, we must drive at a snail's pace to carry out transport work. The more jobs we perform impeccably, the more we level up, the more other objectives are opened and the more possibilities of mechanical and aesthetic customization we have.
[...] In terms of content, we had a small taste of the presence of snow and ice, elements that in the previous iterations were only present as mods created by users. Here too the physics is perfect, the tires leave obvious traces, and if unfortunately we end up in an area of ​​fresh and high snow it is really difficult to get out of it, not to mention the ice. In terms of cars, the garage showed us in rapid succession trucks, articulated lorries, earth-moving machines, vans and pick-ups. All obviously widely customizable as previously written, both aesthetically and mainly mechanically. And it's not just a matter of making the engine perform better by increasing the torque, but also of, for example, supplying a truck with a "crane" that is better for moving heavier crates or buying a different snorkel by positioning it higher up for wading rivers impossible to overcome previously, almost as if we were in a Metroidvania ... In short, a lot of variations are at stake, for an experience that opens up and becomes bigger with progression.[...]

Source (in italian) : Here

Map four times bigger ... ten times bigger ...???
"There should be more news from journalists" Focus 2019

Now this is something to sick our teeth into. One thing that stood out to me, working snorkels. That sounds awesome and sounds like it'll let us open up shortcuts and area's we previously couldn't take.

The vehicle selection sounds cool as well. We have vans added, and I wonder what they mean by earth moving machines, I don't wanna get my hopes up but will trail grooming be a thing?

Maps being 10 times bigger is odd though, all other reports have been saying 4X bigger.

Either way, it sounds like keeping a fuel tanker with you at all times will be much more important in Mudrunner 2 then in Mudrunner 1. lol

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"Not suitable for offroad"

Aw dang, is this thing going to be like the Freightline/Bison/LTL9000 where it gets stuck on the slightest bit of mud?

The GMC DW950 is a 50's era truck, machine was heavier built back then. This thing should have similar capabilities offroad to the C-256 if you ask me.

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@deathcoreboy1 said in Announcing Free DLC - Old-Timers:

@justinlynch3 I don't think they are gonna leave any of the trucks in MR 1 out of MR2. It'd be a waste of the lisence they have for it and deffinetly not a cleaver move.
I was thinking that, but we don't know for sure yet.

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@deathcoreboy1 said in Announcing Free DLC - Old-Timers:

@zamal lol I actually preffer the freightliner. But I agree that this GMS is not only good looking, it's also very "american" and not a truck you see everyday. I'm happy they are icluding these old classic all american trucks.

While I love the old trucks, I'll admit I personally have a soft spot for the Ford LTL9000. I love the look of that thing.

I hope the LTL9000 is in Mudrunner 2 and we're not just stuck with that crappy Ford CL9000. That would be MAJOR disappointment if the LTL9000 was removed.

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