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@ashardalon said in Varied Deployment:

@kadaeux problem is that TT doesnt have detection
detection would make 90% of that pointless
maybe a rock paper scissors at the start to give someone a slight deployment advantage based on pure luck but it will almost never have a effect because by the time detection is gotten it will mostly be countered
but if you can give a example that would work in BFG, not the TT, that would have a effect on games, i would love to hear
i might just not be creative enough to think of one

and yes, i dont play TT, there are no game stores in my country so nobody to play against, would be a pretty big waste of money

As much as I loved Armada, I thought the whole detection and stealth mechanic was the biggest SoD breaker in it, and it has always been on my list of mechanics that should have been tossed out from the start. And the above was only an example of it. For example, on the Convoy mission type, on TT instead of having to get from one side to the other. The defender began in the centre and the attackers had more limited attack options, but included 'booby traps' such as deadfire torpedoes (bunch of torps sitting dead in space programmed to fire on command)

Additionally, I find it impossible to believe that "it will mostly be countered" when the examples above include envelopment, which if we used Armada's map sizes with those deployment zones would mean there is every probability some enemy ships (or your ships vs the enemy) would start the match almost in firing range.

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The responses here make me wonder if Bellumvinco and I are the only one who play TT.

He didn't ask for randomised deployments, but multiple deployment zone types that are selected from.

alt text

This is an actual tabletop example. In it, both players (or teams) would select their planned strategy for the fleet engagement. (covertly) Then they'd reveal their choice, compare them to the chart and that would decide the deployment. If your enemies choice was good and yours poor, you might find your deployment zone curtailed as they enveloped you.

Another pair of choices might find your ships flying broadside to one another from the start (but out of range of most weapons) as the fleets "crossed" each other.

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@bellumvinco said in Rock, Paper, & Scissors:

12 Fleets.

Will there be four Rocks, four Papers, and four Scissors? Or will each of the 12 fleets be capable of making a rock, paper, and a scissor?

I can't imagine a Eldar Rock fleet. 🕶

The Eldar actually do have a rock fleet.

"Trick the Imperium into doing it."

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@solaire said in Multiplayer Match Player numbers - Vote now!:

@kadaeux Because it's a confirmed mode lmao

Pay attention to the ops actual question. Which was "However here is your chance to let Focus Interactive know what you feel is the perfect number of players you would like to see able to play together in a single Battle and what would truly make Battlefleet Gothic a great multiplayer space ship combat game that would increase replayability and increase the longevity of this release."

And my vote isn't there. AKA: 1v1.

It doesn't matter if it's confirmed, that's not the question the Op asked.

Hell, if we could vote for no multiplayer i'd vote for that. Then Tindalos wouldn't have excuses to nerf the shit out of everything until fleets are just swinging at each other with nerf bats just because a few loud snowflakes couldn't handle how certain factions played.

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Couldn't vote. My option wasn't there.