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so even after changing teams to a more sturdy, this is what I Get0_1521552807663_Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 03.39.40.png 0_1521552809950_Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 12.33.52.png

The opponent did not have claw, that is halftime btw, and the other bull centaur had already been killed and saved by the apothecary, by the end of the game, the surviving bull centaur had -1 S, which of course I had to sell being my star player.

This is after another 2 games vs elves where my chaos dwarves sustained for injuries than they did.

That's an AV9 team totally destroyed, and you guys still think game is not broken as shit, luck is not balanced and never will, it is no normal for the same person to have bad luck game after game after game.

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0_1520655150063_Captura de pantalla 2018-03-10 a las 4.12.17.png

The guy only did 38 amours rolls, can you please explain me, how with 38 armor rolls, of which you pass 19, which is already way above average, of which you cause so many injuries?

See all those 6´s you can say I was lucky, but no, those 6´s were my armor rolls, so please, I´m still waiting on someone to explain me how 6´s on my own armor rolls balance luck. No one has explained that yet

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Acording to my number, only 1/36 blocks down, should finish in an injury for an armor 9 guys, so letting the hobgoblins on the side, could you explain to me 3 extremely ripped armor 9 guys?

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That´s not even the worse, if you look above there is a worse one with a more resilient team.

I don´t know as I Deleted the team, so have really no idea, if you can see the teams last games, it´s one of them

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Well here you have another one.

Already bad with 3 injuries in turn 3 playing (new team this is chaos dwarves) and I could get a TD for a 1-1 and this happened0_1520652662234_Captura de pantalla 2018-03-10 a las 3.27.12.png

So my skilled up bull centaur get killed or the other option is -1 amours, great. 0_1520652706006_Captura de pantalla 2018-03-10 a las 3.27.45.png Curent status of a chaos dwarves team, not being aft or anything

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Darkson, actually interceptions I Remember as I have been keeping track on, and so far, I have been intercepted 3 times and twice I haven't. Yes that is the average.

Anyway just deleted the team. A pity as it had an agi 5 catcher and a ago 4 lineman (Yes I was very lucky there) but makes no sense to play slann on this game, I will leave them for fumble and tabletop where this does not happen, and just focus on a bash (and most probably claw team) to try and kill oponent which seems all this game is fun for

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