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Most aftermarket extended stanag (compatible AR15) magazines can hold 40 rounds. the fact the game limits it to 35 rounds has no pertinent reason.

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Hi. I would like to suggest the ability for a more precise sight adjustement for the grenade launchers leaf sight, with selectable graduations (page up/down keys for ex) allowing to zero the leaf sights from 50m to 400m.

Example :


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IRL with standard 7.62x51 ammo against a level 3 armor plate (ar500) (heavy armor) there is no penetration at all even after 15 rounds fired. i'm not sure how the game is managing it. the one shot kill with this caliber should be only possible without armor or with light armor.

i think the player with heavy armor should manage to wisthstand at least 4-5 standard 7.62x51 bullets to chest/back/sides (corresponding to the armor plates hitzones) before passing out/dying. with armor piercing round 1 or 2 bullets.

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exact. the footsteps are too fast compared to the upper body movements. especially when sprinting.

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I'm ok to balance the game, but it must be done using realistics features. 40 rounds AR15 mags must be balanced by adding 40 rounds AK magazines (which really exist). Staying with realistics stuffs is the philosophy of the game since 2007. it must stay like this.