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With underworld coming out shortly I held onto the hope that with normals access for mutations that the visuals for the Skaven mutations would be improved.

I know it's a small thing, but it bugs the hell out of me that mutations for every other race look ok to great but for the Skaven it just feels like the absolute easiest route was taken for the models. They are all pretty bad but the two stand out worst mutation models are the 2 most used ones.

  1. Claw for other races is a claw, for Skaven it's a really ugly green tooth that looks like a stalactite
  2. Two Heads, this one is just lazy you took a rat head and put it directly beneath the original head..... it doesn't look good and feels so very lazy..... the rat ogre has a great looking 2 heads model..... why couldn't you have done the same for the other rats?

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So I was playing the Le beta yesterday and found a few bugs or things you should polish fix before launch:

  1. Issue with text displaying enlarged and each letter clipping other letters. Examples of this include team discriptions, player names, skill descriptions. Any pre match screens with smaller type size (12pt maybe) can be effected. Issue is inconsistent or was made inconsistent by my changing the in game screen resolution but the issue is always present. 1 screen res the skills descriptions have the issue, another screen res the player names have the issue. Sometimes changing the screen res almost eliminates the issue other times apply the same screen res produces multiple instances.
    I am using a retina screen mac, but issue might be for all HDPI monitors..... or it could be completely unrelated.

  2. "Play in a league" feature has lost the team delete button. I found it in team and league management feature but removing it from "play in a league" will be viewed as an irritating loss of a QoL feature.

  3. Not a bug but I did want to ask is there a plan to provide different Underworld player models/faces for launch or will there just be the one model for each position and that's why you have them all wearing face masks, unlike every other team that has the player with their helmet off on the team roster screens?

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I joined NATTS a season ago and immediately was welcomed and became part of an amazing group of coaches and friends. We have a lot of top coaches, average coaches and those new to the game.

If your an amazing coach that is looking to play the best NATTS can meet your needs. If your new to the game the league is a great environment to learn the game and have fun.

Recommend this league to anyone that plays in the North American time zones.

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