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@skillet said in BUG: Hit reg...still:

I quit after this because what's the point?

I did the same. Beyond comprehension why the let their fine game be ruined. Atrocious stuff. I also archived your clip next to mines featuring exactly the same issue. You did right, there's no point playing this game in its current sorry state. How they let this happen in an FPS is incomprehensible. Selling a car without wheels would be a good analogy.

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I stopped playing the game what with this and other intersting phenomena. How hard would it be to fix this and the other long standing issues?

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@seiden The M249 and PKM should have minimal recoil, if it were a realistic milsim, due to the weight of the guns. The fact these weapons have a lot higher ADS time, should be just enough to compensate for the higher ammo count.

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@LetsGoChamp said in Free Weekend=:

Don't play. It's a waste of time.

Astute comment, coincides with my recent impressions. Let's hope, they get their act together some time in the future, but the current state is a disaster. I tried to like it, but I'm just incapable of tolerating this any more. They had half a year sorting things out. An expiry date of this game is looming in sight, and it's making me sad.

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@Iceman259 As I'm stuck around 360 instead being around 375 by now (approx. rate of leveling up during 3 days on previous versions) , it doesn't just display wrong results.

The game award system has been totally nerfed.

I got appr. 150 EXP after 45 minutes of playtime and losing due to inexperienced teammates, as game is teaming me up constantly with level zeros in this version. Matchmaking is worse than ever.

The previously introduced Outskirts map is over-represented in the roster, but I couldn't play an official coop match on Ministry since release date. Not once, none at all. Obviously it's only playable on community servers.

As a result of these new issues, this is the second time I deleted this game from my computer and won't reinstall it until the next major update, to test if it's worth my time.

The current development of this game feels all too unprofessional. Were it a movie, I would categorize it somewhere between "B" and "released for VHS".

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@BigBossNass said in What's with the HUGE XP nerf in 1.3??:

before this patch (1.3), you got A LOT of XP

How come I get only 5760 for 36 minutes play and a match won? Previously I would have gotten at least 9000-10000 points. At the current rate I'm lucky if I reach Lvl 400 this time next year. (I guess I must be grateful, since the EXP is not negative this time, as it happened before, with an earlier version update). Was this intentional or just a mishap? If intentional, what's the reason behind it? Are you rewarding people just as you kill us off with wallhacking/aimbotting AI? Random generated deaths and EXP points?


Why must you always mess 3 other things up when fixing 1 malfunction?

Some previous examples.
The last 3 pics tells you the following: if you play better, you earn way less EXP points. It would be hard to deny or contradict this argument.




At least the messed up logic behind them remained with v1.3, only this time the multiplier seems to have been halved to boot.

On the sidenote: We didn't have invisible soldiers in coop before, now I see one every day, given away only by his weapon dangling in the air. I don't even care creating a forum entry for this travesty anymore.

P.S. Thanks @chaton , I hope this one will be sorted out soon.

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@tacplay said in Nothing Changed:

some sort of extra awareness of bots concerning high value targets

Agreed, it happens a lot when you go prone, but I couldn't approximate just how much it really exagerrates the issue.
Let's look at another of your suggestion: categorized as HVT has the consequence of being red flagged.

How does the AI know whether I'm HVT if

  • he's had no chance of making visual contact yet

and on top of that

  • he's supposed to have limited capability to pinpoint my location by sound, since I'm using a silencer. The silenced PKM or M249 sounds just like another typical AR (used by "non-HVTs").

Not to mention,

  • the noise of battle all around in the background should all but drown out my weapon's already reduced sound output.

The whole story just doesn't make any sense at all, no matter from which aspect we'd try to analyse it to construe a meaning out of this behavior.

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@Grave said in Scopes still glitching???? SERIOUSLY???????:

I have seen guns going invisible completely so I cannot aim.

I've seen AI going invisible, minus gun (still visible) on Outskirts yesterday, between D and E but can't prove with footage. I'll be able to reproduce it most probably as it will definitely happen again. Never occured before, only with the actual version (