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Tyranids and Space Marins are eating ships in a seconds? Drukkari raping you from stealth? Tau bomb-spam everything to death? What do we need to do? Nerf lances!

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Just now had a very nice 2vs2 battle against space marine and drukkari, when space marine on 3 Strike Crusers mk II, which costs 178 points per ship, shot 3 boarding torpedoes at one Repulsive, which costs 230 points, and downed it to 2 yellow troops. Then he shot another three torpedoes, and downed the second one. So, he had won by pressing a T-button two times. I think we need another lance nerf.

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Ha, they've screwed lances back in BFG1 and still haven't fixed them, so forget it.
P.S last patch was a spit in a face with nerf-buff lance crits, and here is another one with "we will buff lances, but only for ADmech, so go fun yourself, Acheron, you're staying at bay".

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Devs have buffed lances with doubled crit chance and at the same time nerfed crits. Enjoy, Chaos, you've earned it!

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From my opinion, current chaos is a bad joke:

  • Their main trick - massed lances - are nerfed EVEN MORE since the release by removing a bonus from rate of fire
  • They are not very good with macro-weapons
  • Carrier chaos is good on paper, but in reality worse, than lance chaos
  • Torpedoes are interesting choice if launched at minimum range, but don't do much in overall sadness
    The second worst winrate talks for itself.