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Can someone help me please, my FPS has and would stay above a hundred since I have had this game. I received a win update a few days ago and now during every match my FPS every few minutes drops for a spilt second down to numbers like 6, 18, 12, and spikes back up over 100 and over and over again.

I have removed the win updates, reinstalled INS, lowered all the setting and still NOTHING.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE - I installed INS on my Win7 version and it works great with the same old 110 to 130 FPS?????


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Could you consider having the Security faction run the reverse map that the insurgents run? This would be like a new map for those of us who only run Security.


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Just like the title says, since the 1.4 patch I am getting nothing but lag and stutter and so is my whole clan so I know it is not just me. Can you please fix it quickly as the game has become unplayable.

On a side note could you possibly consider have the Security force map run in the opposite direction like when you choose Insurgentes. This would be like getting new maps.