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@ilgatto said in Insurgency Sandstorm Community Update, Release Date Announcement:

@mikee please let me out on ps4 as the date for pc. I can not wait to buy it

I'd rather they deliver a solid product than one that isn't ready for release. ....and that will only happen with more time. I also have to believe that console has the potential to benefit from the earlier PC release as they could possible see things they might want to change or improve along the way.

I'm pretty bummed too but there are a couple of good titles coming out this year that should help keep me busy until the release in 2019.

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Absolute shame about the year long delay for console. I was really hyped for a 2018 release and already started getting friends interested via a Community on PS4. Was looking forward to it this year since there is a bit of a lul in games (that I'm interested in) right now, passing the word, etc.

I think I'll shelve my enthusiasm / interest for now and see how I feel about it next year. I wish you folks well either way.

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@xxke0nxddkxx said in Consoles:

same the only question i have is will it be download only or will it be available at game stop like alot of games because game stop or any other real places arent mentioning sandstorm and im just curious

B&M retailers probably aren't mentioning it because there has been no release date confirmed yet. ....either way, I wouldn't rely on Game Stop for anything to be honest and I don't think the absence of any news about this game from outlets like GS is necessarily an indicator that Sandstorm will be digital only.

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@poohty_t said in Consoles:

Thank you for bringing this to consoles!I really hope this is out before Fall, but either way really looking forward to this one!

Same here. I'm really glad they are bringing a game in this genre (hardcore, realistic, tactical, shooter) to consoles. I think we will begin to see more of these types of titles attempt to bridge the gap in the future as developers begin to realize that there is untapped potential here. I believe there are more HC fans who own consoles and would appreciate games like these than some folks realize.

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Yeah..... I just can't get into those types of twitch shooters. Add to that all of the perks, silly tech, bullet-sponge mechanics, etc. and color me unimpressed.

I just hope Sandstorm pans out as a much more mature shooter as I think it will be. ....with more realistic movements, etc. rewarding more carefully thought out movement rather than "run & gun". I plan on watching some Insurgency game play to get an idea of what Sandstorm will be like.

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@ldclaudius said in MAPS AND VEHICLES:

@xxke0nxddkxx I wouldn't say it intended to aim for realism. The developer did mention that Sandstorm is a Hardcore FPS without any realism coming to play.

Of course their aim is to bring a level of realism to Sandstorm just as they did with the previous iteration. Read most reviews, interviews and discussions about Sandstorm and the word "real" is typically uttered in one form or another on more than one occasion when describing this title.

Hell, if you look at the NWI website regarding Insurgency you'll see two quotes from publication reviews where they used such words to describe the gameplay experience:

"It brings me about as close to a real gunfight as I’ll likely ever want to get."

  • Venture Beat

"No-frills realism and tight teamwork make Insurgency a welcome break from the status quo."

  • Gamespot
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@simonsmaga said in Consoles controlls(PS4, XBOXONE):

And please don't include aim assist in PVP.

P.S: I made a thread about this: link
Console gamers share your thoughts!

I wholeheartedly agree. I'm on PS4 and I really hope aim assist is not something they are looking to include in this game. People talk about controllers requiring such a feature but I disagree as long as they get the "feel" of the input right and allow options for players to tailor the settings.

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@netheos said in Experience kinetic, gritty, and immersive combat on a modern battlefield!:

@xxke0nxddkxx said in Experience kinetic, gritty, and immersive combat on a modern battlefield!:

why is there no more updates its been a while atleast keep talking About the topic

The team is busy implementing the numerous feedback gathering in the Closed Alpha. We'll have a lot of nice announcements in a few weeks, around E3 😉

I can't wait for more details. Being a PS4 owner I have been waiting for a real hardcore title to come out on console.'s been far too long since we've had anything close to this.

I am not alone and I've been telling as many people as I can about any details I come across.

I will admit I was sad to learn you folks had to drop the campaign but I'm still hopeful that you'll revisit it in the future. Glad to know there will still be a co-op aspect to the multiplayer though.

I wish you success and I hope HC games like yours will finally show that there is indeed a fanbase for this genre on console as well (not just PC). I'm an old PC gamer myself but switched over to console with the PS3. ....but my love for milsim / hardcore games never waned.

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