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@lostfaith2 said in RELEASE THE DAMN GAME ON CONSOLE!!!:

Am also waiting on this game to come to console,
The last news i heard was that is was releasing on PC Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 for consoles, but no news on whats happening with consoles,
I've seen and read some of the issues thats PC is having, but at the same time surprised its not on Xbox game Preview ( early access ),
I ain't no fortnite player and would'nt touch it with a barge pole, Insurgency has the gameplay i'm looking for in what i like to play and there's no true hardcore shooter on console that really come close to how Insurgency plays, and that why i'm looking forward to it,
We just like to have updates now and then to know whats happerning with Insurgency for console than just being left in the dark.
I know PC is the main focus but there's alot of players on waiting for a console release or progress update.

They are still aiming for a 2019 release but we just don't know exactly when. They are beginning to talk about it more in their announcements so I'll wager we're inching closer to a release date being nailed down. We'll just have to see.

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My friends and I have been waiting for this title ever since they made the announcement that it would be coming to console.

Personally, I would rather wait until they get it right before releasing it to us. ......and that means getting it right for PC first.

My only apprehension right now stems from a remark they made about the content that might not make it over to console from PC. Now, I never expected that modding would be supported on PS4/XB1 or maybe even customizable servers. However, when they said "modes", that got me a little concerned as I really like what I've seen in their new Hardcore addition. I really hope that makes it in, at least into coop.

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As a PS4 player who has been waiting for this title to arrive, I have to say that this remark has me a little concerned:

"Please bear in mind also that this is only our current plan for PC content for 2019, not Xbox One or PS4. However, we can say we intend to put at least some of this content on consoles as well. Whether or not we can put content such as a level editor, specific game modes, and modding tools on consoles is as of now uncertain, but other content such as weapons and maps are more likely. It’s all something we are going to seriously look into, but we aren’t comfortable committing to at this time. "

While I completely understand how certain components like editors might not be feasible on console (and never expect them to be included), I really hope game modes like the new "hardcore" will make it in. least in co-op.

Ever since this new mode was announced and seeing how it seems to encourage a more tactical approach, I was even more excited for the time the game would eventually release for us. .....but after seeing the above remark, I really hope it's not excluded.

@chaton , I like the direction such modes take the game and I know there are folks in our PS4 community who would really appreciate having those kinds of options in the game. I hope things like this are not ditched with the thought that console players might prefer a more vanilla or "casual" playstyle. There are those like me who are interested in your game because of the fact that it is more "hardcore" than anything else available to us. ....and some of us who hope there are options that explore that style of gameplay even further than what Sandstorm already does (like the new hardcore mode).

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There hasn't been any specific date set. All we know is sometime in 2019 but we still have yet to get any more details.

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"Today we released patch 1.1.1 which includes numerous bug fixes and improvements.
We have also decided to dedicate this month to resolving ongoing issues and making performance improvements.
Read the full patch patch notes for more:"

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@rimms1985 said in for when on ps4?:

Summer or winter? Anyone have any clue..?

Not yet. Nothing that specific

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***"We’re excited to release today Insurgency: Sandstorm’s first content update!

It includes a new ‘arcade’ playlist with rotating game modes, five new weapons, a new firing range, performance improvements, and more."***

Youtube Video

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"The community testing environment is now available! Come join in and test the upcoming update and give us your feedback before it goes live.
Read details here:

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"The CTE build is taking a bit longer than expected to export. We still expect to release the CTE to the public later today so you can begin testing the new content. Excited to let you guys get your hands on it. Stay tuned for more updates."

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To much stuff to list anymore. Here's a direct link to the I:S Twitter account. More news on new tattoos, goggles, etc. Enjoy....