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Lol... I follow the game and NWI along with other titles I'm interested in on Twitter so I get the updates as they happen. Don't mind posting them here if it helps other fans like me.

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"We told you to bring lots of ammo 😉
The MG3: Coming soon!"

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Don't worry @planetcanada . I'll continue to post updates. 😉

Yeah, seems weird that news would come from other sources rather than the "official" forums but as strange as it sounds, I've seen the same thing from some AAA devs as well.

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@mlb7 said in [February Update, or: Update on the community update needed!]

Is there another way to watch that preview? The video is just black for me. Also, is Twitter the only place they do announcements?

It's just a sound bite. There is no actual video.

Here's another Tweet from them with video:

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Just saw this on Twitter:



You may have noticed we've been a bit quiet on the update front, we were hoping to release February's patch tomorrow as a #ValentinesDay gift. Unfortunately we are experiencing some complications with the new engine update and it needs more time. For now though, here's a preview"

I don't know how to link the preview but here's the Tweet:

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@planetcanada said in Insurgency console release:

I have to agree with @MLB7 here completely. As much as I truly want this to come to console and really hope they do a little something something to it for my Xbox one X and 4K tv (wink wink nudge nudge). They really need to have and I really hope they have 100 % focus going towards the PC version at this current time.

I think it goes without saying that they need to sort out the real issues they currently have before even considering a console release (no one wants those in PC let alone in console) but on the other side of the coin, and if we're going to be completely honest with one another here, there are those who will never agree that PC is "done" and will always blame console for taking away resources from that platform.

I'm not in anyway in favor of rushing I:S to console but I also have faith in NWI to make the call when they feel it's ready.

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It was actually "later in 2019" but yeah, I don't expect it anytime really soon. Gotta figure by the time they announce a date it will still be a few months off from that most likely.

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Believe me, I and quite a few of my friends are dying for NWI to release this to console.

He's right though. 2019 is as best an answer as you'll get. Used to be "early" 2019 but I wouldn't hold your breath until there's something more concrete.

Still, it's good to keep them aware that were still out here and anxious to get our hands on this game.

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@snakelegionnaire said in What can be done to get more players?:

My opinion is more advertising.

IIRC, in the last livestream Alex talked about them having a budget for this. I wonder though if they might be waiting until console release gets closer so they can advertise for all platforms?

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@aslan14 said in Large Scale Warfare:

Squad is also a great game for players who want more of a scaled experience that is less arcade-like than BF4 and easier to learn and enjoy than Arma.

That said, without too much scaling, it would be neat to see 20v20 or 24v24 if the optimizations could handle it.

Unfortunately for folks like RedKnight, he's on console so his options are limited.

I am too but then again, that's the reason I (and my friends) are interested in I:S. There hasn't been something as "milsim-like" as this in a long time for PS.

I gave up building PCs long ago and switched to laptops which are more for professional use (not good gaming at gaming). Console is just more convenient for me these days as I can just turn on the 60" TV, sit on the couch and start playing.

I do miss all of the simulator games, etc. though. If I were still gamin on PC, I would certainly be playing games like Squad, Escape From Tarkov, SCUM, ARMA, etc. ....I loved the original Flashpoint series.

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