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@rifrafjonesy said in How do people actually like this game?:

I think right now the worse part about the game is its full of hype train passengers, that don't know how to play. I love the game so far. Clearly they have some work to streamline it, but it's good. My biggest issue is lack of teamwork. Everyone is just playing like its a BF game and the team dies rapidly. The rooms I was in yesterday had tons of people that never played INS. I set C4 on a cache only to have half my team rush it, stand on it, shoot it, get killed by other team, then I blow it. Feeble festival for sure. Next round I was setting C4, only to be blasted by a 203, I was obviously wrong, standing in the middle of his sights. Right after that, I was killed by a gunship that my team called on my pos, which I had been holding for about 2 mins waiting for my team to catch up. The game is good, the player base needs work. Like someone said above this is the perfect step above a full milsim, play it more like a milsim.

This is what has me worried. A lot of the footage I see, I don't hear much communication and teamwork. It might be one of those where I'll just have to make sure I play with at least one or two friends so I have someone to work together with. Luckily, I think (I hope) I already have 3 other close gaming friends I will be able to team up with on I:S when it releases for console.

Having said that, playing with randoms typically ends up this way in many games in my experience. Playing with friends is where it's at. Randoms will see these other groups of friends and either take an interest in working with them or do their own thing as they normally would. If this is the way the current Insurgency community normally works (as a team), then perhaps it's just a matter of time before players start falling in line in Sandstorm.

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@captain-price said in Will it be available on Mac:

Yeah, they addressed that they'd be porting it for Mac and Linux quite some time ago actually.

I know. I just wanted to provide the information from the horse's mouth.

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Hey Lionheart,

I thought I would follow up again with you....

Linux was addressed again in today's livestream. I fast forwarded to around the 46:30 minute mark in the link below. The question is about Mac requirements but he gets into the fact that they plan to support both Linux and Mac (hopefully shortly after launch).

Youtube Video – [46:45..]

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As a follow up to my last response, Alex talks about supporting both Linux and Mac in the Livestream from today. Just fast forward to about the 46 minute mark:

Youtube Video

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@sizkak said in Will it be available on Mac:

Will it be available on Mac?

I thought I had heard in one or two off the livestream Q&As that they plan Linux and Mac support but not on release. time frame was provided.

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I saw this on my Twitter feed this morning:

If you were lucky enough to get into the Closed Technical Alpha for Insurgency: Sandstorm please be aware there is no preloading on #Steam the download will become available when the CTA launches. Please see the email you revived for details and ensure you are aware of the NDA đź‘Ť

I think it's clear that it will be become available to download when the CTA starts tomorrow.

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@dalos said in Will this Cater to the COD/Rainbow or Realism Crowd?:

@kean_1 What about drywall? Is it going to be that generic penetration but the wall itself can't be destroyed? Or will MGs be able to shred massive wholes?

Watch the E3 gameplay trailer. There is a part in it showing a player riddling a piece of plywood from one end to the other to try and hit a target behind it.

Honestly though, I don't know all of the details regarding the penetration mechanics in I:S but from what I've seen, it appears it will be in the game to some extent or another.

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