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The rules of Franken Cup include "impact of improvement" but actually get nothing.

The last update said:

Fix of the Resurrection mode in the Franken Cup during an Eternal League.

but not really...

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With a total of 164.

Some scenarios are from here: (though the best move in game may not be the best move in challenge mode)

I think I saw some of the scenarios somewhere too (like the grab one), but can't remember. There seems to be another coaching skill challenges series? with 3 or so articles?

Can anyone kindly share the source of the scenarios (if any), or more challenges?

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Give back options to coaches instead of forcing all of us to play YOUR WAY, including:

  • option to disable bank rule
  • option to disable spiral expenses and/or change the initial/stepping threshold
  • option to make fan factor doesn't add up to TV
  • option to manually nominate MVP or enable the BB2016 MVP rule
  • option to enable the "chances to remove niggling injuries during offseason" rule as per BB2016
  • give league admin the ability to give any amount of gold to any team at any time(eg. extra inducement to stunty teams)
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Indeed. What a shame.

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chaos pact is more than a random mercenary team, they have M access.

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@Netheos said in Will 'money over 150k added to TV' be optional in LE?:

@SirIronclad said in Will 'money over 150k added to TV' be optional in LE?:

@Netheos I feel like that'll backfire more than anything. Playing up TV is never fun, especially not when you're AV6 and the amount of Block, Tackle and Mighty Blow increases drastically. But who knows, maybe it'll work. Very skeptical personally, though.

Ok there is a misunderstanding again.

The game will do its best to pair 1000TV halfling with 1300TV teams. The goal is to have them playing down in TV, as much as possible.

That's a disaster.

300TV is 6 Blocks, 4 Tackles, 3 Mighty Blows and 2 Pilling ons...

And what about local leagues? All of the AI opponents start at 1000~1100ish. Or those private online leagues where everyone starts a fresh team?

The Bank rule from plasmoid's CRP+(Bank: At the start of any game, all cash above 150K is automatically treated as Petty Cash. Petty Cash does not have to be spent, but does increase TV.) should not have implemented at all. It prevents everyone upgrading their stadiums more than lv2 and make that 'save 500k' achievement impossible. Plus spiral expenses it's a HUUUUGE handicap. And now It even becomes a game changer?!

(and I don't like the human catcher change and the previous orc blitzer change also from plasmoid's CRP+ BTW : P)

Please seriously consider making it at least optional.

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With this rule on, it's impossible to play as Halflings.
like this:

  • 2 Treemen - 240k
  • 10 Halflings - 300k
  • 1 Re-roll - 60k

Total 600k

or this:

  • 2 Treemen - 240k
  • 11 Halflings - 330k
  • 2 Re-rolls - 120k
  • 4 Fan Factor - 40k
  • 1 Cheerleader - 10k
  • 1 Assistant Coach - 10k

Total 750k

Without inducement, poor flings stand NO CHANCE AT ALL. Why should anyone bother playing with them?