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@canardnoir said in What's the Difference between Heavy Launch Bay and Regular Launch Bay?:

And your guide is full of stuff like that. I'm not insulting you I just tell you, you did a bad job. Patch notes of release are on this very forum man (here it is). You can check, and see by yourself lances don't benefit from reload it's just a well known fact at this point.

There is some valid points, not a lot but I pointed out some of them.

Out of the 39 pages and roughly 60,000 words the guide now consists of, I fixed the two occurrences of me mentioning the reload stance in that manner. I appreciate the help you've offered even though you did so in the worst possible way (I read your post before you edited it). Let's not also forget that the main issue I took with you is your repeated insistence to accuse me of being intentionally deceptive. I make errors all the time, own up to them and spend a lot of time going back over things I've worked on, improving and fixing them over time. What I do not do however under any circumstance, is go out of my way to deceive and mislead people for my own personal gain or any other reason.

Since you've been so kind to me, piece of personal advice, my own little guide to you. If you want to to be all "u mad bro" while criticizing someone else especially when it refers to their use of the written word, you would do yourself a favor to improve your grasp of the English language. At the very least take the time to spellcheck. It kind of softens the blow of your jabs more than you might realize.

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@canardnoir said in What's the Difference between Heavy Launch Bay and Regular Launch Bay?:


About the Despoiler I don't know what you're trying to do here but it has 4 launcher for the hole patch 1 at least. I didn't check before.

The situation is not confuse at all, Despoiler is buged and as been for one patch at least. The tests I have made twice now (first time a couple days after patch one) don't give "mixed results". Despoiler squandrons damage is as consistent as it can be, and it's the same than any other 4 launcher squadron. (btw nothing changes in the current beta yet). I understand you're trying to keep face here but it's so obvious it's doing you no good. Just admit than you didn't test anything or you were mistaken.

After your answer I read the rest of this guide just to see. Maybe you did a good job with the others ships. Unfortunately, the Chaos section is very inaccurate to say the least. It seems like you just read the stats of all the ships, did some maths, and tried to guess how good/bad they are and how you should use them. You didn't take much time testing basic mechanics and you obviously don't have a lot of experience in multi with this faction if any.

Let's have a look, and let's begin with LC.

  • Hellbringer => not better than the IN one. It's far too expensive if you need just some launcher bay and has a very poor dps at long range. Macro are not suited for long range engagement so having only two of them with 18k range is very bad. I would rather have a defiant.
  • MK2 => It's not a deadly sniper. LC have really bad dps per point because they can run silent. It's underwhelming at long range and it's very costly for a LC.

You advice to use reload stance with lance weapons but they don't benefit from it since launch. (it's in the patch note) Once again there's a lack of experience / testing.

Cruiser :

  • Slaughter => Merged battery : 4 macro dps and 1 lance dps each. It's hard to tell but you can check it in battle looking at projectiles / models / dmg done etc It's a hard one to spot. This ship is not a glass canon, it's cheap and has same hp as any other C/BC so you can make fleet with a lot of hp.
  • Carnage => don't advice lock on with this one please. Lock on just give you less dps under 13k than reload and beyond macro are bad anyway.
  • Murder => It's just a bad ship nothing to say about it. If you want to talk about the murder just tell people to not play it in multi.
  • Devastation => It's not a "lance pliz" ship at all. The lance dps is awfull for the price, just don't take it for the lance. Don't take it at all I would say 😃

BC :

  • Acheron and Styx => noting else too say. You're spot on for thoses two.
  • Hades => just bad don't take it.

Oh and stop saying Chaos are not suited for macro or short range. Chaos has some of the best short range macro ship in the entire game and the faction as the hole is very versatile. Hell, all the cruisers / GCs are short to mid range that's more the half the roster.

GC :

  • Excutor, you're right it's garbage don't spend points on it. (might change with the beta)
  • Repulsive : amazing close range ship 😃 (imo better than avenger because of torp and some lances)
  • Retaliator : 4 macro dps and 2 lance dps for each merged battery.

BS :

  • Executor : You're mostly right on this one, bad dps for the cost, to slow to stay at range. No no wide arc weaponry is not an problem for a long range ship btw.

Hellbringer - Costs only 15 more points than Defiant.
Current patch, unless facing heavily armored targets with the Defiants 2 dps lance turrets, Hellbringers macros deal more damage at the lance's max range of 9k with lock on orders, and can keep hitting past 9k where Defiant caps range there.
Hellbringer has speed of 240 to Defiants 160
Same armor and hull.
Hellbringer can deal damage outside of Identification range, giving option to keep carrier away from enemy fire. Defiant cannot fire it's lances outside of identification range. It will always be able to be shot at when it's guns are live. Combined with defiant's slow engines, its either a liability that needs protection or it's a vulnerable and easily gankable target.

Helbringer MK2
6 lance dps at 18k range, pinpoint accuracy, armor piercing. Sounds like sniping to me. Literally no other LC can compete with that range.

Devastation - It literally deals the most lance based dps in it's class.... that's what I was saying, yes being cute to make things more interesting to read, but literally man, lol.

Here's the thing, you seem to be mad I didn't write this guide for you and your preferences alone since none of these are hard math based reasoning, just "I dont like this" "I think this is trash". Now I could keep arguing with you point-by-point, sending you screenshots that prove I ran tests, that I have 320+ hours in this game already because I've played nothing else the past few weeks in between working a rl job and writing guides or that I've unlocked most of the races to level 10 or whatever whatever.

The fact you continue to insist I'm lying while insulting me, like I don't know you, you don't know me, like, this isn't a job or a company I work for, so what face am I saving? If you think this matters to me in that regards I have a few dozen youtube links where people berate me on the videos for being a "morbidly obese piece of garbage" all because they can hear me breathing with the mic I used. Like really, what is your problem? Are you aware that there are other human beings out there in the world, living lives and experiencing things, even similar things, in vastly different ways than you have yourself? It's one of those beautiful little things in life, very zen, worth thinking about.

Now the lance thing is the one thing that seems genuinely helpful, and while I suspect you're right about but there is no info in patch notes (ctrl+f'd both last notes and current beta but I'm sure you'll think I lied about that too) to back that up. All I can see is a single forum post via google where someone is just guessing it doesn't. It's complicated enough analyzing screenshots and timing/setting up a test scenario to figure out so determining that from in-game tests would be very difficult without eyeballing it and as of now all the in-game tooltips seem to suggest they do.

Suffice it to say, I appreciate the time you took to actually go through the articles to provide some feedback, but the arrogance of your insistence that there's no valid point of view other than your own/possibility I experienced different results, really undercuts the usefulness of it. And if you still want to harp on the save face thing, I accidentally had the Emperor BS listed as having prow armor and torpedo tubes for a week because sometimes I get tired and mess shit up big time, that was pretty embarrassing, so there you go, why don't you drag me on that since you insist upon doing so, lol.

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He didn't write it but I did. Thanks for all the compliments, I really appreciate it thank you, along with your concern for how my alcoholism is affecting my life.

For the record I spent about 30 minutes testing the Styx and Despoiler getting different results, however now after testing again for for a while as I chose to do after having it brought to attention my info might be wrong, the results are mixed, so I updated the guide to underline the current ambiguity I've witnessed and will come back to it ASAP after the next patch drops.

All the info guides present are really to help facilitate others having to do the math themselves. It's not like guide authors claim to have some super power to deduce what others cannot from information presented to them, we just go out of our way to do the leg work for others. Besides that, you'll find that the DPS per weapon and broadside are broken down for each ship in the color coded tables below their descriptions and salvos per minute might not be as useful, but RPM does give an idea as to the overall consistency of damage application over time. Weapons that fire more rounds will have more rolls to hit, thus presenting a flatter average, while weapons that pack fewer shots into more damaging rounds will see higher levels of fluctuations with less rolls to hit per minute. This is further exacerbated by smaller faster ships that can dodge fire more easily. Weapons that fire waves of bullets (light macros) are more likely to land hits because there's just more of them covering an area versus something that fires a single high damage round every few seconds, like the Astartes Bombardment Cannon. Both could have the same dps/crit (i know they don't) but one of the two will have a much better time nailing escorts regardless.

Feel free to check the upcoming list in the main index if your curious as to how this will be expanded on in the future. Also suggestions are welcome and I usually respond to corrections or issues within minutes if I'm around.

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@hjalfnar_hgv it started working some hours later.

The Imperium Solar faction logo in the archive is much smaller res than the rest. Would it be possible to get that fixed?

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Campaign File Saves (Before and After Overwriting)

I've noticed several times in the campaign, an enemy invasion about to hit one of my systems can get "overwritten" by a new enemy invasion before the attack actually happens, resetting the counter. I'm not sure if this is intentional, but it is really obnoxious behavior, especially when there are plenty of other systems for them to try to hit.

The RAR file I linked to above includes the save after I noticed this particular instance, and my auto-save from the pre-round end before the overwriting took place, which I went back and held onto when I saw this happen. I should note, reloading the save and ending the turn again did not result in the same effect, so this may not be reproducible with my save, however this is the second time this has happened in my campaign.


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Any 3/4 veteran crewed ship in campaign shows a ridiculously high fire rate bonus of +103% which seems off considering that 4/4 is only +30% or so.
alt text

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alt text
Encountered this in the campaign. Not sure what happens if I hired him as I didn't feel like possibly bugging out my campaign.