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Lol yeah, I mostly stopped riding after a big crash at a local BMX show, got blood between ligaments in my elbow. I can ride for an hour or two before it starts hurting 😕
miss the pain sure but the pain in my elbow makes me loose all strength in that hand.

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Awesome, 8up You still ride? I still take the bike out of the basement from time to time, it looks awesome ontop of my Jeep 🙂

First when I started gaming I just used my real name, later changed to XliveleSs which was a .dll file for some game.

Later I changed to just BoBo which was a nickname my uncle gave me when I was a kid(Bóbó bjúga it means Bobo the hot dog) and at some point when that nickname was taken I had to pick a new one, couldn't think of anything so I looked around and saw my cigarette pack which is Kent.

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So why not, since we all enjoy the trucks and such why not show everyone what you ride?

I've got 2 cars. 1st My mom bought this lifted Suzuki Vitara back in '00 and to make a very long story short many years later when it had some problems I kind of just stole it and she bought a lifted Grand Vitara.
I fixed my Vitara and drove it for a year or two before the engine died, I put a 1984 Volvo B23E engine in it
Basicly what it looks like today alt text

Now about 3 months ago I got tired of the Grand Vitara that I use to have and sold it and decided I would buy something I've always wanted, an XJ!
Bought the last 1987 Limited XJ in Iceland and do not regret it! the interior is almost perfect, little rust except front fenders and sils(but I got new ones) It's got a D44 in the back with leafs+springs and D30 in front. with 4.56 gearing and NP231.
It needs quite some work but it's a Jeep, it'll keep going for ages.
alt text
alt text