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Will we have to fill out another form to apply for future tests if I missed this one, or will you draw from the ones who already applied first? Just curious about how often I should check. 1,400 hours of Mordheim is giving me a wicked jones.

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I agree that persistent gangs would be cool. It's something I've missed in Mordheim. Not sure I'd be totally on board with doing away with balancing encounters entirely. If you thought the Undead were OP when you have the same type/relative strength units, imagine what it would be like if you went in with a five-man team and they brought 8 and an Impressive.

I mostly want the core mechanics of Mordheim's abstraction to stay in place. I like being able to build my characters how I want them to be built. While the Cult of the Possessed is fun, it's a real pain tossing a Mutant because he picked up an arm mutation when I'm looking for a ranged hero. If the mutation system was spread across all six warbands, I wouldn't play the game at all. If actual skills were random, then... I'd be out completely.

For me (and several other players I know) progression and devising builds is a big part of the fun, and adding randomness to the things that really should be in the player's control would turn me off completely. It would be cool if there was a mechanic like it for a Gang that was built around it, like the Cult, though. Personally, I think there's already enough RNG in this type of game without adding a layer on the strategic side as well as the tactical.

As for DLC, I don't have a problem with it. Mordheim and its DLC went on sale often enough on PSN and Steam that it wasn't really a big deal. I don't have a problem with them producing more content down the line and getting paid for it. And, just maybe, enough funding might convince them to develop Mordheim 2.

Personally, I think a customizable (or semi-customizable) single-player campaign would be a great addition. Or, maybe, convince GW to allow mods. Mordheim SCREAMED for a healthy modding community. You could have player-generated maps, warbands, units, skills, weapons... ahh, the possibilities are endless. That said, GW is notoriously protective of their IP, and I doubt they'd allow it. Still, a guy can dream.

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@lilstrid said in Necromunda Latest Information - Valrak's Video:

@kindler It's definitely a work-in-progress part of the game, and one of our primary concerns is making sure that the game keeps the 'thinking things through' feeling from Mordheim. Glad to hear you'll keep an open mind in the meantime. 🙂

Outstanding, that's very encouraging to hear. (As a side note, you'd basically have to announce that all character models will be replaced with licensed Disney characters, combat will be resolved via rock-paper-scissors, and that character advancement has been replaced by a personality quiz to prevent me from buying this on day one. Mordheim was my Game of the Year 2016.)

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Glad to see that we have some updates, at the very least. I like what I see so far. Not sure I'll be a huge fan of the concurrent movements; it might increase the pace of the game to something I'd rather not have (I like to take my time and think things through, which is one of the reasons I liked Mordheim so much), but I'll wait to see in action before I judge.

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