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Probably his own that he has 'borrowed' from someone else and added a ton of garish saturation in photoshop. This guy essembles mods by other people and then uploads them as his own with no credits to the op. He used to be quite prevelent for Spintires on steam but the mods kept getting taken down as they were reported by people, I would imagine the original mod makers or fans of said mods. Some of them are still there, but most are gone. You can probably find stuff he's done on If you check his channel you'll see what else hes been up to.

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OBJ (or .OBJ) is essentially a format that allows people to share models between 3D modelling platforms, as project files generally are not compatible between software i.e. Blender project files cannot be natively opened the 3D Max and visa versa.

What I was referring to was a way to edit the actual 3D model of the trailer if you needed to, if you only needed to edit the xml file that accompanies the .x file to add the trailer cables, then you will not need to edit the model itself, thus the OBJ side of things can be ignored.

The file that has been created (in your previous message) is an encrypted file. I generally tend not to do this with my mods as there is no point, this is because I can later change the mod's mesh without having to mess about encrypt the file every time.

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This has to be added to the mesh when creating the model. From what I understand of the situation, trailer cables cannot be retro fitted without editing the original model.

You can edit the files you have linked. You will need to convert the .x file to an OBJ, then download Blender and import the new obj file. There is a website called online mesh converter which will allow you to convert the .x file to the obj file

You will need to re-set the model up to work in the game i.e. set CDT's if they aren't present etc.

Forces has made some excellent videos on how to set a model up MR..

here's a link to some usefull information:

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I believe the texture has an alpha layer which can be blocked out to leave a transparent texture around the edge. I actually copied the one I did for ST back in the day which worked without any issues. If any one wants the edited file I can post a link?

I agree with @deathcoreboy1 , there should be a row of dense forest that is impossible to pass. The only possible problem with that solution is when a river or body of water is at the edge of the map, but I guess there could be a work around for that too.

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@alpscruiser awesome dude! that trailer is pretty cool!

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@unster It's neither unnecessarily complicated or taxing on the computer if used correctly and can improve the games graphics and performance beyond what MR is currently capable of.

When I first found out about it, I was also skeptical and didn't think it was worth setting up, but gave it a go anyways and have now been using ReShade/SweetFX for about 4 or 5 years on almost every game I own.

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@alpscruiser said in Moments in the Mud:

Attachting the Trailer

What mod is this? The trailer looks awesome!

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@sodoma Map looks amazing sir! Got some great immersive environments there!

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@unster said in Community Update 13/03/19:

My solution is to switch the color settings on my monitor when playing a russian map.

and @Jayson

The best work around I have found is to use ReShade and set up 2 different tone map or colour presets for the russian and american wild maps respectively. Its really easy to set up and switch presets. If you dig deep into what other shaders are available it can really change the way the game feels and looks. If you add all of the shaders to ReShade, the game will take a while to start, so the best way to avoid this is to just have the shaders you use in the shaders folder, thus reducing startup times.

The shaders I use are Tone Map, Vibrance and HDR, which are all have very low if not fractional impacts on performace. Another one I would recommend is DeBand, which works really well, but is a resource spunge so only worth using if you have a bit of a beast of a comp.