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I'm not sure if I understand your issue, but I think this might help; If the light flares move independently from the truck, the 'Parent Frame' of the flare is not set correctly.

I have found in the past that even when the parent frame is correct the flares don't always behave how they are supposed to, which normally suggests an issue with the model and how it was set up initially for the game.

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@alpscruiser Yeah, thats what I used to do in old tires ST+ was a game changer. That mudrunner mod that is about doesn work to well on my computer so can't use it for some strange reason. There was quite a few maps that didn't have cloaks for ST, but all the ones for MR all seem to have them, hence this topic.

I've been playin for years and have well over 1500 hours on both games so am well versed in how this game works. I also made a range of custom trucks and cargo so when I said logging, I meant the act of delivering goods in the off road world which is the only thing that really interests me, the exploration part and unlocking the map doesn't.

We all have our own preferences when it comes to gaming, and this is mine.

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There are a ton of fantastic maps out there, however, I'm really not a fan of cloaks, I kinda just like to load a map and do some logging. Does any one have any suggestions of modded maps with none or virtually no cloaks on them?

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I appear to be having the same issue again. This time its the March version thats showing.

I've tried the following:

  • Verified game files
  • clearing steams download cache, then verified the game files
  • clearing the games cache in the app data folder

each time it appears to still show the March update version in the main menu.

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@deadwanderer ah, 🤦♂.. lol I knew I must have been missing something obvious..

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When I access the advanced menu and use the crane, the 'Restore' option that rests the crane doesn't appear when using a controller. Only when I press 'V' on the keyboard it allows me to reset the crane via that option.

Is this a bug with my version or is there an option I am missing? It's been there from day one, when I started playing mudrunner I thought that the devs had removed that function and it was only when I used the keyboard I realised that it doesn't appear when using a controller. weird.

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@dragonb1988 That sounds like another issue altogether. Does that happen after you click the little green dots? Changing the location of the load has no effect on how many logs load so it seems like you may have edited another value not related to the location.

All that needs to be done is to change the loads 'X' location offset in <GameData> tags of the truck. I'm not sure how familiar you are with XML editing for Mudrunner, so apologies if you already know this, the X location is the first in any location tag <X; Y; Z>. Negaitve values move items backwards for 'X'.

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You need to move the logs further backwards. Its really as simple as that. I have experienced an issue like this, and that is what resolved it.

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Like 8up said, there isn't an official one, but there are a few topics on this forum that you may find useful:

If you are wanting to learn more about making trucks for the game with blender check this one:

It also has information on texturing and theres a link to the original Oovee forum for a lot of other very useful tips and tricks on how to mod this game.

The next topic is about converting mods from Spintires, not something you actually need to do but you can learn a lot about modifying the games XML files in there too.

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