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I rather stupidly started another one of these thread coz I didn't find this one! oops..

some nice shots in here already guys. Thanks @Alpscruiser for starting this thread.

Here are some images from a few of my adventures!

Transporting garage points to unlock another garage in a slightly different way:
alt text

Somewhere deep in the Siberian wilderness
alt text

Super sharp corner, with an excavator on the back. Had to be careful here, theres about a 3 or so metre drop the other side of that ridge
alt text

Rainfall was a bit torrential so had to pull over for a bit to wait for it to subside.
alt text

I never used to like driving at night until the Rain Mod was released, now driving around at dusk onwards is completely different
alt text

Bit of an early start, I think the driver went for a walk.
alt text

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I'm into modding so generally only play things I can modify, these include:


the one exception the rule would be Nier Automata.

I used to play cities skylines a lot but got fed up with the poor optimisation and people pulling essential mods from the workshop/not updating them. With no way of playing a previous version CS, which ended up leaving entire cities with hours of time put in now unplayable.

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@justafordguy Specular Maps are incredibly useful for adding texture and depth to a paint job. When I started to mess about with textures and all that, I didn't use to bother with them, but I learned that they can create a realistic material effects and add authentic light behaviour to a surface.

For example, if you make a truck with rust, dirt, mud or weathered paint work, you can make the muddy/weathered parts of the truck matte by editing the specular map so that those areas are dark greyish, and the parts where the paint is untouched, are more towards the white end of the spectrum. It also effects the way the vehicle looks when it is wet as well.

You can also use metal images to give your vehicle more detail and change the way light is reflected. The metal textures (do a google image search for seamless metal/steel textures) can also help to achieve a rough surface effect.

Wet and rough

If you zoom in to the above image, you can see that the front of the truck looks kinda rough and the light reflections appear to be only on the smoother parts of the surface. This is because of the way that I have used the specular map with a rough metal texture, making dark greys for the rough parts and lighter greys for the smooth parts.

damaged paint work

damaged and scratched

Again, if you zoom in on the above images you should be able see how the light reflects from the surfaces due to all the imperfections and weathering on the bull bars and the truck itself. This was all achieved with specular maps. The original texture for the bullbar was just a grey square which meant it looked like a smooth 3D rendered shape, once the weathered effect was applied to the specular map and the normal map, the bullbar looks like its seen some action, and ultimately a bit more 'real'. This was the same for the truck. To get the weathering to seem like its got depth, you can create a normal map from the specular map and then blend that with the normal map that was created for the truck. This will give the weathering effects more depth.

I wanted to make it look so that it has had a large part of the paint work scratched off on the door and the bonnet so I used the specular map to make the exposed metal shiny in comparison to the corroded paint work. For this I made sure that the metal parts where really light grey so that the light shines at its brightest on these parts.

From what I have gathered when creating specular maps, they use the same UV map as the diffuse texture, so if a truck you want to create a specular map for is just a grey square image, you can import your trucks diffuse map (using Photoshop or whatever) and start to create a specular map from that to ensure that the shiny parts are on the right part of the truck. To save processing power, you can make the specular map half the size of the diffuse map, but this will obviously reduce the quality of the effects, but its only really noticeable when zoomed really close in. If you make the specular map the same size as the diffuse map it can negatively effect performance of the game depending on how many other things are on screen at the same time or how big the other textures are.

The video below was where I learned most of the methods to make metal look like metal in-game using specular maps:

Youtube Video

I hope that helps in some way.

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@joridiculous These are edited in Adobe Lightroom. I do use ReShade, but the UI is visible on screen shots. I use the default screenshot method and then edit the files after so it doesn't have the stuff on screen getting in the way.

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Like 8up said, there isn't an official one, but there are a few topics on this forum that you may find useful:

If you are wanting to learn more about making trucks for the game with blender check this one:

It also has information on texturing and theres a link to the original Oovee forum for a lot of other very useful tips and tricks on how to mod this game.

The next topic is about converting mods from Spintires, not something you actually need to do but you can learn a lot about modifying the games XML files in there too.

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I may be wrong, but I think the weird way that the smaller vehicles drive has got something to do with the wheels mass and friction values. I decided to have a bit of an experiment and changed the small wheels' mass to SuperHeavy, which generally appeared to make the smaller vehicles behave better/less weird in terms suspension strength and behaviour, compared with the default mass value for said wheels. I also noticed that if the friction values are too high, the vehicles tend to act like weebles (shouts to any one who knows what they are 😆), almost like the tyres are stuck to the ground by velcro.

IMO wheel mass shouldn't really have any effect on the vehicles suspension, and maybe should be reconsidered.

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@difflock66 said in Silentium..:


😆 - I remember most of the time we would wait for what would feel like an eternity only for the game to never even load! We'd just give up and play outside most of the time 😆 ah the good ol' days of gaming.

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@woodingot I use ReShade and have no issues.

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@digital-x You have to beep your horn

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I was watching a few tutorials last night and found this channel:

I found a lot of his videos useful to learn how to fix issues and things to avoid when new to modeling in Blender.

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I think the 'jump' is the LOD coming in and out of range. I find that some of the bushes and trees jump about like they are dancing as I come close to and subsequently pass.

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Does Workshop Map support mean that we will get a scrollable map menu?

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@forces This would be perfect good sir! I'm still getting on with wheels, and addon models, but am now looking to get a truck into the game, so all of what you have mentioned above would be an invaulable source of information.

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@tattoo In the exporter it will ask which axis you want as up, Y or Z in a drop down menu. I find that rotating it and exporting with Z as up, works every time. When ever I try anyother method the truck or whatever always comes out a bit weird.

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It does mean Flammable but in russian its not a direct translation of 'Flammable'.

Apparently the literal translation would be firely dangerous. lol..

I'm not Russian, but I beleive its OGNEOPASNO in roman characters which sounds like og-nee-ah-pas-nah.

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@mexican_420 even the dude in the photo looks worried! 😆

@Torridon88 Had a great time on the first map you posted here, as MudHappy pointed out, your attention to detail is top notch and the dedication you have shows in the finished product. Thanks again.

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The download cache thing was the issue. its now updated. Thanks for your help.

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@8up-local Thanks dude. STMR does have some great scenery.

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These videos are fantastic @Forces, they've answered so many questions and I've managed to create multiple items just off the back of your vids.

These are priceless, thank you so much for making them!

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