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Guess that´s not game´s fault.
Maybe it´s because marketing was aiming to a different group than we were used to in Insurgency (source one) or it just needs a time to get rid of those kids (they will surely find another game soon). I am personally having as fun as I used to (but with another feeling though - but it might be caused of it´s new graphics).
Don´t give up and keep playing mate!

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Hi guys,
(this is my first report on any forum ever, so if there´s a better place to my question, do not hesitate and tell me)
Back to my topic: as told in title I am looking for a way to save my ingame replays to my hard disk. I looked into steam folders of the game but that wasn´t helpful much.
Then I read on the internet that those replays are not saved to my hard disk but they are streamed (don´t know what´s the truth).
Is there any way how could I download specific one (I guess that´s why they do have those "replays IDs")? I had realy amazing and thrilling gameplay and would like to save it for later and share it eventualy.
Anyone knows?

Thank you all in advance!