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Just give a new or thoroughly modernized engine simulating different types of ground, water, weather, snow and with a lot of possibilities and tools for modders. Some career system, scenarios and the ability to create your own scenarios. Put various machines - trucks, cars, bulldozers , harvesters and the possibility of cutting trees, tracked vehicles. Then just give the console players access to any mods. Finally, you can even add trains and boats for transporting different things, because why not? There's never too much fun.

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I think it does not do well for the reliability and credibility of the devs and publisher, whenever they say from time to time that they have familiarized themselves with the reported problem, the bug etc and nothing is done.
Because of all this, my hopes for MR2 are still falling and worries are growing 😟
Something like a big overhaul update fixing and correcting everything would be ideal, but what are the chances?

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@chaton said in American Wilds Update 27/12/2018:

Behaviour of 4x4 scout vehicles in the mud improved: smaller vehicles are more off-road capable now and more stable in mud

Does this generally apply to all such vehicles in the game?

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Hey, last time I used Spintires Mod a long time ago and now I'd like to play with tracked vehicles a bit, but apparently they are not supported anymore? Is it true? If so, why?

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If Mudrunner 1 is still under development, it can mean that Mudrunner 2 is still quite distant.
I do not know what new content we should expect for Mudrunner 1, but I would like the patches, bugfixes and improvements of the game mechanics + more good quality certified mods.
And I definitely do not want any low quality DLCs (high quality DLCs on the other hand - why not)

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So called "community updates" -- they were just to show that the devs are still alive and game isnt abandoned yet, as it happened with ST.

They were just containing the really copied and pasted content from the previous month. There was nothing interesting about them. I would prefer constant communication with the community, quick and meaningful answers from the devs ... something that is very lacking.

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@kingnightshadow Waiting for at least a month after MR2 release is a good idea. And this does not apply only to games in this series, but actually all games nowadays.
Of course, if on the day of the premiere MR2 will be phenomenal 😲 , I will be happy to buy it on the first day.

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