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When you play CoL you end up against the same person every time you search (during that time) IF you even find a player to play against, sometimes you can be spinning for over 30minutes before you find a player and it is almost always someone that is TV somewhere around 300-500 TV higher or lower than your self.

Then don't play COL. Has this idea ever crossed your mind? There are several leagues in which match ups are set statically, by schedule. You can enlist at several at once and have your 3-5 games per week pretty easily.

It is not that easy as you have to schedule matches with other people. Depending on availabilty scheduling can really suck.

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Why do you even care? Once it is done it is done.

You can analyse the game replay to see if you could have played any better. But the will of Nuffle is the will of Nuffle.

There is also

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BB is a game for people that love random stuff, giggle to it. The BB lovers have special fun with people that complain about the randomness. Then they have a hilarious time. They don't play games that have low randomness usually, and we all know why. They don't want others to laugh of their lack of real skill.

That is not a problem.

A game like chess has no dice. It does have a huge user base. If if I join and I stink I will be matched against a player who also stinks.

Blood Bowl has a small user base so noobs and legends are all mixed in together. People who are not as good as they think they are then blame the RNG when things don't go well.

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It has been crap since 2009. The chances of it improving now look slim.

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Nuffle hates you. It is the only explanation.

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How many of you guys have played Fumbbl? Would you agree that it is worse than Fumbbl?

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What did you say Calcium? 😉

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Sure look at the images I posted above about dice rolls haha.

You have not addressed the issue where my 1's go for agility rolls and my 5'6 go for my own armor rolls which makes the game broken as it might seem that rolls are spreading out, but they are not. My armour rolls should come from my opponent dice and take his 5'6 not mine, as otherwise, I'm failing on everything and using my good rolls on killing my guys

I don't think that it works like that. I think (but don't know) that all the rolls come from the server and are not allocated one RNG per coach.

This conversation reminds me of doing probability homework with the kids. We did a coin flip experiment. The first 12 flips came up heads. We were suspecting foul play after around 6. 😉

I don't do a lot of unnecessary dodging & leaping. I might do some, but not a lot, as I do when required, or should I leave my lineman in base to base with your MB guy instead of trying to get out?

You appear to take unnecessary risks rushing down the field for an early TD, when you could take your time and let the situation develop. You have eight turns.

In a recent game, you ran people downfield and left the ball carrier on his own. Yes, yes, yes. You got some bad luck with skulls. But by rushing downfield, you left the opponent easy access to your backfield. Then you didn't do anything to protect the ball carrier. When the skulls came they got an easy 2D on the BC. Most of your players were too far away to help and you were firefighting from then on.

If you were receiving on turn 6 or 7 that may have been fair enough. But on turn 1 there is just no need for that. It is just unnecessary risk.
I notice that you didn't deny unnecessary passing. 😉

I'm not talking about the game being balanced over the course of 1 game, but several games. You have above the image of my alst 2 games vs teams with same AV as me, where I did squat to them. That the problem with the balance, if I roll all my 6's on my own armours, that is wrong.

Give us your last 6 Ondsandskulls.

It might just be that Nuffle hates you.

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