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**My friends and I put a lot of time into playing this game on both PS4 and PC along side its predecessor Spintires on PC. In doing so, we talk about what we feel could possibly expand on the game to help build the game into something bigger and better. What we have discussed in lengthy detail is that the forestry should be expanded to being able cut down you own trees and load them up and move them to a designated lumber mill. This could potentially add forestry equipment. Also we discussed road building. Possibly having not only lumber mills based in the map but rock quarries as well in predetermined locations on specific maps. Here you could use the rock quarry to load up stone/gravel to create more stable roads to get to and from the lumber mills. This could also open up a plethora of equipment to be used to build these roads. Our idea here is to potentially start out at your garage with your starter equipment on a map with no roads built what so ever. You must clear cut timbers where you deem necessary to get to the lumber mill/mills and the mills take significantly more loads to fill up. This is where to quarries come into play. You start your logging camps, get to the quarries, build your gravel roads from your logging camps to the mills and then you can expedite the larger, tougher to fill lumber mills. Let me know what you guys think. We think this is something that would be a great addition in the next installment and all of this is easier said than done of course.

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