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Can someone sort out the forum title because for many months it has been badly cropped and is annoying : “enhanced e” “space hu” etc . Maintenance was carried out recently but the title is unendingly left chopped, so looks very unprofessional!

It seems all the forums are cropped to fit a smaller title box but Spacehulk Deathwing is not shrunk to fit the newer title box.

Sort it out please.

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This may not be what OP is referring to, but changing 16:9 ratio on ur TV to “screen fit” will shrink image to properly fit the screen.

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First things first, give Baz the claws or thunder hammer and get him to face off n help kill the bosses. Get a third more powerful psychic ability. Keep a diligent eye on the health of ur bots to quickly heal when necessary. Use lightning skill for turrets and annoying hybrids like heavy stubbers 😤. Maybe heal ur self when ur armour turns orange because one bioblast will kill u otherwise. Brood lords can’t hit u with psychic attack if ur moving about. The standard plasma gun can stagger a boss every hit, making it easy to kill bosses.

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Someone in ‘Ideas and suggestions’ column wrote in about July 2017 a vast post about having the cyclone and suggested a 6 canister rack, so that might just fit through the fence? However I’ve noticed that the Apos light is too high for the chapter 3 fence doorways anyway. Alternatively, Dopp’s idea of having grenade launcher on glove would be gr8 and probably easier to develop and use on a controller. Aim by charging the power glove L2 and release L2 to send a volley o nades.


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Obviously, lore is another possible reason for its omission from this game, but ‘SH ascension’ had no problem including Cyclone ML. Plus the maps are like large and vast cathedrals in places, which I doubt is lore abiding to the board game but brilliant nonetheless.

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@psi2007a-d quite a few people have brought this up over the last few years, so I’m guessing it might be too expensive and time consuming to include as they’ve not bothered yet... It would be a great weapon or skill for the Tactical. 😎

Edit: I don’t think a cyclone rack will fit through the fence doorways in chapter 3 tho they really should give Tactical the Cyclone to give the class its je ne sai quoi

Edit: it would be better as an attachment weapon exclusive to Tactical because as a skill ud have to change all termi models of the Tactical permanently across the board but as a weapon it can be a toggle on/off visual attachment to existing termi models. Cyclone would only be used with bolters n redemption, thus simultaneously making that +20 perforation bolter perk useful plus a point to using bolters as Tactical. Maybe give Cyclone a really long reload, almost like a 4th skill.

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I feel that the standard bolter doesn’t have as good stopping power as the bolter MK2 so Steakboy1’s suggestion of being more in line with the lore and causing a mini explosion like a missile should - to push back nids a little bit - might be good. I tried perforation 20 Apo perk and bolters work quite well on ‘no mercy’ even without more damage customisable add ons on top, tho mk2 seems better.

Then again, not to stagger like a plasma, which is a bit OP imo and shouldn’t continually stagger the bosses, coz that’s too much.

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Maybe, ‘Aura of Devotion’ Apo perk could additionally instantly heal (like normal heal) or speed up the healing or longer duration of healing for whomever’s in the circle, to make it a worthwhile perk.

Maybe, ‘Adamantium Will’ Psyker perk could protect the whole squad for 33% against psychic attacks, so this perk might be more desirable to use.

Maybe, if ‘Surgical Precision’ Apo perk is +20 Armour perforation then Psyker’s ‘Precognition’ perk which is currently +10 Armour perforation should also be +20 AP. He is the leader after all and should be just as adept with the bolters.

Compared to regular plasma, spear of Caliban doesn’t damage squad enough in Friendly Fire imo.

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@kommodore77 said in Nice stealth patch for PS4:

Btw, where’s the ambient music in the campaign dissapeared to in multiplayer? Was it ever in multiplayer? Surely it should be...😧

I seriously suggest the ambient music needs putting in the multiplayer! It’s totally quiet except fx🤫 make engines, alarms etc louder aswell pls.

Edit: Maybe, the Thorax swarm could be buffed so it’s a lot more deadly and makes the Adornments more desirable. A killer cloud of bees that u better get away from... ☠

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