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@link000 said in Urgent News: Xbox One Version has been cancelled:


There was a statement here, a single sentence posted by a community manager stating Deathwing would release on PC and PS4 only.
Hardly a quality piece of PR but short and to the point. Not to mention I copied the longer version into here, knowing others would wish to see it. It doesn't lose much intrinsic value just because you'd rather a CM post it, a simple internet search would verify its authenticity. It's your time, spend it how you like.

P.S. If you consider anything I've said slanderous and/or found it offensive, Emperor help you.

Frankly, I’m tired of your self-proclaimed empathy, when all I see you say in Xbox-related threads (from someone with zero issues) is: tough luck buster! Buy a PS4 and play single-player if psplus is too expensive for you! or if people are so “obsessed” with W40k, buy Inquisitor Martyr! As well as posting in this thread on the day of the Xbox cancellation “A whole day of announcements, it’s out on PC and PS4 May 22nd, what more do you want?” (Link000 paraphrased). Oh! Maybe the Xbox version would have been nice!!!
You honestly remind me of the trolls on Facebook or Valrak’s comments section and as far as I can see, your empathy exclusively reaches as far as Focus and Streumon. Your above comments are what I’d describe as “unnecessary”!

There was also a statement here, stating that a more in-depth official statement was on its way! Everyone interested has waited longer than promised (as usual), but the official Xbox statement has FINALLY (after a struggle) been posted HERE on the official SHD forum (despite the very understated approach) where it categorically SHOULD be without question!!! How unprofessional and pointless is it, if I can’t even rely on the official forum of this game to post important official news about this game?!?
Why should I rely on other fans, however eager to please, for official news which should invariably be posted on the official forum?!?

Fundamentally, the point is (as I’ve said before), that if the PR were more competent and did their jobs properly, then the backlash - that you claim: “most of which is OTT and unnecessary” and “absolutely pathetic” (Link000) - would most likely not have occurred or would at least been at a minimum, compared to what it’s become, because, as everyone knows, the internet is notoriously toxic regardless and there’s always the gits!

C’est la vie!

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@link000 said in Urgent News: Xbox One Version has been cancelled:

Lads, Ladies, whatever you refer to yourself as;

We have all, including myself, been on the bad end of the questionable PR with Deathwing. So if you think continuing to bombard every forum with questions, demands and slander will make a difference, have at it

Have you really “been on the bad end of the questionable PR”?!?

  • A PC owner: who has endured 1 very minor bug in all the time they’ve played SHD on PC.
  • A PS4 Pro owner: who’s getting what they wanted (EE on PS4) on May 22nd 2018.
  • Who: hasn’t had to endure an unplayable SHD game, nor had to wait for ages with an unplayable game or no game at all, nor have the game they wanted cancelled at the last minute 😁!
  • Who: has probably only had to wait a bit longer than they might have liked for the EE to arrive, whilst still being able to play SHD on their trusty PC though with 1 very minor bug to endure 😭?

Truth be told, I am only signed up to this 1 forum. I personally DO NOT “bombard every forum with questions, demands and slander”, so what you’ve written here is slanderous in itself!

Additionally, because I only ever use this 1 forum, I’d really like to see the official SHD Xbox cancellation statement on the official SHD forum, so that I can read the bloody thing properly and accept it as a legitimate version.

Where is the statement please?

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An exact year-long delay sounds to me like it could be a Sony exclusive after all (like Milesavius previously suggested in this thread)- if the Microsoft lady has the correct info. I guess there is still hope it could arrive on Xbox next year, even though Focus’ PR says otherwise.

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I thought Netheos said in Kroyer’s thread: the news comes to this forum the same time as any other social hub (paraphrased). Surely, an official statement befits a place on the official forum does it not?

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@link000 said in Urgent News: Xbox One Version has been cancelled:


So, because the publishers weren't keen to divulge ambiguous news the developers should fail and get cancer?

I don’t know where you got that idea from..?!? In an ideal world, people wouldn’t say such nasty things, but the internet is the internet. So, as I stated before: good PR could help to temper these events rather than having them blow up in their faces.

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If their PR department (like so many people have continually emphasised over the months) did their jobs properly, then this backlash could have been avoided or at least tempered.

Their actions or lack of, has resultantly left the mob, as someone put it: ‘twisting in the wind’.
Ultimately, If they’d told people (as many kept continually pleading over the months) what’s going on and where everyone stands, as opposed to, lets say: the Xbox out-of-the-blue shock treatment, then myself and others wouldn’t feel the need to criticise their absolutely pathetic PR practices.

Is it a crime to say they need to sort their PR department out so that future issues can be avoided?

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Numerous people (including the mighty Valrak) since the MK2’s inclusion, have said that the MK2 Bolter needs more Uummph! More meat! I can’t quite make it out properly in the latest video clip, but it seems like nothing has been changed and it still sounds like it’s shooting pips many months after numerous loyal fans try to help you to improve ur game. A couple hours in the sound studio could have likely rectified this, but you don’t seem to listen to anyone or care what they say.

I guess its all subjective at the end of the day, but if numerous people suggest a change then maybe you should listen! Then again, maybe ur funds have dried out, so that’s a shame and I apologise for my anger, but then no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. But in November ‘17 you said you were tweaking and polishing, so what exactly have you been doing that’s so top secret all these months?

You’ve proven your word means nothing and you never listen.

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Eggs is eggs!

If the Sony deal was done, then they have fallen to the highest bidder and their souls are forever lost in the warp with the Xbox shipwreck, so maybe it’s taking them longer to spin up a statement the peasants might find more palatable?

Plus it’s Easter 🐣 so we wait for Tuesday...

I thought Streumon tweeted something on the lines of: they’re taking time because they want to be careful about what info they release, to not build false hope and hype (as with the release date etc). However, hyping up/slamming down the Xbox crowd with the latest action-packed trailer was a tasteless and tactless display that lacked any consideration towards Xbox owners. A lot of fans don’t have the luxury of two consoles!

I asked a perfectly straightforward question back in about November 2017 - if there’d be an X1X patch?!
I got completely ignored, then all this shady silent business... culminating in a non-verbal implication or omission at the end of the brand new trailer, after waiting for 4 years including waiting through the long dead silent treatment, that it’s now been cancelled on Xbox!!! 😡

Fair enough! problems occur, cancellations happen, I prefer delays rather than rushed out the door and I’ve always wanted this game to be a success, but your PR for SHDW is terrible! It just incites negativity, mistrust, anger and frustration, or people just get put off and won’t buy your game, or they want their money back. Strange how I’ve emailed Streumon over these 4 years and they've always been very polite and friendly?

What’s the point of ever asking anything anyway coz no one ever answers anything anyway!

Btw, I wrote in the Suggestions and Ideas column many months ago about the lack of consistency with Capital letters of “Adornments” headings and nothing’s been changed. Your recent armour video clip shows me that either: you never bothered to read my suggestion (even though you say you read everything)? or: I’m just stupid which is perfectly plausible as I’m not that great at English.
Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure that if your using capitals for some adornment headings then why not for the “Armour passive adornments” central purple heading? Shouldn’t it be Armour Passive Adornments?

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Maybe the chaos dlc and a few add ons have melded with it when it’s back out of the warp 🤪

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