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Get ur as.s to Mars, brother! 👾

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All the Major Sites
You are on foreign exchange, a tourist for a day 😎 Let loose coz you have some down-time on the hulk.

  • Have the Tech-Priest guided tour.
  • Read 200 Purity Seals (Hold occulobe over Purity Seal for 10 secs to read).
  • Take at least 36 photos (include Photo Mode (with no hud and gun)).
    Selfies at all the major sites 😁
  • Find some souvenirs whilst on ur travels.
  • meet the locals 👽


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Diary / Lore Missions
These missions are lore intensive and expand on the lore 🙀 and stories of lives on the ships in the hulk.
Read dataslates, learn about the piles of dead servitors etc., etc. And general canon lore of Warhammer mixed into missions.


Darkness of Cadia
A mysteriously voiced message beacon has recently turned on in this area.
The transmission cannot be triangulated...

  • search 3 areas (randomised) 1 of the 3 locations is the damaged servo skull.
    A damaged Inquisitional servo skull has rebooted due to your presence and carries classified information imperative to the war effort and for Inquisition eyes only.
    Fix Servo Skull whilst others defend from horde.
    Escort Skull to computer console to negotiate with Belial.
    Defend, whilst Belial convinces the Skull to divulge more information.

  • Servo then plays embedded video message of last heretical days of the 'Cadia's Hand' ship.
    Some written info on ships events etc.
    Learn of the demise of the ships crew, the 22nd Cadian squad.
    Heresy! Officer turns to heresy and looks towards the Eye of Terror...

  • Search officers quarters for heresy!
    Dataslate diary of officer's maddening descent into chaos. Twisted by the warp.
    Officer foresees the Fall of Cadia to Abaddon and the legions of Chaos, the Eye of Terror, which drives him mad 🙀 The Officer gave in and gave up.
    Too afraid to go back to Cadia, he sabotaged the ship to forever drift in the warp.

  • (Bonus) Extra money found in chest in officers quarters 🤑

  • Grand Master Belial is taking over from here! <Mission Terminated>

Alternatively Warhammer canon lore missions can be created, just to learn canon facts about the ships and their inhabitants instead of needing to invent new scenarios etc.


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Deathwing Down
Brothers Barachiel and Nahum are on the coms and are in serious trouble.

  • Locate ur brothers and secure the area.
    Defend from the Hordes for 10-15 minutes.
  • Escort brothers to next location to find remaining Delta Squad survivor.
    Defend against hordes of bazooka-wielding hybrids and the Genestealer horde for 10-15 minutes.
  • Escape to the safe zone with your brothers.
    No brother gets left behind!

Other Missions

  • Escort.
    Crowd control.
    Protect VIPs.
    Secure site of tactical importance.
    Surround and contain.
    Arrest the Heretic.
    High Value Target.

  • Defend: all Power Station Servitors from horde attack.
    Don't let xenos kill ALL 6. Save at least 2 servitors to keep the power on.

  • The main doors are covered in some kind of secreted resin. Burn n hack the doors to get through.
    Burn the 'resin' from the doors with ur flamers.
    Hold the doors from the hordes whilst one player hacks (calculating).

Labyrinth of Death
The hulk is malfunctioning in so many areas. By turning valves and pressing switches etc., you must redirect/clear obstacles in rooms/hallways filled with: fire, electrical barriers i.e. Electrified floors, radioactive water spills, liquid nitrogen spills, broken doors that might need fixing or not, etc.

  • One action can cause another to happen... one path opened closes another path once clear...

  • Get through the Labyrinth of Death ☠


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Big Bosses could go through different stages/attack methods before they're killed.

They could even give loot?

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Youtuber and battle-hardened SHDW veteran: Airsick Hydra, mentioned this game needs new tougher challenges in addition to the new skins etc. To have something new to do with the new items. With this in mind, here are ideas furthering ideas I previously suggested, for increasing difficulty and longevity:

At the start of a mission a randomised card is drawn.

Positive (and Negative) cards (interpreting the actual stratagems of the codex) that affect your game in ways like:

    As long as you have two Assault class with Storms Shields on your team, your whole squad is impervious to ranged weaponry.

    All defense from psychic attacks.

    No reloads needed.

    Higher armour, no running.

Tyranid Stratagems

    Xenos takes more shots to kill.

    Close combat killing/blood splats cause damage.

    Xenos' spit causes severe damage and disorientation.


ALSO: Daily Heresy
Is the name for most cards in the randomised pile with negative effects, bad situations etc.
Such as:

  • Guns jam more often for 10 seconds a time.
    No running
    No blip sensor
    Redemption bolters only
    No map

Note: Could also have : Warlord Traits, Interromancy Disciples, Tactical Objectives etc.

Added difficulty settings or 'rules' to add more challenge and longevity:

  • Codex Rules
    Friendly Fire

  • DEATHWISH Rules:
    No Respawns (except Chaplain, Tactical skill use)
    Blocking/hacking takes a lot longer
    Limited Ammo?
    No Sprinting
    No Psygates.

  • HIVE Rules:
    More Genestealers
    More Broodlords
    Big Bosses
    Genestealers can destroy small blocked doors.
    Genestealers are all 1-3 hit killers


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It seems like the Psyker gets a raw deal even though he is one of the leaders and should therefore have a lot more to offer. At present, his weapon choice is extremely limited and skills are too, being very similar.

As Doomandthepain suggested, it might be good to give the Chaplain (and I suggest Psyker too) 6+ skills to choose from. These individuals are the Captains, Sergeants.. they could be treated as such. Also, It's been suggested that the Psyker isn't used in 'end game' highest difficulty setting games.


  • Give Hellfire to the librarian (it seems sad that a gun that looks so fun to use is restricted to 1 class).

  • Allow for selection of Campaign Skills.

  • Maybe: swap Tactical's 'protector' give it a couple seconds more effect and name it 'force barrier'.
    Maybe: 'prescience' whereby this skill regenerates others' skills at a faster rate or immediately replenishes or halves skill cooldowns of one player, though hard to know who requires it the most.
    Maybe: 'Boltstorm' whereby ALL bolters in use have increased rate of fire for a short time.

  • Allow 1x Psygate in MP (like a get out of jail free card). ONLY have Psyker enter Psygate when activated, so he leaves a portal (like how it is now) for the others to walk into to use it.

As a DLC and a way of incorporating a different chapter's skins (though many might not want Ultramarines), story wise, how about having Tigurius n company come visit because he's the only librarian in the galaxy that can mind meld with the Tyranids, so teams up with the Deathwing.


  • Codex is totally needed for all the uninitiated. You've probably noticed vermintides codex addition.

  • MK2 Bolter sounds really weak like its shooting pips and needs Oomph! Just overlay the normal Bolter sound over the MK2 or something.

  • 'Wait Brother' could be a selection in the quick orders interface. This would also help if you ever choose to have a No Sprinting option.

  • Change Tutorial by cutting part bashing down walls n collecting relics, so the new player figures it out/ finds it out themselves rather than it all handed on a plate. There was never any need for this in old games.


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To create more variety, why not include:

  • Big Bosses/end of level Bosses etc.
    Hard-as-nails, very big energy bar (hidden) Big bosses that appear in level, maybe in areas that could be locked in or not.

  • Infamous Tyranids like a Swarmlord or 'Old One Eye' or 'DeathLeaper' could show up.

  • And maybe, like Prince of Persia 2: you have to run away from it, get through a big door to close it off... Then it appears further in the level again and you run, killing it gradually each time Etc.

  • Maybe a Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought has been awoken by the noise ur making through the hulk

  • or Tyrannocytes deep strike into a level,

  • or loads of Rippers cling to you - like in Dead Space.

Also, why not have:

  • Green venom spitting xenos: severely impare one's vision - much like in L4D.
    This effect could be prevented by parrying projectile.

  • Hybrids with 'troikas' i.e. Stationary chainguns etc.

  • Hybrids with Horus Heresy weapons.

  • Hybrids with more powerful weapons.

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@grey-seer your right brother. This silence is ominous...

We have watched
We have waited
We are leaving...

Reply Tomorrow

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As I clearly stated, people have the right to be angry and complain. In fact sgt, I have no problem whatsoever with your post that got deleted. No need to be gracious. But some threads are overboard. Theyve missed their projected deadline, usually gamers complain if devs don't delay a game.

This forum is turning into a hate train. Would people rather its released unfinished like before, or wait for a finished product.

They should release a statement now!