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Your totally right brother jb0809, but people r going crazy!

As far a I'm aware, Streumon didn't officially set the Dec 5th deadline which I feel is the issue here.
As you say, no one apologised nor said theyre delaying when obviously they should have... then people probably wouldn't be like this... but wouldn't people rather it be polished and balanced than released as another buggy mess at Xmas... I think people would be livid if that happened! Yes! they've past the end of year deadline... However, they're still working on the game, they seem to have hit a snag, and will be more specific soon.

Streumon - a small dev team, may be bad communicators, they may be unorganised, but have nonetheless worked tirelessly to patch their game as well as add new things like the Chaplain and special missions, when in this day n age other companies do zilch to rectify their game. Obviously and understandably, many were angry on release though I doubt Streumon wanted to release it then.
They state the EE is totally free for pc owners which to my mind shows good will for releasing prematurely in Dec 16, and there are no insidious micro-transactions to speak of as well.

People have a right to be angry and complain, but I think people are going overboard, that's all I mean, and Streumon really should release a statement asap!

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Brothers need to chill out 😎
It's only been a few days after "end of the year" 😒
No ones perfect except the emperor 😵
Hopefully they reply very soon 🤔

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You've made positive ground with ur customers n fans by sticking with the game and patching it up over the year. Gr8! You've enticed us all with the new EE version, an exciting Xmas release... 😃 Things were positive! Netheos then reported in November that you were mainly tweaking balancing after the beta.

But then, you never released a statement on release day (5th Dec 2017) to explain the circumstances, so people have been left to uncertainty and frustration...!?! The only info was: 27th March 2018 from other sources...?!? You could have at least officially stated that you're delaying due to unforeseen circumstances and the new release date isn't set or the new release date is 27th March 2018... but nothing...

People would rather the game be polished and balanced, and are generally understanding of delays, so just report where things stand! Don't ruin all the positive momentum to just leave embittered customers and fans, who, if left in the dark, will likely stop playing or never purchase your game. Which is a damn shame considering all the hard work and effort Streum have put in to make this game great and worth buying.


Update: 5th Dec release day was never (to my knowledge) confirmed by Streum.

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Hopefully, SHDW EEd isnt released on 27th March 2018 as many retailers suggest - the same day as FPS behemoth Farcry 5 and a week after Sea of Thieves ... better competing against Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Survive in my uneducated opinion. Hopefully it's finished before aforementioned date, for all our sakes.

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Possibly use Dpad Left, Up, Right for skills and have Termi 1, 2, All as Y, B, Y+B,
ORhave Quick Order dial on Dpad Up or Down (hold) then use right stick to navigate menu and have USE button as Rb. Then A Y B are used for skills...? Don't know controls, this is guesswork 🙄

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Concerning console EE and other suggestions
...How about the cog and reefs or circle with two lions -one on either side as ur level up logo (from Calibans will). Slap the level number in the circle - bobs ur aunty 😉 and place in the free space to the top right of the models.

Below are some suggestions from viewing the EE videos so this is guesswork and could have already been addressed, but as I have no clue I will list my concerns here anyway:

  • Be consistent with layout like blue heading sizes, and Capital letters for the Adornments lists ( passive adornments ). I like the purple, but I would move passive adornments box to the space on the bottom right so people can see the boots of the new armour models. Plus the purple and white would show up better on the darker background. You already have the gold reefs overlapping things so I don't think Passive Adornments box needs to be central. The Servitor or MP backdrop looks more interesting imo, tho that may be samey.

  • Why not just use the Class Icons as a means of going through classes. By the looks of it: pressing "Y" to go through all classes is annoying if u over-press the button on a controller. Use: Lb/Rb or L1/R1 to go through classes.

  • If skill 1 is "Y" and skill 2 is "B", why is skill 3: "Y+B" ..?!? In my experience, this method would be frustrating. Imo, change skill 3 button controls or give a few controller setups people can choose from. You might press by accident and initiate a skill u didn't want to like this. A separate button for each skill is best. Y , B , A . .. every FPS game uses X for reloads so Y1, A2, B3, so as a Heavy u can pop skill 1 and 3 simultaneously without delay and without wasting precious time. Assault can A2: 'Deep Strike' Then Y1 and B3 for simultaneous 'Frenzy' and 'Energy Field'... maybe A1, Y2, B3 instead.

  • Psyker's Icon might look better slightly shrunk to fit in box, rather than the currently overlapping horns and big skull that dwarfs the Chaplain's skull.

  • In single player, I noticed the colour of Psychic powers on the perk list is orange. Traditionally, purple is the colour of mental acuity and magic etc. Furthermore, Chakra points have purple as the crown colour and depicts transcending the laws of nature etc.. orange symbolises compassion for others etc.. which might be more suitable for Devotion (this may be a trivial suggestion to swap them, but thot I'd say it anyway.. U can do what the hell u want).

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@ 28:28 mins in above video: the Tactical Skull is speaking while Belials face stays on screen..?

Why does the blip sensor / mini map show Tyranids as white dots (clearly) when if you look at other classes such as the Apothecary in this video, and Chaplain, they have red (unclear) dots in mini map to depict the tyranids. Does the Heavy and Tactical have enhanced blip sensors compared to other classes? or is this a bug?

Personally, I prefer the vague red dots apposed to the overly prominent white dots, because in affect, I could solely look at the mini map without looking up to kill all tyranids. I prefer it to be more vague so ur not quite sure - which creates tension. Plus, white dots moving around a white central dot is disconcerting to me.


Update: ALL aforementioned bugs DO NOT appear in Benjamin Magnus' equivalent part 3 stream.

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Youtube Video

By Commissar_Roach - 'Space hulk: Deathwing / multiplayer / part 3' published on 9th Dec 2017.

Found bug in this stream at 14:50 mins : where player 2s previous choice of class' icon shows on map rather than the currently used class' icon. If you look: Benjamin Magnus is an Apothecary but is depicted on Commissar Roaches map as a Chaplain.

You can see Benjamin Magnus Games : Space Hulk : Deathwing / part 3 . 9th Dec 2017 Youtube vid at 15:05 mins to cross reference it.

It's quite entertaining these streams by two newbies who didn't do the tutorial; they have alot of compliments and interesting viewpoints, through the chapters.


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Tactical Choice that'll make it Special Weapons And Tactics 😉
Add the 'Cyclone Missile Launcher' with frag missiles, which I'm sure many have suggested.

But a Tactical should have Special Weapons/tactical gadgets at his disposal, and Crowd Control is something a tactical is likely to do,

  • Missiles can be long-range and closer range, tho AOE of course.
    The reload time would take a while, so i don't think it'd be OTT.
    It would just be a fun exclusive addition that makes the Tactical different to other classes, so he isn't just support but can significantly offensively change the war zone too. And destroy long range targets.

It may not be consistent to lore, but surely if Terminators found a hulk with vast open spaces and nasty hybrids n turrets in high far off places they might think to put on their Cyclone Missile Launcher. It looks like he can get though the doors with it on..

  • Have a red indicator to inform weapon status (exactly like buff indicators like Healing etc.) in the top left corner of screen - saying: Reloading.../and/or Missiles Ready!
  • You DONT need to see an ammo counter gradually refilling.

I'd rather it was a Weapon choice NOT a Skill! e.g. accompanying Drone at Level 4.

  • You could use Occulobe and aim crosshairs on 1-6 targets which would be highlighted by red vector squares - much like Titanfall 2 multiple heatseeker missile ability, and in Destiny 2 when u use the Tank which locks on to one or more targets and fires a volley of homing missiles.
  • You can still fire Bolters whilst in ADS and Tagging enemies, because u press another key: like pushing UP on Dpad whilst in ADS to fire Cyclone Missiles.

Bolter type guns ONLY when using Cyclone rack.

Like IRL '24th Special Tactics Squad' you could have a mission named 'Operation Gothic Serpent' 🙂

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Tactical vs Chaplain -
If devs aren't considering more than 3 skills per class, i.e. 6+ skills you chop n change, then:

  • maybe make Tactical's 'Reinforcements' skill instantly replenish respawned squad member's skill(s) rather than waiting for cooldowns (Apologies if this already happens- I can't clarify).

This seems logical, because he calls in a new brother (not bringing back from the dead like Chaplain).
Therefore, the new brother wouldn't need to wait for cooldowns.
However, this skill amendment could negatively affect the difficulty of the game, so it might not work at all! Cheers!

Update: maybe NOT logically viable, because usual respawns are supposed to be fresh troops aswell and they (as far as I'm aware) have to wait for their skills to refresh. C'est la vie!