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Body Snatchers- search and destroy.
Important items were taken from Brother Gideon's body and are relaying faint pings across the hulk.
Locate and retrieve these items.

  • 3 roaming Hybrids are in possession of items
  • (possibly) Timed? (Apprehend before they leave the ship...)
  • search wide designated areas for Hybrids. NO pin-point locations.

WMDs - race against time. 2+ players.
Deadly weapons have mysteriously armed and are set to fire on the fleet! A countdown has started!

  • Find the control panels (x3)
  • (possibly) Get codes off Hybrids (x3)
  • First 2 locations : your squad needs to split up. Control panel keys need to be turned in unison (within 10 seconds of each other) at both locations in order to override.
  • Then all converge to final location to stop the launch.
  • TIMED!

Theyve Cut the Power! 2+ players.
Tyranids are chewing on the power cables! The power is off! And the main door is shut!
To turn it back on and get through the door 2-4 switches have to be switched on within 10 seconds of each other, but they are at different locations on the ship. Separate the squad to fulfil the mission.

  • Fix damaged cables
  • Turn on Switches 2-4 ..
  • Open main door
    (Possibly) complete darkness..

Damaged tech
Something has fried your tech during teleportation
(Possibly) ADS is off - hipfire only

  • Blip sensor is off
    Map is off
    POI markers are off
    HUD is off
    Unable to psygate out
    Either -
    Search for 3-4 out of 6 relics (randomised)
    Search for the Psygate (randomised)
    Search for injured brother ("")
    Search for missing CAT ("")
    Search and destroy 5 turrets.

Sound could be used (like with relics) to help find objective.

'Guns, Germs and Steel' - Flamers Only! (Plus Plasmas)
Fungal spores are prevalent in this area and are rendering regular ammo weapons useless.
Turn to ur Flamers and Plasmas to purge the xenos filth! - Flamers and Plasmas ONLY

  • Find the source of the spores and purge with fire.
    Fungal spores are causing sporadic disorientation amongst the squad - your controls are occasionally reversed, arms/ legs sometimes function badly.
    Finally, enter highly destructive area so Melee ONLY and defeat the Broodlords .
    Then extract Broodlord blood sample.

Pls note: I am not well versed in Warhammer lore, so these are rough ideas for others/devs to improve upon.

Also, maybe implement a Bloodbowl-like Random Events list. maybe if you get to a certain level u can select random events option - that triggers additionally to each mission.
so things like : more gun jams/ ltd ammo/ hipfire only/ no blip sensor etc etc ...


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*CYPHER..? - crew expendable
It has come to Belials attention a highly sensitive and therefore classified piece of intel is on the Olethros. Also, toxicity levels r at critical throughout this area.

  • health of all terminators depletes over time; psygates are unavailable until extraction.
    Retrieve classified intel and extract by any means necessary!
  • ONLY Psyker or Chaplain can collect intel and they must survive or mission failed!
  • NO Respawns.
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Will there be a Collectors Edition on console? It'd probably sell out n u could have a nice miniature version of the statue u showed off at Paris Games Week. What Warhammer fan wouldn't lap that up.

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With 'Vermintide' (which is 'X1X Enhanced') soon to be 'free' on Xbox Gold, maybe Focus Home Interactive should consider creating an 'Xbox One X Enhanced' patch for 'Space Hulk: Deathwing'.

Vermintide will surely rise in popularity due to being a 'free' game on Xbox Gold next month. Therefore, SHDW (also set in the Warhammer world and another Left4Dead-style coop game, though with guns) could be a lot more popular with the Xbox masses than previously expected (if bugs are fixed, the new loot progression system works well and the game is polished - unlike the hurried PC release).

Games such as: 'Homefront: the Revolution', 'The Surge', amongst others, have more than likely had a boost in sales because of their X1X enhancements. If so, I hope that Focus Home Interactive help Streum to create an X1X Enhanced patch for 'Space Hulk: Deathwing', which, with the added popularity of 'Vermintide', might become very lucrative, plus bring it up to scratch with 'Vermintide' and 'Killing Floor 2' in terms of X1X Enhanced support.

Obviously, I hope not to put further pressure on the devs, but instead for Focus Home Interactive to further support this game in order for a polished, unhurried and successful release onto consoles.

Thank you.

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New ship Ideas: (I've refrained from looking at playthroughs past chapter 2 to not spoil the game, so I wouldn't know if this is in the game already), but a pitch black or dead ship in complete darkness except what ur flashlights reveal could be fun. A thousand malevolent eyes in the darkness.
Existing maps could hav a 'night mode' as it were.
Maybe things could be affected by the cold such as plasma batteries are cut to half, slower to recharge, guns jam more often etc. Blip sensor could break down.
Also, a Dark Eldar ship could have heavy internal security systems, traps, laser beam security, force fields etc. Then again this might not work for the nids either so could be impractical.

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Maybe, Major Relics could be like 'trinkets' in Vermintide. They could be unlocked or their powers learnt at certain levels whilst levelling up in multiplayer. Thus u search for them in single player campaign, but they become useful for multiplayer. Obviously giving little buffs and modifiers etc. Maybe a couple of relics per class. Then again this may not be feasible. People may prefer purity seals n small objects as 'trinkets'.

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Maybe: Running on/off mode . Limited ammo mode - a number of magazines refilled at psygate after passing objective . Etc. I think a mode options list will enrich this games longevity. Then again I haven't played the game yet.

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Cool! Can't wait to play this 😉 . Just unsure whether to buy for my base ps4 or X1X when I get it. Or both!

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