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I feel that the standard bolter doesn’t have as good stopping power as the bolter MK2 so Steakboy1’s suggestion of being more in line with the lore and causing a mini explosion like a missile should - to push back nids a little bit - might be good. I tried perforation 20 Apo perk and bolters work quite well on ‘no mercy’ even without more damage customisable add ons on top, tho mk2 seems better.

Then again, not to stagger like a plasma, which is a bit OP imo and shouldn’t continually stagger the bosses, coz that’s too much.

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Maybe, ‘Aura of Devotion’ Apo perk could additionally instantly heal (like normal heal) or speed up the healing or longer duration of healing for whomever’s in the circle, to make it a worthwhile perk.

Maybe, ‘Adamantium Will’ Psyker perk could protect the whole squad for 33% against psychic attacks, so this perk might be more desirable to use.

Maybe, if ‘Surgical Precision’ Apo perk is +20 Armour perforation then Psyker’s ‘Precognition’ perk which is currently +10 Armour perforation should also be +20 AP. He is the leader after all and should be just as adept with the bolters.

Compared to regular plasma, spear of Caliban doesn’t damage squad enough in Friendly Fire imo.

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@kommodore77 said in Nice stealth patch for PS4:

Btw, where’s the ambient music in the campaign dissapeared to in multiplayer? Was it ever in multiplayer? Surely it should be...😧

I seriously suggest the ambient music needs putting in the multiplayer! It’s totally quiet except fx🤫 make engines, alarms etc louder aswell pls.

Edit: Maybe, the Thorax swarm could be buffed so it’s a lot more deadly and makes the Adornments more desirable. A killer cloud of bees that u better get away from... ☠

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Two game crashes in the space of 10 mins on SM Chapter 7 (CE-34878-0)

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Conversely, I might venture to say that a new 5th difficulty level could work well, whereby ALL genestealers are 1-3 hit killers such as lore would describe of their claws ripping through dreadnought ceramite armour like a hot knife through butter. 😵 Make all genestealers as such! Keep hybrids the same from ‘no mercy’ for this 5th difficultly level. Heavy stubber might need a minor nerf tho 😡!

So, a Standard genestealer will kill u in 3 hits, warrior in 2 (keep all projectiles damage same as ‘no mercy’), Bio blast 1-2 hit kills, keep stalkers damage the same from ‘no mercy’, scythe 1 hit kill like in ‘no mercy’, Broodlord 1 hit kill like in ‘no mercy’. Parry those attacks, brothers! 👾👾👾👾👾👽

Subsequently, If MELEE was improved so that all termis can override any action like shooting, swinging a sword etc, with blocking/pushing immediately, then surviving the genestealer horde is all about maintaining one’s distance like in the board game and dodging and parrying their claws coz they’ll kill u easily at close quarters like on the board game.

I guess bolters would need a slight buff to help aswell.

I would like improved AI aswell at higher difficulty levels like OP suggested, but it might cost a lot to implement.

Edit: melee shd override action the same way current in game reloading works, which immediately cancels reload if u press block or charge a punch.

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In terms of Voldo’s proposed Psyker skill ‘Force Dome’ I’d maybe copy Destiny’s Titan bubble which sounds similar.

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PVP, as has been mentioned in CMV comments section, could even be like Watchdogs PvP whereby the 4x Fallen players infiltrate ones normal 4x Loyalist game out of the blue if u turn the PvP switch on.

Maybe Tactical or Chaplain could have a temporary team slow-down-time skill like Max Payne? Could be OP tho?

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U should lock Adornments customisations in tiers so u can’t just save up for the best one and bypass the rest.

Btw, where’s the ambient music in the campaign dissapeared to in multiplayer? Was it ever in multiplayer? Surely it should be.. and I think the xenos were growling more prevalently a couple weeks ago...😧

Heavy stubbers are more dangerous than a Scythe strain..? 😭

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I previously suggested a ‘night mode’ for chapters (like Battlefield 4 maps) and/ or a dead ship with zero power that can affect plasma batteries etc.. due to the cold. Temporary black outs like Voldo suggests would be gr8 too. Obviously, doors might not work and need to be repowered to pass through etc. Could have night mode / temp black outs with new Special Missions set as a dlc, or weaved into existing Special Missions so on a certain mission it just blacks out on each chapter and different sets of tasks are put to the squad to deal with. Like a puzzle game of turning on and off power to get through a maze.

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there is a anomaly when u enter the psygate from the load-out room at the start of a mission.

It doesn’t fully take u through the psygate, so if u turn around u can still half see the loadout room whilst it’s loading in.

This happened in Chapter 6 aswell

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