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Obviously, there’s always a bigger turkey to toast up in a glory of flames, and as such, some crazy gobblers just blow up bigger than others even when you’ve got enough on your plate.

Just to point out the perceived inconsistencies of damage inflicted when nids blow up in my face sometimes I am hardly damaged, whilst sometimes when they blow up further away from me and I have yellow chest armour the blast or shockwave kills me. Some are more powerful than others.

Whether it’s just natural selection or a more calculated design, the creator only knows..?

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On Chapter 7 on Special Missions single player, there is a anomaly when u enter the psygate from the load-out room at the start of a mission.
It doesn’t fully take u through the psygate, so if u turn around u can still half see the loadout room whilst it’s loading in. Other chapters aren’t like this.

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@steakboy1 maybe it was a failed attempt n some possible hive dlc to come 😜

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Maybe Belial in white robes handing out the medals to warm n fuzzy Nahum, Lovable rogue Barry and our new hope the deadly battle Psyker would be a good ending. Tho I doubt they’ll bother coz it’ll cost a few mil. SPOILER!!! Look away NOW!!!

Btw, gr8 final cutscene, but did those hive ships get destroyed..?

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As the Emperors chosen: C M Valrak says in his most recent You Tube video, we need more 🙃 and pvp n horde mode would totally enrich the game in terms of quality and replay ability.

  • PVP I like Valraks idea of loyalists vs fallen. They could follow objectives whilst all the while knowing the enemy is out there doing their own objectives and loads of nids between them. This would probably take a fair amount of work devising new, exclusive and archaic skills for the fallen terminators. However, it would be a lot of fun and a gr8 addition. Plus more skins n scalps.

  • HORDE Mode: Set in a few different locals like the beginning beachhead or the final stand or level 5’s frozen area etc etc, plus some ai squads from the campaign showing their elusive faces and helping out etc.

  • Melee needs fine tuning.

  • Tactical vs Chaplain... could just swap the first skill. Or have new Chaplain skill to replace skill 1 or give Chaplain n Psyker 6 skills to choose from considering they’re the captains and not just ur regular grunt.

  • New higher difficultly level, be it a new level after ‘no mercy’ or a new rules set to toggle etc...

  • Psyker improvements.

  • Rumble features could be improved imo, like heavier kick on shotgun, rumble when doors slam shut, etc...

  • Bolters are said to need a buff to be viable, competitive options.

  • New ships to explore. Hive, Eldar, Ork, etc...

Plus more I cannot remember 🤓

I hope u have the time and resources to do all of the above and don’t just move onto Space Hulk 2...

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Ppl are asking for more challenge beyond no mercy and ff. I wrote my OP as ideas for more ways to increase the challenge . What’s others’ suggestions n the matter?

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Maybe, Streum could develop a long-suggested-for horde-mode that integrates these elusive ai teams into the game mode?

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@steakboy1 my life in a nutshell, brother 😂

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@tontonub hi brother,

Those crawling hive fleet ships 😀

“The xenos are uncounted!“ 👽👽👽👽👽👽

“Vengeance guides our weapons!”