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@streumon-f8 yeh, thanks. I read it on Steam earlier. Quite interesting to have a vibration on/off mode in the new patch. By greyskull! is that Heman or Ken? Coz that basin cut looks like Heman but he’s got a red jacket (gi?) on..!?

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Could they slightly speed up the shots per second for Boltor and MK2 to make it more competitive?

Crozius seems like it needs a buff.

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I think they should eventually offer customisable helmets, heads, scars, tattoos, face/war paints, garments, tassels, hoodies, and implants etc to get one’s desired look.

Maybe the bayonets shd give minimal buffs to melee weapon/glove such as speed, crit, Armour piercing, ale, damage, xp gain etc etc.

I’m only level 18 so I don’t know the ins and outs of the customisation but I wondered, if there could be a points system whereby each adornment, perk etc add to a capped total so that the less powerful adornments etc ie 10% are not made redundant by the more powerful ones. Thus you can juggle with powers and if you choose low points you get an alternative bonus? I think some other games do this.

Eg 7 points = tier 3 tier 1 tier 3; tier 2 tier 2 tier 3; or summit?

Lol beer monster perk nah AOE 🤪

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Why can’t I scroll down the list of hosts in the multiplayer list on PS4. I’ve tried analogue sticks, d pad etc, and nothing scrolls down even tho more of the list exists.

Obviously a Friendly fire and difficulty level list, column or icons would help aswell.

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@prophet why not play the more lore abiding, authentic NO sprinting experience whilst u wait for the changes? U can usually catch up coz everyones shooting stuff.

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These artists (devs) have had a lot of extreme criticism/hate thrown at them and although their PR was awful, and the internet is the internet, some of the comments were totally unacceptable.
They’ve no doubt worked some immense and unhealthy overtime to get this game out for people to have fun and be entertained.
The people I’m referring to aren’t the bosses of their company, so likely have zero control over the shady business decisions at the top and the greedy plans to milk their customers of all their hard-earned cash. At least there’s no micro transactions to speak of which is a good thing.
They could have thrown in the towel like so many other teams and left the game to the warp (like the Xbox wreckage).
Yeh, they’re selling a product, but at least we have a Streum rep now who’s active in the chat. Their past insouciance was unacceptable, but hopefully they’ve learnt that PR is a two way “mutually beneficial relationship”.

Any artist appreciates positive feedback on their creation. I love the art and design in the chapters as this game is markedly known for and I’ve enjoyed the campaign, which is like a better W40k audio drama, and I’m having fun with the multiplayer and customisables tho it sometimes crashes. I look forward to new improvements and fine tuning like people are suggesting.

Honestly, I wish I never joined this forum and just remained oblivious to the ongoing bs and just waited like a good customer up to 22nd May release day with zero knowledge of this forum and the infuriating silent treatment for many months or potential Sony backroom deals or numerous angry pc and console gamers and embroiled in this anger myself, and just thought damn! it’s not on Xbox n instead bought the game on my bog standard PS4 and just played the game and had fun.

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I’ve noticed u can parry after attack, and charge-attack continuously if u wait for the attack animation to finish and reset or thereabouts, but melee needs improving to be fluid and able to cancel an attack to bring the shield up at any time.

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I found equipping Barry wid the melee weapons will sort em 👽 and keep him well defended 🤗

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@grey-seer your right, it’s pretty much all about money and people shouldn’t get emotionally invested in companies, but I personally wanted to thank the DEVS (Streum), the creatives, for their serious hard work, NOT Focus the publisher whom I feel are the bad apple in the bunch.

The devs are just hardworking human beings with bills to pay and jobs on the line and deserve my thanks for a good game as well as all the inhuman hours they no doubt poured into this product to get it released for gamers’ entertainment.

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I guess I mean to just fine tune the rumble effects. It’d be interesting to compare how Titanfall 2 do their mech suit vibrations n guns etc as well as other big shooters. Maybe it would be good to have a slight rumble when u open a door or when the doors shut to give it some substance. I guess the chain gun stumped me coz I’m used to the rumble effect on the wind up as well from other games. Maybe look at Vermintides rumble for melee weaponry. Could test a continual rumble effect when charging a charged attack etc...

Personally, I reckon the Warrior strain genestealer should sometimes spit blinding goo venom in ones face aswell as sometimes spitting nano bees . Variety is the spice of life and temporarily blinding a termi would add another layer of fun to the mix 😭

I know the ambient sound is cool and it works most of the time but I believe some action packed music would be great weaved in ONLY when a big guy comes at you. So very rarely but would add to the game.