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As the Emperors chosen: C M Valrak says in his most recent You Tube video, we need more 🙃 and pvp n horde mode would totally enrich the game in terms of quality and replay ability.

  • PVP I like Valraks idea of loyalists vs fallen. They could follow objectives whilst all the while knowing the enemy is out there doing their own objectives and loads of nids between them. This would probably take a fair amount of work devising new, exclusive and archaic skills for the fallen terminators. However, it would be a lot of fun and a gr8 addition. Plus more skins n scalps.

  • HORDE Mode: Set in a few different locals like the beginning beachhead or the final stand or level 5’s frozen area etc etc, plus some ai squads from the campaign showing their elusive faces and helping out etc.

  • Melee needs fine tuning.

  • Tactical vs Chaplain... could just swap the first skill. Or have new Chaplain skill to replace skill 1 or give Chaplain n Psyker 6 skills to choose from considering they’re the captains and not just ur regular grunt.

  • New higher difficultly level, be it a new level after ‘no mercy’ or a new rules set to toggle etc...

  • Psyker improvements.

  • Rumble features could be improved imo, like heavier kick on shotgun, rumble when doors slam shut, etc...

  • Bolters are said to need a buff to be viable, competitive options.

  • New ships to explore. Hive, Eldar, Ork, etc...

Plus more I cannot remember 🤓

I hope u have the time and resources to do all of the above and don’t just move onto Space Hulk 2...

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With the media-wide praise of notorious Shaun Murray’s No Mans Sky NEXT redux for its further development dedication, free dlc, and no micro transactions and so on, and whom for some, might be held up as a shining example for other companies to follow, does this not sound familiar to our friendly Streumon devs’ efforts who didn’t walk away, but endeavoured to improve SHDW🖖 They deserve some equal respect. Because as I’ve heard NMS still has its fair share of bugs and crashes, and praise.

It’s true, SHDW desperately needs a new PC/PS4 patch (which has been a while) to fix the crashes and online issues , give host migration , fix spelling mistakes 😤 etc, etc, to keep more players playing.

Hopefully it will come very soon 🤞

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@link000 said in Urgent News: Xbox One Version has been cancelled:


There was a statement here, a single sentence posted by a community manager stating Deathwing would release on PC and PS4 only.
Hardly a quality piece of PR but short and to the point. Not to mention I copied the longer version into here, knowing others would wish to see it. It doesn't lose much intrinsic value just because you'd rather a CM post it, a simple internet search would verify its authenticity. It's your time, spend it how you like.

P.S. If you consider anything I've said slanderous and/or found it offensive, Emperor help you.

Frankly, I’m tired of your self-proclaimed empathy, when all I see you say in Xbox-related threads (from someone with zero issues) is: tough luck buster! Buy a PS4 and play single-player if psplus is too expensive for you! or if people are so “obsessed” with W40k, buy Inquisitor Martyr! As well as posting in this thread on the day of the Xbox cancellation “A whole day of announcements, it’s out on PC and PS4 May 22nd, what more do you want?” (Link000 paraphrased). Oh! Maybe the Xbox version would have been nice!!!
You honestly remind me of the trolls on Facebook or Valrak’s comments section and as far as I can see, your empathy exclusively reaches as far as Focus and Streumon. Your above comments are what I’d describe as “unnecessary”!

There was also a statement here, stating that a more in-depth official statement was on its way! Everyone interested has waited longer than promised (as usual), but the official Xbox statement has FINALLY (after a struggle) been posted HERE on the official SHD forum (despite the very understated approach) where it categorically SHOULD be without question!!! How unprofessional and pointless is it, if I can’t even rely on the official forum of this game to post important official news about this game?!?
Why should I rely on other fans, however eager to please, for official news which should invariably be posted on the official forum?!?

Fundamentally, the point is (as I’ve said before), that if the PR were more competent and did their jobs properly, then the backlash - that you claim: “most of which is OTT and unnecessary” and “absolutely pathetic” (Link000) - would most likely not have occurred or would at least been at a minimum, compared to what it’s become, because, as everyone knows, the internet is notoriously toxic regardless and there’s always the gits!

C’est la vie!

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Enjoying the game. It’s good to see Streum take a active role in the conversations. Gr8 work.

Many thanks Devs!

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I found equipping Barry wid the melee weapons will sort em 👽 and keep him well defended 🤗

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@matobar yep I was blasting my plasma through the fence to no effect, brothers. It needs work

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Maybe the perk ‘Blessed Blood’ should be a generic perk imo and available for everyone. Thus, if you want you can go slow health regen it’s a choice.

It seems wasted on the Apothcary coz he can just insta heal himself by waiting a brief time.

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@tontonub said in post release EE feedback:

I know it's asking a lot, especially just after the release of the Enhanced Edition.
But games need communication and content to live, grow and prepare the community for Space hulk - Deathwing 2 ! (at last, i hope you'll get a chance to develop it)

Keep up the great work !

If a full new game is developed I’d like to see the original Blood Angels sin of damnation campaign transposed to this FPS format. So: Space hulk 2: Blood Angels. 🐣

I’d like more DLC for Deathwing of course 🤫
Maybe a ship that’s pretty much totally like the secreted resin nest in chapter 2 like the lair of a big boss or summit...

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Maybe, Streum could develop a long-suggested-for horde-mode that integrates these elusive ai teams into the game mode?

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This may not be what OP is referring to, but changing 16:9 ratio on ur TV to “screen fit” will shrink image to properly fit the screen.

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I guess Streum should have lied thru their teeth like notorious Shaun ‘the wolf in sheep’s clothing’ Murray; beguiling customers with lures of PvP and Orks and different chapter armours, vast new ships and maybe Streum could have amassed a cool few million aswell from the duped masses to financially aid with the next free updates 😝

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Numerous people (including the mighty Valrak) since the MK2’s inclusion, have said that the MK2 Bolter needs more Uummph! More meat! I can’t quite make it out properly in the latest video clip, but it seems like nothing has been changed and it still sounds like it’s shooting pips many months after numerous loyal fans try to help you to improve ur game. A couple hours in the sound studio could have likely rectified this, but you don’t seem to listen to anyone or care what they say.

I guess its all subjective at the end of the day, but if numerous people suggest a change then maybe you should listen! Then again, maybe ur funds have dried out, so that’s a shame and I apologise for my anger, but then no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. But in November ‘17 you said you were tweaking and polishing, so what exactly have you been doing that’s so top secret all these months?

You’ve proven your word means nothing and you never listen.

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I’m enjoying the game on my base PS4, but I feel the rumble/vibration could be vastly improved, which would really improve the overall experience and make it more polished and immersive. Research AAA shooters for good examples of rumble effects.


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Yep!, I’ve also noticed that u need to be more deliberate when you want to strike and parry and wait for a small cooldown between hits etc as it doesn’t always register the button input. I’d prefer it if it were more like Vermintides more fluid registering of continuous button presses like continuing charged attacks etc.

I like the flow and feel of the mace and hammer in terms of animation and combat but the sword and axe animations seem a bit janky and need fine tuning imo.


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@grey-seer your right, it’s pretty much all about money and people shouldn’t get emotionally invested in companies, but I personally wanted to thank the DEVS (Streum), the creatives, for their serious hard work, NOT Focus the publisher whom I feel are the bad apple in the bunch.

The devs are just hardworking human beings with bills to pay and jobs on the line and deserve my thanks for a good game as well as all the inhuman hours they no doubt poured into this product to get it released for gamers’ entertainment.

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These artists (devs) have had a lot of extreme criticism/hate thrown at them and although their PR was awful, and the internet is the internet, some of the comments were totally unacceptable.
They’ve no doubt worked some immense and unhealthy overtime to get this game out for people to have fun and be entertained.
The people I’m referring to aren’t the bosses of their company, so likely have zero control over the shady business decisions at the top and the greedy plans to milk their customers of all their hard-earned cash. At least there’s no micro transactions to speak of which is a good thing.
They could have thrown in the towel like so many other teams and left the game to the warp (like the Xbox wreckage).
Yeh, they’re selling a product, but at least we have a Streum rep now who’s active in the chat. Their past insouciance was unacceptable, but hopefully they’ve learnt that PR is a two way “mutually beneficial relationship”.

Any artist appreciates positive feedback on their creation. I love the art and design in the chapters as this game is markedly known for and I’ve enjoyed the campaign, which is like a better W40k audio drama, and I’m having fun with the multiplayer and customisables tho it sometimes crashes. I look forward to new improvements and fine tuning like people are suggesting.

Honestly, I wish I never joined this forum and just remained oblivious to the ongoing bs and just waited like a good customer up to 22nd May release day with zero knowledge of this forum and the infuriating silent treatment for many months or potential Sony backroom deals or numerous angry pc and console gamers and embroiled in this anger myself, and just thought damn! it’s not on Xbox n instead bought the game on my bog standard PS4 and just played the game and had fun.

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I think they should eventually offer customisable helmets, heads, scars, tattoos, face/war paints, garments, tassels, hoodies, and implants etc to get one’s desired look.

Maybe the bayonets shd give minimal buffs to melee weapon/glove such as speed, crit, Armour piercing, ale, damage, xp gain etc etc.

I’m only level 18 so I don’t know the ins and outs of the customisation but I wondered, if there could be a points system whereby each adornment, perk etc add to a capped total so that the less powerful adornments etc ie 10% are not made redundant by the more powerful ones. Thus you can juggle with powers and if you choose low points you get an alternative bonus? I think some other games do this.

Eg 7 points = tier 3 tier 1 tier 3; tier 2 tier 2 tier 3; or summit?

Lol beer monster perk nah AOE 🤪

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I’ve noticed u can parry after attack, and charge-attack continuously if u wait for the attack animation to finish and reset or thereabouts, but melee needs improving to be fluid and able to cancel an attack to bring the shield up at any time.

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On a side note I’m interested in a fisheye optical module as well as a 0.5 version, so it’s easier to search with the invisible optic for them stalkers.