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Sad to see it’s abandoned, coz a few more tweeks would have vastly improved the game - like fine-tuning melee, etc. I always see NoManSky getting numerous 2-5gb patches from devs 😭

Hopefully Streumon took our suggestions we gave to He-man and bring out Space Hulk Blood Angel...

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@uriell The Enhanced Edition is the latest version. The only version on console is the EEd. The original is the old version. Tho because I only own it on ps4 I do not know if you have to first load the original because the EE was a patch to upgrade the original so people who had old version just downloaded the patch to upgrade to EEd. Sorry Brother, a PC owner needs to help you.

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WHY?WHY?WHY? I’m getting deathly tired of repeatedly reiterating issues aswell as seeing many customers’ advice get brutally ignored or just barbarically killed off by bumbledom. Important issues and a glut of fans’ advice on how to improve your game is discarded in favour of yet more irrelevant and unimportant additions.

Don’t get me wrong, the new map is gr8 and that’s a brilliant addition, welldone! but WHY the experience bar? No one needs it?!! but you DO need to address the many grammar and spelling mistakes littered through this game and I’m guessing it’s easy to patch a few stray letters but you yet again don’t bother!🤬 WHY? The XP bar, is a waste of time and effort much like on/off vibration and muzzle flash additions which you deemed highest priority work?!???????! There are glaringly more pressing things to apply your time and effort on! Imo, drastically neutering the already suicidal nids is the cruellest fate. Now they just go out with a whimper. Where’s the honour in that?!
I think you’ve nerfed them too much.

Btw, Where’s our friendly He-man with the moral of the story, who, for whatever reason, is no longer master of this universe? Did he really relay our comments back to the cloth eared devs like promised?

My psplus has expired so I don’t know if the net issues are rectified.

Time and again people suggest patch changes. What about the addition of helmets rather than a XP bar? Why not make thorax swarm more lethal thus making the thorax damage reduction adornments of some use, not just acid, but no!, how about locking customisations so people don’t just buy the top tier item which would promote more longevity, but no! MELEE seriously needs patching which would do wonders for this game, but no!, etc, etc. Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!

You have your heads stuck in the sand and fingers in your ears and seem to rather toy around with unnecessary phantasmagorical incongruous clutter than deal with the burning issues. Purge!

The writing that probably needs spellchecking is on the wall! Please listen, because we want the game to become great!


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Excellent news that Streum are still beavering away at SHDW W40k 😁 whilst the predators prey -looking for a quick bloody meal to rip apart at the end of each day, but regardless of their malicious Heresay (heresy) 👿 the next patch is on its way 😌

Dead some would say? Be patient young terminators! This isn’t big budget CoD or Michael Bey 🤢
Sorry foul heretics, but in the grim dark of W40k there is only optimism and our aforementioned 10 devs beavering away, for the Emperor and mankind and hive dwellers worldwide ✊
Resolute and committed that the xenos filth is lanced and bled and purged with righteousness, fire and lead 👾

But I’m not a poet and we ain’t the devs 🤐 so have some faith and let the brave 10 make the omnissiah proud 🙏 so we can play this game without the kicks, bugs n crashes that need ironing out 🤕

Patience is a virtue and time is a healer, brothers in arms 🤗

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This 400mb update, though minor, sounds promising and reassuring that Streum haven’t given up; considering the negativity writing off the game and trashing it before it’s given a bit more time to be fixed properly. I think it would be a damn shame to be so close to finishing but not fix these breaking bug issues that are causing so much frustration.

Melee is also a top priority that needs fine tuning and would improve the game drastically. Streum should take note of Vermintides melee system, if not copy it, such as cancelling attack animation for more immediate blocking in close combat, continued charged attack fluidity from one stroke to the next and a vibration on charge release, etc. Then melee can be more tactical and dynamic than just mashing light attack, because waiting for attack animations to reset before repressing the button to swing again is annoying. Just play V1/2 on a controller and ull see the differences.

Streum said more smaller updates for PC and less often larger updates on PS4. As there’s only 10 devs, we should cut them some slack to continue patching the issues. All games have their fair share of bugs so let’s not lose faith and say it’s dead n buried when the fact is SHDW isn’t a RNG loot game built for eternal grinding for God rolls, so player numbers will drop naturally. Additionally, people have stopped playing coz they keep getting kicked out of games and it crashes, so top priority patches are Integral to the games longevity by fixing the online issues first.

Myself and others have also suggested incremental locks on customisations (unless they’re won) so that people don’t just bypass a large chunk of Adornments and for example, only buy Acid damage reduction -50% without buying the lesser adornments first. This will promote more longevity.
Also, daily/weekly tasks or whatever could be a thing to keep people playing?

It would be nice to have some news from Streum soon.

Host migration
Frame rate
Intermittent Freezes
Incremental locks
Spelling/grammar mistakes

Delete Hybrids from start of Chapter 1 (campaign mode)
Tactical vs Chaplain
Ambient music in campaign put in multiplayer
Improve Bolter sounds
Vibration/rumble features

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@grey-seer I was under the impression from ur posts that when u owned the game u could only play for 30mins or so at a time before it crashed. Plus I thought u got ur refund not long after EE release, so maybe u didn’t play long enough to embrace the customisations, 4 player online coop on No Mercy and FF , etc etc. Hence, formulating an opinion from a possibly very limited play time of EE in addition to crash after crash every 30 mins or so wouldn’t amount to a reliable review or fair reflection of the game.

As you say, it’s a similar game though quite different, so not perfect to make comparisons. I compared technical bugs, crashes which were still rife in Dec 17 onwards on Xbox. Crashes and bugs have been present in V1 for a long while and the bots are still worse than SHDWs so to give it a vastly higher metacritic rating whilst SHDW is chastised for the same issues is misleading.

SHDW is not a L4D clone nor does it seem to wanna be, so comparing the two as one being the right way and one the wrong way isn’t ideal. It’s a different game not a V clone.

When in multiplayer, the player assumes the role of the character, so dialogue would be inappropriate. The bots are stern marines who don’t talk much 😶 🙊 so the difference is not a negative imo

U obviously prefer Vermintide end of story and no wonder, considering ur past bad experiences.

I like them both, but feel the metacritic should be closer to V1s and SHDW needs more patches.

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Surely it’s misleading to claim I claimed people have grouped together, like a conspiracy, to write negative reviews. The media reviews are for whatever reason predominantly negative which I feel is harsh and misleading to potential customers.

The metacritic metascore (PS4) is misleadingly low (Imo) at 55 compared to say Vermintide 73 which equally has had its fair share of glitches, bugs, crashes, kicks etc, stupid AI (actually more infuriatingly stupid than SHDW. Honestly, I don’t get the anger bout the bots. they do their job if u work with them, they’re not Einstein’s, but better than Vermintides bots who never revive you and leave you to die but nonetheless SHDW gets docked for stupid AI buddies but seemingly Vermintide escapes that problem).

NOW, Vermintide (1) is supposedly sorted technically and balance-wise a couple years after release, but even the Xbox Gold release in Dec 17 was a bungle of constant kicks n crashes. Nevertheless, V got initial glowing positive reviews from metacritic on its release despite the gamers complaining bout crashes etc.

The bugs n crashes are the emphasised Achilles heal for SHDW. It’s subjective if u prefer Vermintide to SHDW. It wasn’t, when released, necessarily objectively the better game, it’s a different game and can be a lot of fun online, which it respectfully deserves some credit for rather than a pitiful 55 metascore, or 2.5 stars on Amazon. This game is better than that!!!

Maybe if ur into CoD and Destiny, and enjoy double jumps, jet packs and twitch shooting 360 spinning no scopes then SHDW ain’t the game for you, but for the more discerning and mature crowd 🧐 this is a good game and great fun in multiplayer on no mercy and ff, when it works, which is more often than people would have you believe, at least that’s my experience. Btw, if it keeps kicking you out then host ur own game and it should be better.

The crashes and kicks etc are clearly infuriating and they need fixing ASAP! The kicks etc are a big drag that over time can grind u down and would no doubt cause people to leave, but SHDW the game and indie company Streum should have the time/leeway Vermintide was afforded. We should be supportive of indie devs, not trash their game coz it needs a bit more polishing and refining. Don’t people want to see an improved, fully working version they can enjoy rather than gloating over its perceived downfall?

I highly doubt Streum have the luxury of the cash cow Shaun Murray fattened up and creamed off of by misleading unsuspecting punters. He’s got all the money in the world to finish his game and be praised for it!! I just hope Streum haven’t thrown in the towel and release a patch to end the online issues etc. And yep! you’re probably better off buying SHDW when and if the major bugs are squashed 🖖

I suppose if people go near a 55 metacritic or 2.5 Star game on Amazon then they might find it’s worthy of a better score, or we just hope it gets fixed and people subsequently leave positive reviews that merit the improvements...

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As I wrote, fans who ‘positively enjoy’ the game could write reviews. Therefore, albeit positive, they’re honest and genuine reviews so are not misleading. Id say it’s misleading to give the game the metacritic rating it has at the mo. An unhappy Someone will have to russle up a group of negative critics to counterbalance the genuine positive reviews if theyre not happy. Anyway, it’s hardly gonna happen but was just an idea 🙃.

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Many players grind the same levels against the same enemies indefinitely in games like Vermintide because of the RNG loot casino, or so it would seem... SHDW, has a shorter life-span than RNG loot-based games; once someone’s accumulated all the customisations and played on No Mercy/FF many times over, they’re done, unless new DLC arrives. Some will obviously continually enjoy it regardless.

I very recently noticed our honourable friend Hengist posted a positively good review on Metacritic for SHDW, so maybe all us fans who positively enjoy the game should band together and bombard the metacritic with positive reviews so that more people might be encouraged to buy it and be playing it.

Maybe Streum should sell the Mace of Corswain (though it might need improving) as a one-off micro transaction on PlayStation to Russle up some extra cash that could be put towards patching the online issues, so players don’t get frustrated and leave prematurely because their online games keep quitting.

It is imperative these ‘bugs’ be ironed out if we want a lot of players consistently playing SHDW.

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I guess Streum should have lied thru their teeth like notorious Shaun ‘the wolf in sheep’s clothing’ Murray; beguiling customers with lures of PvP and Orks and different chapter armours, vast new ships and maybe Streum could have amassed a cool few million aswell from the duped masses to financially aid with the next free updates 😝

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With the media-wide praise of notorious Shaun Murray’s No Mans Sky NEXT redux for its further development dedication, free dlc, and no micro transactions and so on, and whom for some, might be held up as a shining example for other companies to follow, does this not sound familiar to our friendly Streumon devs’ efforts who didn’t walk away, but endeavoured to improve SHDW🖖 They deserve some equal respect. Because as I’ve heard NMS still has its fair share of bugs and crashes, and praise.

It’s true, SHDW desperately needs a new PC/PS4 patch (which has been a while) to fix the crashes and online issues , give host migration , fix spelling mistakes 😤 etc, etc, to keep more players playing.

Hopefully it will come very soon 🤞

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I’m on iPad but it is chopped up as I described... strange 😱

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Can someone sort out the forum title because for many months it has been badly cropped and is annoying : “enhanced e” “space hu” etc . Maintenance was carried out recently but the title is unendingly left chopped, so looks very unprofessional!

It seems all the forums are cropped to fit a smaller title box but Spacehulk Deathwing is not shrunk to fit the newer title box.

Sort it out please.

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This may not be what OP is referring to, but changing 16:9 ratio on ur TV to “screen fit” will shrink image to properly fit the screen.

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First things first, give Baz the claws or thunder hammer and get him to face off n help kill the bosses. Get a third more powerful psychic ability. Keep a diligent eye on the health of ur bots to quickly heal when necessary. Use lightning skill for turrets and annoying hybrids like heavy stubbers 😤. Maybe heal ur self when ur armour turns orange because one bioblast will kill u otherwise. Brood lords can’t hit u with psychic attack if ur moving about. The standard plasma gun can stagger a boss every hit, making it easy to kill bosses.

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Someone in ‘Ideas and suggestions’ column wrote in about July 2017 a vast post about having the cyclone and suggested a 6 canister rack, so that might just fit through the fence? However I’ve noticed that the Apos light is too high for the chapter 3 fence doorways anyway. Alternatively, Dopp’s idea of having grenade launcher on glove would be gr8 and probably easier to develop and use on a controller. Aim by charging the power glove L2 and release L2 to send a volley o nades.


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Obviously, lore is another possible reason for its omission from this game, but ‘SH ascension’ had no problem including Cyclone ML. Plus the maps are like large and vast cathedrals in places, which I doubt is lore abiding to the board game but brilliant nonetheless.

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@psi2007a-d quite a few people have brought this up over the last few years, so I’m guessing it might be too expensive and time consuming to include as they’ve not bothered yet... It would be a great weapon or skill for the Tactical. 😎

Edit: I don’t think a cyclone rack will fit through the fence doorways in chapter 3 tho they really should give Tactical the Cyclone to give the class its je ne sai quoi

Edit: it would be better as an attachment weapon exclusive to Tactical because as a skill ud have to change all termi models of the Tactical permanently across the board but as a weapon it can be a toggle on/off visual attachment to existing termi models. Cyclone would only be used with bolters n redemption, thus simultaneously making that +20 perforation bolter perk useful plus a point to using bolters as Tactical. Maybe give Cyclone a really long reload, almost like a 4th skill.

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