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Well the point of making it toggleable was to not piss of people who don't like it, it was talked about earlier on Reddit and some people didn't want it in the game.

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aiming down sights feels a little downgraded from Source, in the older game there was some sort of an animation, and that small thing made it look better than what is currently in Sandstorm, just a smooth transition.

In the old game magnificated optics in CQC were useless, now you can go with 2x and not get killed most of the time. Aiming with magnified optics should take more time, as it was in the old game.

ADS should be slower, and the speed difference should not depend on the loadout weight, but on the firearm's weight, using unmagnified optics would speed ADS a little because you don't have to allign two pieces with each other, just the reticle with the enemy.

ADS free aim would be a good option, and making it toggleable would be neccesary, some people just don't like it and we can't do anything about it.

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