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We need Chaos Pact and Slaanesh + Khorne!

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Hello mods,

Can we expected a big expansion before the end of the year? Like a chaos edition?

Thanks in advance

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Je trouve la plupart de tes suggestions très intéressantes! Particulièrement celle concernant la customisation des équipes.


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Hi Guys!

I'm starting a stunty league in association with TwitchBBL on BB2. It will be a pool of 8 teams for start and if the people are interesting in the future I will create more pools for the league. Normal and mixed team are allowed (with some restriction).

Here's the discord of the league

Rules of this league are the following:
-Minimum TV is 600.
-Ogre, Halfling and Goblin are the only real stunty roster.

For the other accepted teams than those three te following must be added in addition:
-The roster must contain at least 6 stunties (so Lizardmen and Underworld are accepted).
-Some mixed team are allowed with acceptation from my part.

The following races are ban: Human/ork/Dwarve/Chaos Dwarve/Chaos/Nurgle/Dark elf/High elf/Wood Elf/Bretonnian/Undead/Khemri/Necromantique/Amazon/Nordic/Kislev/Skaven and Vampire.


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Hi guys! Bourre-pif tournament will be organised as a round robin. It will be a big pool of 10 teams, the team with the best score after week 9 will be crownd. Inscription is free and you'll have to send me a message for knowing which eam you'r playing.
see'ya later!

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Salut les gens! Le Bourre-pif est un tournoi de type Round-Robin, ouvert aux equipes fraiches et il reste 9 places! Pas de doublon au niveau des teams si possible histoire que ce soit diversifier.
L'admission est libre mais avec validation du createur de la ligue.

Vous trouverez toutes les infos complementaire sur la description du tournoi.

Il y a deja une equipe de saurus.

A bientot!

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@netheos Thanks you very much for responding. I take that for a "next year" kind of answer. : )

I was mentionning a chaos team build around the theme of Slaanesh (an agile chaos team for exemple). I forget Khorne team, but yeah it was released in BB1.

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Sup Cyanide! When will you released both Chaos Pact and Slaanesh team? At least can you confirm they will come this year or the next year please?