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As a Diamond 1 player, and an active member of the DGL, I have played this map quite a bit. This map is one of the better firefight maps, but is held back because the map tends to be pretty security sided.

The reason that this map is security sided is because the security side has way more oversight on the B objective. Now, currently, insurgents can get on to B a little bit faster than security however security has a lot more options when it comes to B control, thus, over the course of a round, the security side is able to win more often because of their increased B control.

Now in this context, B control is less about getting on the point, and more about preventing the opposite team from getting on the point. Here are a few examples of how security has better B control:

  • Security gets to dark window at the same time insurgents get to their arch entry to B (with a good spawn). This means security has the ability to kill the player running the fastest route to B. This can be countered from insurgents pre-firing the window from apartments, but security usually has time to kill the player rushing arches.
  • Security can get on to B from 4 different locations(cafe under balc, balc, sec arch, and jail), each of which have no doors where the insurgents can set up and camp the door before security can get to it. In contrast, insurgents only have 2 paths on to B (ins arches, and apts down to B either through the broken wall or down the stairs to the back of the Van) without doors that can be camped.
  • Security can get on to B from 3 different sides of the B point (cafe/balc, sec arch, jail) without going through doors that can be camped, while the insurgents can only get on to B from 1.5 sides of the B point (Ins arch (only counts as 0.5 since its in the corner), and apts).
  • Security can easily flank the insurgents strongest position (apts) without having to go through a door that can be camped. Insurgents in contrast have no way of flanking the security teams strongest position (balc/dark window) without going through a door that can be camped by security.

What we can see from the above shows that security clearly have the B advantage at the start of the round. They can position themselves to kill the insurgents running on to B as well as flank the insurgents strongest position without much resistance.

There are ways to work around this, which is why I think your data will show that insurgents will push for the A objective much more than the B objective, whereas the security don't usually push the C objective and instead just focus on securing B and protecting A. This comes from the fact that security has the clear advantage over the B position.

So this leads to the question of how to fix the issues. There are really only a few things that could be changed to make the map much more balanced.

  1. Add a door to the hole room on ins side balc to allow insurgents better access to the balcony. Currently security can completely deny an insurgent flank on to balcony by throwing an incendiary grenade against the door on insurgent side balcony. Insurgents can still open the door with an incendiary there, but its hard to shoot through the wall of sparks and impossible to push onto the balcony until the incendiary goes out. A door in the hole room to the completely isolated room on insurgents side balcony would allow insurgents to push into that room and fire out the window in that room, as well as give a door and a window that would allow for a more effective balcony flank than a single door. This makes the balcony less secure and balances it with the security's ability to push up into apartments from the security side street.

  2. Make the Jail entrance on to B primarily for insurgent use. Currently the jail entrance on to B is easier for security to use than for insurgents to use. Insurgents have to go through that metal door into the garage/tires/workshop area which can be camped by a security player out in the street. The security side can see that door and camp it well before insurgents can get to it, so insurgents cant use that entrance easily. Instead, I would add a second door that is on the back wall of the jail entrance and then add a wall between the garage/tires/workshop area and the jail entrance. This allows the insurgents to use that door to get to the jail entrance from one of those rooms by the C point, and forces the security team to go out and around the main building block to use that entrance. Similar to how insurgents have to push out and around the security side of the building block to flank the cafe area (under security balc).

  3. Add some kind of door on the security side of apartments that would hinder the security side when trying to push into apartments. It would be nice if the security side didn't have free access into the insurgents side of apartments without any kind of door or other obstacle. This would make the apartments area much more balanced in comparison with the balcony area, as it would allow the insurgents to camp the security push into apts much in the same way that the security can camp the insurgents push into the balcony area. Preferably I would like this wall to allow security safer access to that room with the metal door on their side of the apartments which has a window overlooking B. This balances the proposed door that lets insurgents get into that room on insurgents side balcony which has the window facing the B objective and the apartments.

  4. Add a window overlooking B and the balcony from insurgents side balcony, preferably right at the top of the stairs where insurgents come up on to their side of the balcony. Some kind of window here would give insurgents the same advantage that security have from the window on security side apartments has that looks into the broken wall on insurgents side apartments, and out on to the B point. A similar window but for insurgents side of the balcony would help balance the B objective visibility for both teams, and give insurgents a way to fire out on to the balcony in the same way that security can fire into the apartments.

All in all, these are pretty simple changes and would make all the difference in the world when it comes to providing insurgents with a fair shot at taking and controlling the B objective.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


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You can already do this!

Just open up your settings menu and under the audio tab you should see an option labeled "Sound in Background"

When that option is checked, your game audio will persist even when alt tabbed, meaning you can hear the ready up noise when the game is not in focus.

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Hello NWI devs,

So I have a slight delay in my audio system that results in my audio being cut off unless I hold down my push to talk for a bit after I stop talking. Would it be possible to build in a push to talk release delay like discord so that I can release the button when I stop talking, but it waits for half a second or so before actually cutting my audio off?


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Between yesterday and today I have played Summit West 9 times and Precinct West 7 times the only other maps I got was Summit East twice, Farmhouse east once, Crossing once, and hideout East once.

When less than 20 people are playing, it tends to just put you right back in the map you played last round, or just one other map.

Would be nice if there was a way to make it so the same maps don't pop up over and over again.

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Also, the fact that security has free access to insurgent side apps without any doors etc. Insurgents have to go through the door out on to the balcony to flank security position. This does help balance things with the current insurgency sided nature of the map, but I'd rather have it more balanced with better flanking opportunities from insurgent side.

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I was wondering if there is a way to increase the verbosity of the logs for a custom server. Specifically, I have several people who have admin on my server, and I would like to be able to parse the logs to see any admin actions that they have done through the admin menu, Including stuff that is only available with cheats enabled.

Even better would be fully verbose logs that record every chat, hit, death etc.

Is anything like this possible with the existing server binary? If not, can I request that server admins have the ability to get this kind of verbosity?


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@maa_bunny said in Doors in Comp Need to be Removed:

I once had a instructor say "think of CQB as a series of ambushes and counter-ambushes." Leave kicking down the door and storming the room in a hail of gunfire to the action movies. That shit doesn't work so good in real life, and it doesn't work very well in Sandstorm either.

Exactly correct. Now, the problem is less about how action plays out when doors are involved, but the fact that doors are ruining the balance of the map. Again, my biggest issue is with precinct where the security can flank the insurgent side of B without ever encountering a door. On the other hand, the only way for insurgents to flank the security side of B is through multiple doors.

I think it would be better without any doors, however if that is not a majority opinion, I guess I can settle for at least making the flanking opportunities even between the two teams. The doors in some cases are objectively (pardon the pun) ruining the balance of the maps, and that is the primary issue I have right now.

Secondarily, its much less satisfying to watch or even play a game where players can hide themselves on objectives, and just wait for enemies to breach the door, but that is my opinion and is not objective.

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I'd like to make a long winded and well thought out complaint about the existence & number of doors in comp maps.

TLDR; Doors are bad for comp, because they give away your position, and block you from being able to flank your enemy.

The Best Solution
Lets talk about a solution first, because there is lots to discuss on why doors are bad, but I dont want that discussion to make you think that re-thinking the location of doors is the solution.

The best solution is not to re-think doors and their locations but to just remove them entirely from the comp maps. There is only a single location where that could be a bad decision and that is the door between A and the back hallway of the Hotel on Summit East, which could easily be fixed by adding some lockers or something that block the sight line from A all the way down to that little courtyard behind C. That is literally the only place where removing doors would maybe have a bad effect as far as I can tell, and it has a very easy fix that is not a door.

My Complaint on Doors

At first glance, doors are a fun addition to insurgency. It allows for lots of cool busting down doors moments, and helps give a bit of protection, and section off parts of the map. However, if you start getting into the details of competitive gameplay, most doors create major map balance issues.

Lets discuss the 3 ways that doors have made competitive gameplay unbalanced and generally a terrible addition to the game.

1) Doors Are Audio/Visual Beacons
Whenever someone opens a door there is both an audible noise heard by all players as well as a visual component where players can see the door move as it opens. This makes it very easy for players to camp doors. Footsteps are loud enough that it is pretty easy to hear an enemy coming and determine at least the general direction of an enemy, however when a player opens or breaks down a door, it is instantly obvious that a player is right on the other side of the door.

Any player who sees or hears a door open that is near them, can immediately kill the player coming through the door. Since the audio cue plays well before the player who is opening/smashing down the door can aim and fire at whatever is beyond the door, the person who is on the other side always has the advantage.

2) Doors Incentivze Wall Banging
There are two types of wall banging that are incentivized by the existence of doors.

The first is general wall bangs. I can make an example using basically any objective that is inside a building, but lets go with the A objective on Hideout East. The main point has a room with 2 doors and a single window. When someone is capturing that objective, they can sit in a corner of that room and watch both doors and kill the first person through one of those doors basically without question. This leads to the enemy team just shooting through the walls to try and kill the player in that room. They may shoot through the door, or maybe peek the window, but if the player capturing A is sitting in the corner opposite the two doors, you cant see the player from the window. Also, since you cant shoot while vaulting, you cant vault through the window to kill the player because they will still kill you before you can get a round off. So the best strategy in that case is to either sit on the point, blocking the capture until a teammate arrives so you have a better chance, or to just shoot through the walls at obvious corners where most people camp. However this also doesn't work sometimes, because once you shoot through a wall, the enemy on the point will know where you are, and just fire right back through the wall you shot through and can kill you that way too.

The second kind is the door camp wall bang. This is especially bad on objectives like the C objective also on Hideout East. Players can often camp right in front of the door that is above the garage (left side of C if you are looking at it from Ins spawn) and kill anyone who runs up the stairs. The player who is camping behind the door can hear the footsteps of anyone running up those stairs on the other side of the door, and just shoot through the door at the top of the stairs, without the attacker even knowing they are there.

3) Doors Make Flanking Difficult or Impossible
Because the person who is opening or breaking down a door is at a massive disadvantage, it forces players to try to never use doors if at all possible. Unfortunately, this means that many positions which could theoretically be quite vulnerable, are now very secure since you can easily kill anyone coming through a door that is near you or on your flank.

The biggest example of this is on the balcony above B on Precinct East. Currently, the security forces can get on that balcony faster than the insurgents can, and in addition to that, the insurgents have to breach a door on their side which makes attacking the balcony nearly impossible for the insurgents. This means that the security balcony player needs to be killed before an insurgent can try to get on that balcony, or it forces the insurgents to flank all the way around and go up the same stairs that the security team uses.

In apartments (the opposite side of B from balcony) on the other hand, security can run up those stairs just past the security side archway onto B, and kill the insurgent player from either the window that looks into the demolished wall, or by just running into the apartments area and killing the insurgent player. The security team has an easy flank on the insurgents side of B, while the insurgents have no easy way of flanking the security side of B.

More Examples
Here are a few more examples of situations where doors make the game very uneven.

Precinct - East (Easily the worst)

  • No way for insurgents to push onto balcony except from B or through a door
  • No way for insurgents to push under balcony except from B or through a door
  • No way for insurgents to push into the jail entrance to B (which is on their own side) except from B or through a door which is easily visible from the security street.
  • Insurgents have 2 ways on to B that don't involve doors, security has 4.
  • Insurgents can get flanked in Apts with no doors involved, while security cant get flanked on balc

Precint - West

  • Security side of B has that door which security get to way after insurgents can see it, making it an impossible method for getting onto B.
  • Security has 2 ways on to B that don't involve doors (3 if you count jumping out the window above the van)
  • Insurgents have 3 ways on to B that don't involve doors.
  • the C objective can be held by a single player watching the stairs and the door.
  • No way for insurgents to get on A that is not through a door unless they run almost into sec spawn.

Summit - West

  • There is only one effective route on to both the C and the A objective if someone is on the point, since they can kill anyone who goes through the second entrance which is a door.
  • People will just wall bang expected camping spots on A because doors prevent easy flanking.
  • The sniper window in the building at the center of the map is only accessible through multiple doors. making it impossible to flank.
  • The B objective can only be entered through doors or windows. There are enough walls that this is not as big an issue as some other places, but there are still several places you can camp and effectively watch most entrances, and easily wall bang the ones you cant.

Summit - East

  • The security side can get into the lower hotel lobby hallway by the reception desk (between A and C) before the insurgents can open their door into the same hallway, allowing security to sit there and watch both the door and the open entrance by the reception desk and kill anyone running to A.
  • Anyone looking over the B objective from the rooms accessed by the red bridge cant get flanked because doors.

Hideout - East

  • Both C and A can be easily held by a single person camping the door entrances.
  • Both A and C doors cause people to just wall bang expected camping spots rather than try to actually fight them.
  • Pushing through the red building between A and C is very difficult because doors

Hideout - West

  • The A objective can be held by a single person camping in a corner because of the door.
  • Wall banging is used heavily at A for the same reason.
  • The upstairs rooms in two story building between B and the river is easy to hold and camp because doors.

Farmhouse - West

  • B kitchen can easily be held by 1 player watching all entrances.
  • B bathroom can easily be held by 1 player watching the window.
  • A can be held by 1 person watching the 2 doors and a Window that are the only entrances to the room.
  • All of the above have caused players to randomly wall bang areas they know are likely camping spots.

Farmhouse - East

  • C can easily be held by a single guy, watching the 2 doors and the hole in the wall (at least we now have a hole in the wall, since it used to just be 2 doors).

In summary, please just remove the doors. They make comp bad.

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If you have the admin menu open when the server restarts, then the admin menu stays open on the main menu and it can't be closed. You also cant select anything on the main menu. Have to close the game and restart to fix


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What is the max available server tickrate?

I found somewhere that you can set the tickrate in the Engine.ini file with the following:


Can it go as high as 128 or is it limited at 60?