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Yea they posted on Twitter, we should be following the dev not Focus Home.

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Astatoroth I know your frustration but you're taking it too far with that post

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Hello everyone

being frustrated with lack of news from Focus Home and no responses to questions, I wondered whether the developer will answer. After contacting them through their facebook page, which only has 141 likes, no one seems to know about it, this is the response I got.

Hi Ján,
the new features of the EE are already implemented and we're on the polishing phase (bug fixes, optimization, etc). We are currently in contact with Focus and Games Workshop to find an agreement on a release date. That's why we're not making any official statement yet, as we're theoretically very close to having a set date and a normal communication plan again. We don't want to make announcements and build up hype until we know we can stick to what we promise.
That's all I can tell you. Thank you for your patience.

Here's a picture with full chat as proof:
alt text

With their approval I'm posting this here. Hopefully there will be an official announcement soon.

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